February 17, 2010

Skeptic Fashion Week Recap Is Here!

Howdy and Hello readers! My name is Clinton Kelly and I am nomorefan's favorite fashion expert. She seems to be very popular around here. Anywhoooo, SkewerMistress asked me to host the Skeptic Fashion Week Recap. I couldn't be more flattered. I even dressed like Keith Urban for the occasion!

I'm going to walk you through a set of photos taken during one wild and crazy weekend.

The Location: Nashville

The Look: Imitation Perfect Mom & Wannabe Groupie Chic

The Goal: Clothes presented in a real live environment with anonymous models. The designers also wanted to remain anonymous.

Listen to the track below as we follow the gals along on their adventure!

We decided to throw our models straight into the heart of what Nashville is known for, country music. This model surprised us at the Keith Urban concert by whipping out her own wristband!

Primed and ready at the railing to pounce when Urban goes by, the ladies are sporting the latest in over-40 concert fashion. Note the plunging necklines and a camera bag for authenticity. Show us some leg ladies! Nice!

The next morning at the hotel we let our models turn the cameras on themselves. A morning modeling session wouldn't be complete without a Charlie's Angels tribute!

After breakfast we let our models loose on the town. Here we have them dressed in identical fancy applique tops to show the versatility of an affordable buy paired with Mom Jean or Khaki shorts or slimming black pants. Who needs a shirt that costs more then $5? Our ladies are indeed Social Butterflies!

Here's the latest in country music Meet N' Greet Over-40 fashion. Our model on the left is sporting a too-tight slightly see-through top and matching white pants. Note the design to draw the eye to the chest area. Our model on the right is bringing sassy country to the table in a khaki miniskirt, blindingly bright skin-tight top and a white sweater to cover it all up. After all we wouldn't want the celebrities to get the wrong idea. For an extra $1.50 spring for the version of the top our model is wearing with the decoration around the neckline. You won't regret it!>

We shift gears here and our next shoot is Perfect Moms Lunching. The models are in drab olive, strange orange pattern, and plain white. Image is everything. Despite the models love for a dirty joke and an adult beverage, these outfits say "We live to serve". All husbands and children should be so lucky! The model on the left threw on a flashy gold bracelet against the photographer's wishes. Perfect moms would never be so bold but you know our models! They have minds unlike any other. You can't stop them, you can only hope to contain them!

So after a long afternoon nap and some major internet time, our models were ready for partying, Nashvegas-style. Our models chose their own outfits and can we say they've made some bold choices. An indescribable camoflage print, electric blue sleeveless top with decoration around the bust, another bright blue lowcut top and a green tank. Does someone want to get lucky? Pay particular attention to the cutting edge haircuts our models are sporting. Don't try this at home readers!

One of our models decided to play wallflower. She's got the Granny look down to a T, wouldn't you say?

After a few hours a couple of the models got restless...and frisky. But the photographer took advantage so that we can see the detail on this top. Lucky us! Inspired by old lawn furniture, this top takes beige to the next level. A piece like this can only bring out a woman's best features. A must buy for the season!

Two of the models managed to escape outside after changing outfits. But you can't hide in a neon pink top! The light acid blue butt-hugging jeans are perfect for that statue that begs to be sat on, and don't we all have one of those! He looks very happy and might that be due to our model on the left? You decide!

Once we got them back inside, the women wanted to challenge themselves with some advanced modeling. Modeling with props. And can we say they get an F for Fabulous! Such attitude! Such style! They attack those drinks with vim and vigor. Our model on the left is a study in white complete with a Brad Pitt chapeau. Our model on the right is a study in beige, challenging convention with brown against her sun-kissed skin. The ladies highlight their ensembles with 1980's Wet Slicks nail polish in Fire Engine Red. The model on the right is letting her pride and joy show....her perfectly molded hair. Way to go ladies!

More mugging for the cameras. The ladies are bringing "the street" and "the hood" to the Mother'hood. Look at that tongue work. You can't get more edgy or relevant than this!

Before the night is over, our models had to leave their mark. Once again, these women do whatever it takes to make sure everyone had a good time. Who doesn't love drunken fondling and contorted faces. Whatever it takes is their motto and they do deliver. What would you pay for a night like this? A buck, a buck fifty? The set crew got all this for free, on the job. Priceless!

We hate to disappoint but Skeptic Fashion Week only lasted two days. After all, our models are older and they wear out easily. But our photographer managed to get one last photo on the bus. It wasn't the bus she wanted to get on, but it was the bus home. Ever the trooper she flashed us her street cred even while passed out. She's back to the see-through top just in case someone catches her eye at a truck stop. Those models, always looking their best, even on the road.

Our photo sessions were so successful the look is sweeping the nation. Here's a famous supermodel trying out the Skeptic look.

Uhhhhh, on second thought we may need to rethink the whole concept.

While we get things sorted, let me just say What Not To Wear is looking really good right now. I'm outta here!

Stacy.....hold me! I'm scared!


Anonymous said...

BFHHHHAAAAAAAA! OMFG, I'm on the floor!

Skeptics, your Walmart fashion is FABulous! It accentuates your fat rolls.

Anonymous said...

Listen closely to the song.

Creepy Salker Girl.. LMAO

Other than that, it fits . PERFECTION.

I love the fashion show! It just adds to the TRUTH !. Kind of like


Anonymous said...

Never let that song be lost!

I will be humming it all day long from now on!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Skewer Mistress, you're brilliant! That was the funniest thing ever. The skeptics need to spend less time exercising their fingers and more time exercising their abs. To think these old fatties have been carrying on about Keith for years and years. We're suppose to believe THEY have sources? Put a fork in 'em, they're done.

Verity said...


Tell Clinton THANK YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it nomorefan who said her hair looked better when she got out of bed than Nicole's did? Whooboy, somebody needs to get her outdated glasses checked.

UNf-ingbelievable. What a group of sad women.

Anonymous said...



maybe your invited guest can add some bits of their own thoughts on the Social Butterflies .
I especially love the MOM JEANS . Just the right touch for 40/50/60 years olds to spice up their outfits worn in public for "special occasions & stalking ". If only they had washed their hair.

Anonymous said...

Is "27" in the fashion parade?

Ya know the one ripping the CMT fan board to pieces with her fantasy! Determined to pull Keith down in the CMT world.

SkewerMistress said...

Not that I'm aware of Anon.

Anonymous said...

So why aren't we getting names and faces?

SkewerMistress said...

Anon, the purpose of this blog is not to completely unmask the identities of the skeptics. It's to show what hypocrites, liars, and lunatics they are.

Anonymous said...

...and to show how grossly out of shape they are. It matches their grossly out of touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

Have saggy boobs, will travel.

Anonymous said...

Use your imagination. Ya see one, ya see them all. anon:39

As they slam , let the random pictures you see float thru your mind. Their words have no power. Thats a fact Jack!

Clinton Kely Knows his business . lol.

Anonymous said...

Spare Tires and Sagging Boobs R US

Anonymous said...

Ain't the fashion show models pretty? That was nice of them to help Clinton out.

No wonder they have all those sources in Nashville. Insiders to be sure. Really in the fast lane, mainstream, circle of A listers.

Anonymous said...

Somebody's got to have the picture of ToniAnn/keithsbowgirl/onehotaussie/gdaylasucks wrapped in a bow with a sign asking Keith to unwrap her.

Anonymous said...

The Real Housewives of Trailer Parks.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying not to imagine them all in naughty school girl outfits.

Anonymous said...

SK, we already know they are liars and hypocrites and lunatics. You obviously know who they are. Why not unmask these people completely?

Anonymous said...

Regardless of their obvious girth and lack of ANY style, they're way too old to post like children. Maybe they're uneducated or just not smart enough to think of anything intelligent to say so making up vile nicknames and saying she's smelly is really clever to them. Maybe that's the best they can do. I have to think that's the case because they've spent 5 years believing some bozo from Iowa has inside information and some crazy loon on the internet is Keith's secret lover. But look at them! They're below average looking middleaged women from no name average joe towns. They're not Hollywood or Nashville insiders. They're bored housewives who get attention by being rude and crude on a gossip board and by making up crap. Just like a kid. How low is their own self worth if that's what makes them feel good about themselves? Pretty low I'd say. And while they've been searching the internet, making voodoo charts and typing crude remarks on boards every day for 5 years, Keith's made 2 albums, toured the world, won awards, - Nic's made 6 movies AND a baby - and they're living their lives with purpose and love and don't care what a dozen faceless blobs say about them.

SkewerMistress said...

You obviously know who they are. Why not unmask these people completely?

No I do not. I don't know any of these women personally. What they do is more important than who they are. If you are new you need to know that was never the purpose of this blog and it won't be. The point is to make sure as many people as possible know the skeptics are a joke. They don't need identities to find that out.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the progression of this blog's comments are to sling back immature comments about saggy boobs and spare tires then I think the real purpose of this blog is being compromised. Lately the comments are as mean spirited and childish as the crap that is thrown out daily at E.

Anonymous said...


Just like their words!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:58

You don't seem to understand. These aren't regular people who lead NORMAL lives.

They have no friends.
That is obvious , or they wouldn't be on the internet talking to themseles, pretending they are real personalities, & spreading hate .

Would you spend 24/7 scanning the internet to find information about people you don't even know, just so you could twist it around into something hateful? AND KEEP DOING IT FOR OVER 5 YEARS?
Would you consider that normal ?


Anonymous said...

Something to remember, half of those screen names are NOT REAL PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

Well anon 5:10, look at the pictures. You have to admit that is a sorry bunch of haters.

A sorry bunch who have the right to judge Keith and Nicole?

It shows the world what a fraud they are.
And most of all that their words are STUPID AND MEANINGLESS.

Anonymous said...

Please pass this along to the proper people.

Oh " so" Leery

Posts: 4,306
Registered: 3/20/08
Re: Fresh KUNK thread
Posted: Feb 18, 2010 7:50 AM in response to: neimanmarcus Reply

Well neiman that's fine, I believe people should protect themselves. At least as much as possible. Of course if he happens to get hit by a bus I wouldn't shed a tear!! I only hope my bus wouldn't be to damaged!! (giggles)))

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:10

Uh saggy boobs and spare tires aren't childish statements. They're true statements. If you prefer I'll say they are gravity and horizontally challenged. I'd add that they also look kinda smelly but THAT would be childish.

Sorry but THESE are the woman who can't seem to stop talking about how horribly unhealthy and unstylish Nicole looks. Style isn't flappy arms hanging out of too tight tshirts and healthy isn't beer and Big Macs. You know what they say, "He who cast the first stone...."

Anonymous said...


That takes HATE to a whole new level !

sm Please make sure the right people know this is posted on a public message baord.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations skeptics, on an all time low. Killing Keith. Way to represent, Oh'so'Leery.

Anonymous said...

The skeptics in the pictures look like they're just having fun. They look like normal fans getting together with friends to have a good time at a Keith Urban concert. I just wonder what happened to them? What turned these nice, fun moms into people who are totally obsessed with hating Keith? Ok so you don't like the wife he picked. But man, it's not worth all the hate. They could be out still having fun with each other at the concerts if they wouldn't have let Nicole effect them so personally. It's really sad.

SkewerMistress said...

But they aren't Anon. They are already full of hate. The butterfly t-shirts are because Nicole said she was afraid of butterflies. The gang signs are because of Amanda. The wall...because of Amanda. These women were already sick.

Anonymous said...

You are right SM. They aren't now, never were and can't be "normal fans"

They are NUTS!

Move ahead 5 years , they have only become more dangerous. Stalkers tend to get that way!

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