March 9, 2010

Will Ted Casablanca Ever Learn?

Like Lainey, like the skeptics on E!, like Urban Myths and Inept Team Maclen, gossip columnist Ted Casablanca is on a downward spiral. Call it Nicole Kidman obsession, jealousy, or hate, Casablanca like the rest of the internet fools wants to pull the wool over many people's eyes.

As it so happens, today he came out with a new column suggesting he had an exclusive on a Nicole Kidman sighting. Supposedly she was wearing, in his words, "loco fashions" possibly due to the strain of being married to Keith Urban. Unfortunately for the writer, STS knows his scoop wasn't so exclusive.

Readily available online, as you can see, is a photo from the day in question. Kidman and Urban shopping in Santa Monica over the weekend, prior to leaving for Sydney. What do we see? A style and outfit Kidman is no stranger to wearing. Perhaps the boots are new but everything else is par for the course in terms of her casual wear. Does this look out of the ordinary or like a woman about to break, Ted?

Well if you listen to the know-nothing skeptics it is. But surprise surprise her outfit wasn't the real point of the story. You see Ted Casablanca has an ulterior motive. He promised everyone, well his desperate Skeptic readers like nomorefan and Mimosa, that Kidman was in hot water.

"Dear Revenge Gal:
What makes you think Nicole's anywhere near getting off with this crap? Story ain't over, babe. Another hushed-up Halle Berry hit-and-run type sitch, this ain't going to be, I assure you."

That statement was nearly 2 years ago. So when we read this latest "insider sighting", which really wasn't, we can't help but notice a few carefully chosen words....

Caught! Nicole Kidman Gets Back on Her High Horse

Nicole Kidman, possibly very elegant, possibly very posh (to maybe a fashion victim on crack) was spotted dining at one of her fave L.A. haunts, the Polo Lounge, over the weekend.

"She looked really thin, too," adds our insider at the Beverly Hills Hotel

But is life with randy Keith Urban getting a little, how shall we say, trying for Ms. K? So much so that the gal's acting out by wearing loco fashions? Hmmm. Let's keep an eye on this one.

We've got an eye on you Ted. We understand it all too well. You're upset that things didn't work out for you and you didn't get the sweet little story you were hoping for. You were compelled to apologize by readers in one of your last Nicole Kidman tirades. Your readers this time questioned if Nicole was even in Los Angeles this weekend and rightfully so. Even though she was, why should anybody believe what you or any of your "sources" say? Your interpretation, when you think there won't be photos, is sorely lacking.

It's all in how you say it, buddy. Don't you know that? You give yourself away every time.

A note to nomorefan....

The Santa Monica photo and subsequent shots haven't been posted on NKU. The exclusive Flynet mole better get a move on. As it happens I accidentally came across this set of pictures thinking nothing of it, until I saw Ted's column. Karma does have a way of working itself out, doesn't it!


Anonymous said...

Sm the picture doesn't show up

Anonymous said...

opps never mind it there now.

What the heck is that over the hill idiot saying?

I hope they see it on E! very soon!

Anonymous said...

Is he really that jealous of Keith? lol

So jealous that he makes a fool of himself ?

Guess he will follow the haters right off the cliff too!

Anonymous said...

So that's the loco outfit? I've seen her wear something like that many times, except without the boots. Not really my style, but it's not crazy or outlandish. I guess the skeptics will hang all of their hopes on this plucked from the air insinuation that all is not well.

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking maybe ?

They know better and it drives them crazy.

After all they have invested 6 years of their lives in HATE, so now they just make up lies so they can go on with their craziness.

Sucks to be them I am sure. Not only do they just post the same old sillines day after day, can you imagine doing that also on their private hate boards , with each other?
Thats 24/7 HATE.

SkewerMistress said...

As soon as the blog went up we had the usual suspects trying to find out if Ted was referring to something in Nicole's astro chart! nomorefan enjoyed the insinuations of cheating. Of course she did....

Anonymous said...

LMAO thats really nuts SM.

Astroturf ! They get more desperate each and every day and are too stupid to even look sane!

Maybe they were on Keith's bike?

Anonymous said...

She got her big butt handed to her yesterday .

Anonymous said...

post by NMF


Posts: 12,345
Registered: 6/23/06
Re: Keith and Nicole: Dissecting Their Charts
Posted: Mar 10, 2010 4:50 AM in response to: Mimosa Reply

I'm liking how Ted is referring to Mr. Nicole Kidman as being "randy"!


NMF its called LUSTing after another women's husband.
Got it?

Verity said...

Thank you SM for posting the photo! It's already on "Ted's board"!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So they'd like Keith if he cheated. They like Amanda. They liked him better when he was an addict. Yet they say Nicole has no morals.

What a sad bunch of women.

SkewerMistress said...

To be blunt I think they'd be ecstatic if anything horrible were to happen to this family.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that sum up shamefully what a few self called Christian women want.

Doesn't that about sum up their REAL LIVES ?

How does HATE take root like that?

Anonymous said...

Here is a list of the oldest haters. (the ones that go back to the beginning on E after they were kicked off 4 other boards for spewing hate ) Some have newer names that are used now since their first name got ban! I didn't add those.

Cricket 1700
Spaz 1980

Thats a lot of years of hate.

Anonymous said...

This has bugged me for a while; Before the fan club was Monkeyville there was a member there who went by the name Cricket. Is she the same one posting now as a hater?

Anonymous said...

yea and how many have double and triple user names.

They like to play pretend. As in pretend personalities so they can spew more hate.

They even lie to each other. There is no trust between insane people.

Those are some sick puppies.

Anonymous said...

Probably. That is where some got their start., ,, CMT , The Rope, MATES, and finally on to E!.
Plus misc. smaller sites. Anywhere they could get their foot in the door.

They got kicked off everyone of those sites. Since many didn't really read The Rope, they really got their first foothold on MATES. It was allowed to go on, until Tee got into trouble , then she finally had to cracked down and they moved to their home E!.

Can you imagine being that sick?

Anonymous said...

Remember all this started the day these sickos got wind that Keith was dating Nicole.

No matter how much they try to pretend other wise, they were the bus chasers until that day!

Anonymous said...

She was Cricket on the MATES Board too.

Anonymous said...

Old Sue didn't get any bites on her "lets talk about" the Christian inspirational album. She didn't get any after her implying Keith's hair and heels make him gay either. Even other skeptics think she's a dumb cluck. I'm surprised MrsHo didn't reappear. Bahaha

@Anon 9:51, It's probably the same Cricket. Cricket's been around since the skeptics hatched on Mates.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

They even lie to each other.

I 100% agree. I'm a former skeptic and I can't begin to tell you how many times I heard "I won't tell" only to find out they told somebody else. Nomorefan said herself they share PM's.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

No matter how much they try to pretend other wise, they were the bus chasers until that day!

Ain't that the truth! Poor Keith having to look out the window and see those tubs of lard. He must have been so grossed out.

SkewerMistress said...

nomorefan is late on the Christian album news to begin with. That info has been out about a week. She was looking for something to whine about on the Negative thread.

Regarding Keith, he is their chosen one. These women have a history of following male country artists but unfortunately Mr. Urban is the be all and end all for them.

I noticed this comment from innervoice today

"Two married short dudes on the same bill? Nah, I'll pass."

That's Urban and Kris Allen. Do you know any normal person that says I won't go to a concert because the guy is married? It's a pathological groupie wannabe response.

Anonymous said...


Ted does seem to be hinting at something. Is this something that will show up in KUNKY's charts?

Dumber than a box of rocks.

Anonymous said...

Time to haul out nutty Middlesea.

If all else fails we can lead her on to where we need to go! Will she ever understand she is being used? Probably not, she loves the attention to her nuttyness. Crazy circles and charts that she reads with her hate always in mind, because that is what gets her the attention she craves.

Ok, who is the lead dog? Who keeps this going. Who will be the last dog in the hate pit? THE ONE WHO STARTED IT ALL!
The one that lies to all of them.
The one who gathered her sicko group of insane people. (who don't even realize they are being duped every day to do her dirty work)

Is that person still around? Has this group of haters just become addicted and can't quit?

The answers are out there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, do you suppose that these final hanger-ons are just a few ill people with no personalities of their own?

No life of there own? Drunks and loosers?
Scarey thought huh?

Why else would they still be doing this craziness? It doesn't effect their lives in any way.

Maybe they don't have a life to move on to? So this is their life?

Are they saying, this is it folks, This is what we are, we are addicted to craziness?

What they post is not gossip. It is not a conversation, it is lie and hate , day in and day out!

Ate reading this I see them as every more disturbed.

Anonymous said...

Flyin/GLOW WORM was her name on mates.

Someone told us her name is gloria.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think what they post has nothing to do with gossip.

Ofcourse not everyone is going to agree and has an opinion, that is NOT the problem with their threads.

They pretend they like gossip and that is why they do it . What they post is a long long way from innocent gossip and conversations.

Anonymous said...

How does Urban Myth figure into this mess?

We know there are many fake names there too.

Anonymous said...

"Has this group of haters just become addicted and can't quit?"

Nail on head.

I remember some names from Mates.

Nashville Spy
Purple Rain

Help me out people. Gloworm is flyin, Cricket is Cricket, Taralea is hitnrun, Nashville Spy is Old Hickory. We know these morons are still hating after 5 years.

Anonymous said...

That nomorefan you were talking about has over
12,347 posts under 1 user name only

What a idiot

Anonymous said...

middlesea must be desperate for love and attention. Poor thing, she's such a dummy. Ted says things because a)taralea sends him things she "hears" and b)ted likes to see the skeptics salivate.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha , maybe he needs that attention to. They actually think he knows what he is talking about.

His source is in the cornfield ! ha

Anonymous said...

Here's something sure to give the haters a massive headache! :)

Looks like KUNK and Nic's parents were holidaying in Hawaii in 2009. The photos were taken either by a fellow tourist or a local resident.

SkewerMistress said...

Thanks anon. According to Twitter some crew have said Nicole is filming this week with Aniston and Sandler in Hawaii.

Anonymous said...


More heartburn and hate coming today!

This will drive them to the DARK SIDE .

Anonymous said...

Just as predicted, the haters are working on Middlesea to save them!

How desperate does that make them look?

I guess when you don't have any facts you are desperate enough to LIE everyday!

Anonymous said...

How can this be???? Nic and Keith went someplace and the haters didn't know???? Keith was with Nic last Feb and not his "secret girlfriend"????? OOOOOOOOOMG!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please Middlesenile! Tell us what Ted means!!!! Is it in the charts somewhere???? Can you find a way to put it in the charts somewhere???? Please tell us it's in the charts Middlesenile!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:57

I can hear Stephanie scrambling to change her story now. "February? I meant January."

Sooner or later the lies catch up on ya.

Anonymous said...

They tell so many lies, they can't keep them straight anyhow.

They have to live with it.
They own those lies.
They sign their name to them.

Anonymous said...

They own the lies they allow her to say! (and even quote her)

It brands them just the same as her.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you've seen the latest shots of Janelle Kidman's birthday dinner?
Who should be arriving together?
Nicole, Keith, Bob and Marienne.
I'll be interested to see how they spin that one.

SkewerMistress said...

I was working on it as you sent your message Anon! I wanted to keep the Ted thread at the top as long as possible since it's fairly quiet now. No Hawaii filming pics yet. But this certainly is worthy of a new post!

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