September 5, 2010

Skewering The Skeptics
Announces A Major Change

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It came to my attention when a reader emailed me and said "Thank you for putting in double the effort on your blog." that some changes needed to be made. I wrote them back and asked what exactly they meant and they told me how much they appreciated that the blog exposed the skeptics and got out the real news.

The real news.

Then there was the Urban Myths blog using the Father's Day photo we used for their own sick and twisted agenda.

The real news is not what the skeptics post. As we all know what they spew is negative manipulation and hate. It's been 5 years and nothing with them has changed. They constantly pretend to be something they aren't. They are not Nashville insiders; they simply tried to get in with the old band and failed. They are not Hollywood insiders; they simply make up stories. They are not nice moral people, Christian or otherwise; they backstab each other, lie to everyone, idly threaten lawsuits, spread homophobia, make sick jokes about children.

Oh " so" Leery has gone from a non-fan to someone who personally knew Keith Urban, to someone who has friends in Nashville. How many different people is she?

nomorefan posts a poll from her radio station that she takes out of context on a daily basis. Huge surprise she doesn't include a link.

This blog has been threatened, the F word has been thrown at us, we were told by anonymous skeptics to take down certain blogs because of images used of celebrities. Conveniently one of them was the skeptic fashion thread. We were "manipulating" them and might be open to lawsuits. Meanwhile the skeptics have made disturbing graphics with Keith and Nicole in them for their own amusement.

We were told and later confirmed ourselves that Choice's Nicole Kidman's Journey blog and its readers decided to attack another one of Nicole's children.

maclen, who has nowhere else to go with her lies, has been reduced to making up a new nickname for Nicole, "mutt". We still have the sinking feeling that maclen is Urban Myths as no one else would allow such a blowhard to take over their blog.

erniesmom has hit a new low with "Oh I think its going to be titled. "Is there anyone out there who hasen't banged my Baby Girl"

Mimosa the faker continues to try to start new rumors like "Interesting....Sarah Buxton singing back-up.....maybe she inspired his performance."

So with all that in mind Skewering The Skeptics is taking a new direction. Rest assured The Skeptic Zone will stay intact. None of the old blogs or material in the sidebar will be removed. Comments concerning the skeptics will still be accepted. However, after today, STS is going to completely ignore what the skeptics post and simply post THE REAL NEWS.

There doesn't need to be any more energy or effort put into the trash that comes out of the haters mouth. Trash like this:

blue sky: I can't wait to see the numbers. His album has no hope, andit hasn't even hit the shelves yet!

hoosierlady: If it is that good, I have an idea for all of the Urban Myths crowd, but we have to wait. . . . .We must wait, to see how it goes before I tell you what I have dreamed up. . . . . He is screwed with a capital F.

Keep dreaming hoosierlady.

With everything that is coming up....the new album, single, Nicole's movies, charity work, and everything else that's fun and exciting we simply won't put any more energy towards the hate. The Urban Myths and E! Online skeptics are a mentally ill bunch of women who want to wallow in hate. They want to be mean and nasty. They want attention even if it is negative. If people are interested in finding out who the skeptics really are, all the information is already here.

So onwards and upwards for a new Skewering The Skeptics!


Fan said...

Well I gotta say I'd be disappointed if I came here and their lies were not addressed and proven wrong. You got a great blog going that gives us the real news but you also spoke for us when you answered back to the bullshit the skeptics wrote. Bitchin in the comment section only vents but doesn't prove anything. That's what you were for. I can get info about Keith or Nicole on just about any fan board but this is the only place that skewers the skeptics. Are you giving in to their threats about lawsuits? Brings back the original Skewering the Skeptics!

Fan said...

Another thing, the skeptics throw shit out to see if it sticks. If Keith is around any other woman, they start "hearing rumors". It's insulting to female artists when dumbass people think they need to sleep with somebody to be famous. The skeptics said it about Carrie Underwood, Miranda, the Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow and any other woman that comes within 3 feet of Keith. Now it's Sarah Buxton who's been dating the same guy for over 3 years. The skeptics don't "hear" anything except the little voices inside their tiny heads.

SkewerMistress said...

Fan I appreciate your comments. However, I can't please everyone and frankly as of today I have a total disinterest in the skeptics lies. Since I am the blog owner thats the way it will be. With Keith's album and tour and Nicole's projects which look to be lining up consecutively...Rabbit Hole, Trespass, HBO project this winter, Danish Girl in Spring summer of 2011 the skeptics are going to create a shitstorm that I'm not willing to wade through. Part of it is also time. I will have less time for the blog in the coming months. I certainly don't want to be wasting it with those idiots. It's been a while since we've been threatened with lawsuits but I always knew they were meaningless threats. I wanted to let everyone know yesterday though the kind of numbskulls we are dealing with.

I truly don't believe ignoring them will help the cause. The E! online group has dwindled down to a handful. Urban Myths is a small group with most of the posters being from E! Tara, rememberwhen, bluesky. It's all the same crowd. maclen is so off her rocker that even people who don't like Keith's music couldn't believe what she posts.

I do hope you stick around Fan. Ignoring the skeptics will be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fan. The skeptics win. Now you're just a fan board.

SkewerMistress said...

Really how have the skeptics won? Their nonsense has gone nowhere and meanwhile their numbers consistently drop every year. They have to create new usernames on the boards to look like they have some life left. Nomorefan, Mimosa, maclen, Tara they are all beating a 5-year old dead horse. It's only the nuts left. It's time to move on because they live for the attention. Their dirty deeds are documented in the side bar.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy with your decision about your blog.

SkewerMistress said...

Thanks Anon, all of the emails off-site have expressed similar thank-yous. It makes sense that most of the readers here want to stay anonymous because the skeptics will not quit. A big reason why STS is leaving them in the dust.

Just got a comment from one of them insinuating I am dear old Anastasia.

Dear Skeptic, if you think a former skeptic or current skeptic is helming this blog, you really have a screw loose!

Anonymous said...

Those women can't see sense. You are right to cut them off. They only gloat when you talk about them SM. There's only so much you can do and you've definitely gone beyond my breaking point. You know what though? They know they've got nothing which is the reason behind attacking Nicole's family, the children, and the fans. Let them have their online pity party.

Verity said...

Do what you need to do because the skeptics will be there regardless. I was shocked yesterday when I read the news but no one else has stepped up to the plate and given us as much as you have. You've done more than your fair share. Thanks. I'll continue to visit.

Anonymous said...

Thinking over what you have said SM. I praise you in all the time and effort you have put in SKEWERING the (used to be skeptics) ((who now have become plain old haters, liars, and scumbag bitter old ladies))

Nothing they say makes any sense, has any ring of truth, or even reflects anything except hashed over , long ago make up lies, THAT NOT A PERSON ON EARTH WHO BELIEVES . ((not even them! LMAO))

They tried their best, but they lost the battle.

Keith and Nicole proved a match their hate couldn't touch. Their honest and open statements from their heart WON.

Hey no one needs to know anymore. No one needs to know anymore than what they share of themselves with their fans. Its their business, personal and private , and then they have their ARTIST & public life.

Those sicko haters for some reason think they are owed something????????????? Now how sick is that?
No one reads E! You see maybe 30 or so people online once in a while. They sure as heck don't read hashed over 5 year old, old statements & lies abt.
Nicole and Keith Urban.

Its too sick to even think about what those haters have become. People who many of us got to know personally . UCK!!!

So lets not waste anymore time feeding insane wasted sick people's mind. Their whole lives are wasted and sick. Lets let them wallow in the destruction 5 years has done to them & their minds. They have eaten themselves alive.

Anyone who would write what they write IS NOT LIVING AND ENJOYING THEIR OWN LIFE .

Lets enjoy success. Lets enjoy life. LETS ENJOY WHAT BEING FANS MEANS. Having fun at a concert or movie and then going home to our OWN REAL GOOD LIFE.

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