If It's Not Hate, What Is It?

These are just some of the hate comments, the worst of the worst, that have come from the skeptics' mouths. They say they don't hate anybody. What do you think?


"You guys [the haters and skeptics] don't need to justify anything to
anybody" ~ nomorefan

"One positive thing about all of this is that with the exception of
her well timed photo ops, we won't see the skank until the spawning of
the fetus and by that time will anyone care? " ~Urban Myths Blog

Well neiman that's fine, I believe people should protect themselves.
At least as much as possible. Of course if he [Keith Urban] happens to
get hit by a bus I wouldn't shed a tear!! I only hope my bus wouldn't
be to damaged!! (giggles))) ~Oh " so" Leery

Gee neiman, if I knew it was going to be that easy, I would have said
that a lot sooner!! ((giggles))))))))) ~ Oh " so" Leery

Well neiman, the next time Hagmaw passes your window in the Mustang
just wave her over and tell her, her favorite nemesis is talking
danger and destruction she'll know who it is. Meanwhile I enjoyed your
moment of speechlessness!! ~ Oh " so" Leery

Oh yes KM1 it's so awful, please give me a break!! KU don't have to
put me on his list he knows who I am!! At least I'm not hiding on the
man's bus waiting for him to walk in to see me in all my nakedness!!!
Now those are the things that to me are dangerous. ~ Oh " so" Leery

Sure I'd like to run him over with my bus (if I had a bus). "It would
be nice to see him flatter then a pancake." ~ Oh " so" Leery

The trouble is I don't have a d@mn bus!! Not even a vehicle that would
break a leg. Oh well, can't have everything!! Now you can talk about
your fanatic list but I have never been a fan and now I just like to
stick pins in his doll!!!! ((giggles))) ~ Oh " so" Leery

Wow, Verity you should read back a ways we do have
humor. Maybe not your kind but gee it is a board!! My
generation we would say can't take the heat get outta
the kitchen. My rantings don't seem to bother the
posters that have been here way before me. ;) Hey anyone know where I
can rent a bus cheap!! (giggles)))))))))))) ~ Oh " so" Leery

I'm sorry MOD the devil made me do it!! ((giggles)))) ~Oh " so" Leery

"I think Nash would take up a collection to pay a swine to give her
the flu!!! Or better yet pay some pig to whip her kinky arse!!!
((giggles)))" ~ Oh " so" Leery

"I still don't get why Nicole doesn't even talk about them all the
time like she does her stupid litte under nourished baby?

I seriously hope she doesn't continue to breed. I don't want to have
to witness another anorexic pregnancy. Only to have another stupidly
named undernourished baby just so she doesn't have to work a little
harder post natal." ~ 1by1

"She sits there with this look--like if someone handed her a gun-she
would shoot herself. hmmmmmm thats an idea." ~ erniesmom

"astilbe if you care so much about Rose why do you call her Suro? That
is not her name. That was a name put on her as a joke to sound like
Tom's baby." ~ Madison

"Gonna be hard to find another surrogate to produce a look alike as pale as the KUNKS. Although she is cute,but pale." ~erniesmom

"I'll get the rope maybe we can tie her to the tracks!!! ((giggles))))
" ~ Oh "So" Leery

"I don't want to watch him be all pissy and throwing things. Unless
he's throwing something at skanks head. I wouldn't mind seeing that at
all." ~ cricket1700

"It's pretty bad when a person feels so desperate they hire a money
hungry midget that looks like Joe-Joe the dog faced boy. Gimme a
break, would she grow a brain?" ~Yuki-Onna

"Her audience is mainly trannies, some Europeans,and a scattering of
fans who have hung on to KUNKY through internet worship sites." ~

"Hopefully when his career is back on track, perhaps he can put a
muzzle and choke chain on the wife and keep her waaaaaay in the
background." ~ keithkitty

"What amazes me is all the over 40 women in Hollyweird that have had
babies in the last few years and not any of them have had one with
down syndrome. It does make you wonder if they are using selective
harvesting or someone elses younger eggs." ~ Skeptical

"You can take it like he is singing it to the fans, or Sunday, not
Nicole. doesn't seem to have much substance to it. " ~ flyin

"Wonder if Kidman dressed up as Cadaver Bear. She wouldn't even have
to rent a costume." ~ cricket1700

"All I can say is SHAME ON YOU MRS RICHBIT$H.....look in the
mirror....YUK" ~ erniesmom

"Another Keithy derailment is coming, and I plan to sit back and view
the whole spectacle." ~ Mimosa

"He's also free to tell her to STFU." ~ middlesea

"I wish she would slip into a coma." ~ keithkitty

"A crackhead is a crackhead" ~ spaz1980

"KU- You suck because you have no spine and you refuse to take your
b@lls out of her cavernous bag you carry all the time and tell HagMaw
to go back to He!! where she belongs!" ~ Yuki-Onna

"F-you for saying you like organic women then marrying a plastic botox
whore" ~ cheyenne1063

"Do you seriously think he will keep it whether it is for him, Suro
Thing or his beautiful, beautiful masturbator?" ~nomorefan

"It's my opinion that Nicole Kidman has a sexual interest in boys" ~ Mimosa

"With all that morgue paint on her she must smell to high heavens." ~
Oh "So" Leery

"Nicole has gone berserk. This woman is certifiably insane. End of
discussion." ~ middlesea

"I guess Conrad [sic Connor] should consider himself very very lucky
that she has no interest in him." ~ cricket1700

"I wish that plastic b1tch would sink into oblivion where she belongs
" ~ cricket1700

"I feel for little Suro, too. A pervy mom and an alcoholic/druggy dad." ~astilbe

"The problem with the necrophilia/ buckeye-baking crowd is that none
of them will tolerate the truth about Baldy and Keith" ~ Mimosa

"Despite Nicold Kidman's best efforts to change the culture, an adult
having sex with a child is still illegal in the United States. " ~

"She's a pervert who has sexual thoughts and feelings about boys." ~

"She's nuts. Is "pathological liar" a psychiatric disorder?" ~ NewBeginnings

" I showed my hubby the Today Show video. He is wondering what our
odds are on here that he will comeout of the closet. He said too many
limp wrist movements for a dude." ~ nomorefan

"One of those down elevators will be an express, and it'll be full of
all the adults involved in Birth." ~ Mimosa

"I had renamed all these tracks, but I think simply putting "hermi" in
them is a lot of fun. LOL In honor of nomore and the hermi theory:" ~

"I see what they post on their sites, and they can see what I post on
mine. BTW - my kids think she is a terrible mother, and my husband
insists she is a tranny. " ~ nomorefan

"And let's be perfectly honest here - how would it look if Skank,
Bella & Connor turned up dead? Obviously the finger would point to Tom
and the CofS - Skank's fans would make sure of that!" ~ nomorefan