January 27, 2010

Lainey + Urban Myths + E! Skeptics = Inside Job

If you've been keeping up with Keith Urban you know he recorded his second episode of CMT's Crossroads yesterday, this time with singer and fellow guitarist John Mayer. Earlier in 2009, Keith Urban said he would be working with Mayer in what sounded like a song or a project. Yet just after the Urban-Mayer Crossroads pairing was announced a rumor appeared courtesy of Lainey Gossip, that the two would be touring. Lainey hates Nicole Kidman and loves to spread lies about her and by extension her husband. But her "sources" aren't just anybody. No readers they are the skeptics. The skeptics feed her stories like the one about the girl in the Once In a Lifetime video who as supposed to appear in footage that was never shot. Or that KU was a Kid Rock pool buddy, except in reality it wasn't Keith Urban.

STS will point this out, as if it's not glaringly obvious enough, Lainey, Urban Myths, and the E! skeptics are working together to promote their own rumors.

The skeptics email Lainey a lie which Lainey calls a rumor. In this case it's that Keith and John will tour, but Nicole doesn't approve.

Lainey posts the rumor to her site.

The skeptics repost them on E! and Urban Myths and they all together wax poetic on the fact that Urban will be under the influence of Mayer, Kidman will try and put the kibosh on it all, or at least have spies on tour....on and on and on....

Okay skeptics...but you all couldn't stop there. You don't have restraint and neither does Lainey. You also have really poor timing. In the age of Twitter we can get near-instant reports of almost any event. In one word, the taping of Crosswords was fantastic.

And yet here we have Lainey again with her bullshit insider report 5 minutes too late and after the fact! You can thank Lainey's fondness for trying to create negativity around Nicole Kidman. Lainey isn't Nashville readers and she doesn't care one iota about it or Keith Urban. But somehow she seems to have all the sources in all the right places with eyes in the back of their head. Sound familiar?

Mary from Urban Myths has conveniently decided to promote Lainey's "story" on her blog. The skeptics will try and promote the hell out of it on E!. It's an inside job readers with them feeding off each other to make their lies look in sync and real.

Here's some inside scoop BEFORE Lainey's lies

Meanwhile, Mayer took to his official Twitter to recap the evening. The singer wrote that he had "an incredible night with @keithurban," and marveled at the Aussie's guitar skills, joking, "You’re not just a pretty face!" For his part, Urban raved about the experience on his own Twitter account Wednesday, writing, "What a fantastic experience. I couldn't have asked for a better show."

A Mayer fan site reports that the show didn't skimp on the hits, including Mayer's "Gravity" and "Say" and Urban's "Sweet Thing" and "Tonight I Wanna Cry." During technical breaks, the two played impromptu snippets of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" and Henry Mancini's Pink Panther theme. They finished with a rocking rendition of George Michael's "Faith."

From a fan who was actually there....

In response to Lainey from a different thread: Wrong again. She really should find a real source someday.

There was a tremendous amount of energy and chemistry on stage between John and Keith. John was funny and did not come across as a diva in the slightest and both of them were having fun bantering back and forth. It was obvious they found the other awesome in the guitar department and they seemed to genuinely like and respect each other. I felt Keith took the job as "host" (probably because it was in his town) and let John talk more but don't be mistaken; Keith and his sense of humor shined equally. As Nutter said, it was a killer show.

Don't you love how people who weren't even there "hear" things? Apparently there must have been someone in the parking lot after the show taking a poll on who was leaving Keith for John. ;)

Lainey should stop using made up material fed to her by people who don't have a clue. But then she wouldn't get free publicity on the E board.

Message was edited by:
to say also that Lainey is quite obviously trying to cover her past wrong statement about a joint tour in the works by saying this show changed the outcome when in reality, there was never a tour in the works.

Which brings us back to the tour rumor. From a fan perspective of what we know it didn't make sense. Keith is working on a new album. The big tour is done. He's doing fairs and fests but spending some major time with the family which we love to see. A tour? Not likely. Maybe a few dates with Mayer but even the Brad Paisley co-tour which would have seemed more likely hasn't happened yet. No, readers, we think a skeptic put this bug in the ear of Lainey. Lainey tried to sell it with the skeptics cross-promoting it and using it to try and hurt Keith because of John's rumored reputation and Keith's addiction issues. It's no coincidence nomorefan, a poster who always makes sure to have Lainey's latest lies on the Negative Thread said

nomorefan: Touring with John [Mayer] will trigger all of Mr. Nicole Kidman's addictions!

Right on time and right on topic with Lainey's post.

One skeptic, crazy Loony Toons Oh " so" Leery", went off the deep end with a rumor that Nicole set the whole thing up to get out of a marriage with herself looking like a victim.

Oh " so" Leery": Do you actually think this man is being celibate?? He is calling some high class numbers to get his jollies!!!!


And I do believe he's setting himself up nicely with JM don't you?? ((giggles))) I wonder how much he's got coming to him this time. Maybe she'll pay him big for the victim card!! ((giggles)))))

Let's put this to the test. You get TS and JM [Taylor Swift and John Mayer] together for PR and to make a big deal of JM since TS is sooooooooo big all of a sudden. Then you throw in a contract with KU who is not so big anymore!! And in the end what do you have.

Ok, two male ***** out on the town and two goody two shoes suffering over it all. One of those goody two shoes has a baby!! O MY !!! Poor Hagmaw poor little Suro. Oh a woman alone with baby in a big old nasty world. Can't you just see it now.

Kidman wasn't there at Crossroads Lainey? Well the fans already know that because she's in LA. Keith was photographed flying out to Nashville alone with Chuck his tour manager. There's already shots of the taping and things don't look anything like your "sources" described. The Twitter updates don't line up either. Could that be because your sources were never there??? Now the tour "might not happen" because the chemistry wasn't right and Mayer is a "douche"? Maybe it won't happen because it was never going to happen. And nomorefan was right there AGAIN to make sure the crock of manure was posted on E! Well skeptics and Lainey the whole thing had the stench of horseshit, which means you had your hands all in it AND over it. You're idiots, plain and simple with none of you knowing anything. Creators and promoters all in the same bed. You like beds don't you. Well you like to talk about them....and swimming pools. Go jump in one. You're swimming in lies already.


Anonymous said...

Dusting hands off , ...saying.....take that Stupid Gossip Wanna Be!
No one reads or believes your loosey goosey so called gossip column !
Especially when it comes to Canada, by way of Minn.
and Iowa corn fields.

Oh Except idiots like tangledupinlove. That idot can't think for herself and thinks the haters are gods or something. Along with the gossip columns. I bet she believes Elvis is still alive too!

thanks SM. no one likes a lie not matter how someone twists their words.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to throw the dam* 8 Ball to Spaz.
It will answer all her dumb questions. Can't she think for herself?

yawn said...

OMG - once again Lainey the idiot spews shit. She is as dumb as a stick. She is as unf'n believable as she is stupid. Of course her minions of camp Looney pay homage to their queen, she is all they've got. Lainey is a narcissistic, booze swilling, famewhore who runs her life on lies and sources from the nuthouse. Bravo SM for letting more and more people know how useless her column is - and how it should be flushed right along with all the other shit she puts out daily.

Anonymous said...

nosoytonta posts:
#1 Also, a question for Neiman or anyone else who attended the taping of the show: did Mayer stop the show because of the guitar strap?

#2 Very sorry to change a bit the topic of the conversation. Is there anyone out there aside of me feeling a bit sorry that the KU participation at the Crossroads somehow has been overshadowed at the media now by the potential love story between the goody Taylor and badie John "Mr.Wrong" Mayer? because I so totally do...

Do you suppose that is Lainey herself on the E! site? Trying to move the comments to MATCH her foolish column today?

Anonymous said...


Posts: 2,661
Registered: 5/15/06
Posted: Jan 27, 2010 8:29 PM in response to: oopsie Reply

> > That guard, or whoever he is, looks really
> concerned
> > as he's looking at her. Maybe he's worried she
> took
> > one too many of those little pills. It looks like
> he
> > is either trying to steady her or guide her.
> I thought the same thing, that she needs help and is
> maybe unsteady on her feet. Whatever those pills are
> she sure is holding on tight to them. When I have to
> carry pills with me, they're usually in my purse. I
> don't think I've ever held onto them for dear life.
> Interesting......

could be Keith threw her in to the shower this morning pulling her hair back for her and sent her out the door

A juice bottle she means.

A backyard luncheon for a very good cause

The person Nicole is talking to seems to be Lee Daniels, director of the movie "Precious".

I am sure it was a serious cause and a serious converation!

BUT MY REAL QUESTION IS Does taralea actually even have a husband?

Apparently not with a comment as crude as that one! Who would want her?

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of Lainey?? Oh good God now THAT'S Fugly.

Yep the skeptics found a piece of shit who is more than willing to write whatever the hell they tell her because she knows if she does, they'll run and post it on E like it's some fucking fact. She lives in Canada, her sources are a librarian in Iowa who thinks she was a script girl once and a grandma in Florida who can't face the reality of her own boring old life so she makes up lies about a movie star and sends them to a freak in Canada. God grow the fuck up!! Do they not see how SICK they are??? Lainey doesn't care if it's a pack of lies because it gets her noticed and thats all she wants. She's a famewhore. The skeptics THINK it makes them look legit but it makes them look even more stupid than they already look because Lainey is ALWAYS wrong. NOBODY CARES ABOUT LAINEY IN CANADA!! She's a joke and the fact that she's the ONLY thing they can come up with is hysterical!! And they're so dumb they actually think the rest of the world doesn't see that they're the ones feeding Lainey bullshit! BAHAHAHAHA! And Lainey's so dumb, she doesn't even change their lingo! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Just thinking about my question.


obsessed with Keith !!!!!

SkewerMistress said...

Re: Lainey...I hadn't thought about it but it does explain the campy, snarky, pretentious posting style.

nosoytonta is definitely not who she says she is that's for sure.

Anonymous said...


here is a responce to her taunt on the E! board. LMAO !


I won't bore you with everything that comes under my job description, because I wouldn't be interested
in say for instance what a libarian does in IA or maybe what someone does in KS.

Besides you can look it up on Wikipedia.

Verity said...

Go get em Skewermistress!

Never forget Lainey is an attention whore. It's just as much about her as it is the stars she writes about.

Anonymous said...

You know what is greaat?

Those idiots don't realize that even Lainey uses them


They think she likes them!

Can they get any dumber than that?

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to Markie. It's about time the skeptics tell Taralea what they tell everybody else in PM's. That is that she's full of crap and nobody believes a word she says.

I thought the same about Lainey's crude nicknames and the skeptics. It doesn't take a genius to see the connection. What a disturbed bunch.

Anonymous said...

Lainey doesnt' care if she's used.
The skeptics don't care if they're used.

They use each other to start speculation.

I'm waiting for Lainey's next Blind Vice to be about a Hollywood actress who needed a guard to hold her and her bottle of pills up.

SkewerMistress said...

True Anon 8:59, very true. She's making money. She still looks stupid but she is making money and the skeptics get bupkus. The same thing is true of Perez. I haven't heard anything regarding skeptics sending him false reports but I always have the follwing story in the back of my mind with him. The Urbans put out in advance they knew the sex of their baby but weren't telling. Perez said his "sources" told him it was a boy. He needs new sources just like Lainey.

Anonymous said...

This is from the comments on the UrbanMyths site:

Imahick said...
The only negative thing I've heard about their crossroads was from Lainey. I've heard from many who were there and they thought it was amazing. They didn't sense the tension between Keith and John at all.

Anonymous said...

Did you NOTICE


Tried to get Urban Myth mentioned on the thread when she wrote her couple of books on the thread today to neiman ?

Asking what was UM = Urban Management.

What a fameho. Trying to get that point of view mentioned and maybe searched ?

Dot Dot Dot
(as in connecting)

Anonymous said...

Watch out Lainey, the walls now have eyes and ears.

Also you Miz Mary!

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