June 19, 2010

The Gift Of Transparency

Happy Birthday to Nicole!

Happy Father's Day to Keith!

In honor of the celebratory weekend, Skewering The Skeptics is going to celebrate the best way we know how. And that readers is to give you the gift of transparency, something the E! Online and Urban Myths skeptics detest.

It's been brewing for a while, this decision on when to post the following food for thought, but the subject of today's blog made the decision for us.

Inept Team Maclen: Party Of One

maclen has been playing a game, pretending to be someone he's (or should we say she's) not. We initially chose "he" for maclen, not because we believed maclen is male, but simply because "it" isn't really appropriate. But now, today, maclen is a she. Let us explain.

Maclen went completely off the rails this past week and it got us to thinking.... How does someone who is just a reader and poster have so much free reign on a blog that's not theirs? It also brought us back to the beginning, as it so often does, to get to the truth of what maclen is really all about.

The Urban Myths blog started in January of 2007. "maclen" didn't show up until May of 2007 but read those posts and she's not a poster you'd recognize. Why? Because the persona maclen posts as today is a purposefully crafted and stylized con designed to hide who she really is.

May 2007

maclen: great blog, I read it daily,,. this marriage has been pretty dubious from the beginning. It will be a very bumpy rollercoaster ride, for all involved, I have no doubt. They've chosen a public vocation, like it or not, and they will need to contend with the scrutiny and speculation. Thats the reality, and of course they try to control the image they would like to portray, some are good at it, some are not. As to kidman, true, this marriage is irrelevant to her movie career... but her real problem is her blandness and choices of movie roles.

I'd say its pretty brave to put your opinions out there for people to possibly question your motives, or your intentions. Just as at this point in showbiz's almost century mark, people who decide to be public figures are not expecting to have their lives scrutinized by more and more outlets. But we all make our own minds on our opinions, and everyone is able to express them.

So I take it you agree with my opinion, and not yours, that this blogger is in fact brave? You seem to want to believe that this is, or should be, a news outlet, with all the journalistic "standards and procedures" that should be adhered to, just like NBC news, CNN,.., etc? Personally, I read this as a personal blog, who gives her /his on urbans career, marital highs and woes, what have you. Ånd I happen to agree with most of it, thats all. If she intends differently, thats fine with me, I'll believe and disbelieve whatever i read anyways, as usual.

For starters, how the hell would you know that it just now started to bother me? Or for that matter, when it started to bother me. And just FYI, so you wont ignorantly and arrogantly post what i think again, I have no problem that urban was involved, its kidman i have a probem with. Dont put words in my mouth.. i dont know where your hands have been!

The bare bones of that old maclen, the arrogance and anger, is what links that persona to new maclen.

Today the repetitive and useless air quotes, overuse of elipses, similar transitions, repeated ad nauseam sentence structure, vocabulary, and use of nicknames like "orb" and "sunry" are simply devices to mask the old Keith Urban fan behind the computer screen. Every ounce of the character of "maclen" is a plot to deceive. 1urbanfan27 tried it at Keith Urban's CMT message board to hide who she was on the E! KUNK threads. It all comes out in the wash though. You can't elevate dirt from mud no matter how hard you try. maclen is no better than Mimosa or astilbe or nomorefan, even if she doesn't start pedophilia, drug abuse, or adultery rumors. Thats maclen's crafty plan....stay away from the nasty E! Online skeptic lies and pound her fist 24/7 that Nicole and Keith's careers are over. Maclen probably thinks she's a genius for coming up with the idea. BAHAHAHAHA!

Maclen has slipped up a few times, like this odd comment where she spells "behavior" the English way.....

maclen: notachance, my point is if you are going to continue to whine and become shrill over mods behaviour,

Trying to come up with the right personality perhaps?

But then the signature skeptic anger comes forth when maclen is told she is wrong.

Unfortunately maclen is wrong alot. That also raises a red flag. How does a person who claims to know so much about pop music history and therefore the industry fall flat on their face so much? After all, maclen named herself after the McCartney/Lennon publishing company Maclen Music. That much of a Beatle fan puts her into the key age bracket of a skeptic. Don't you think it's hard to believe anyone into detailed knowledge like that can be that dense. Or is it that they want to make it look that way? We go back to a key statement from several readers (personal acquaintances of the skeptics) that's been brought up more than once. Skeptics will knowingly and repeatedly post false information and rumors that even they don't believe just to keep the con going. They do it as part of the game.

Urban Myths has been playing the game since its inception....Posting blogs without giving so much as a screen name credit to the writer and suspiciously the blog owner "UM" responds very little. The more maclen has posted the less UM shows up. Who starts a blog with the decision not to interact with the readers? A poor attempt to simply spread lies rather than have any kind of mature discussion would be the motivation.

So let's get back to this past week when maclen lost it. This is just 3 of the ludicrous rants.....

maclen: They probably hired their own photographers to get the "magic moment"...to show off to their fansie sites...who have absolutely no problem with that "thing" they have no "opinion on"... and are quite able to simply ignore! Clearly, "country fans" have no opinion or "problem" regarding racism! So, Kid Rock's "confederate flag" can proudly wave on...and napalm mayer's "david duke D*@k" can readily boogie with frosted highlights and blond, blue eyed orb to the parade of the caucasian masses. But I bet darius rucker will be allowed in the building...granted that he gets in throught the BACK DOOR!

MAYER: I’m half Jewish. People say, “Well, which side of your family is Jewish?” I say, “My dad’s.” And they always say it doesn’t count. But I will say I keep my pool at 92 degrees, so you do the math. I find myself relating to Judaism. One of my best friends is Jewish beyond all Jews—I went to my first Passover seder at his house—and I train in Krav Maga with a lot of Israelis."

Wow...being half jewish on your father's side..."doenst count?"....so he replies.."he keeps his pool at 90 degrees, so do the math" is ridiculous gibberish that means what?

PLAYBOY: It is true; a lot of rappers love you. You recorded with Common and Kanye West, played live with Jay-Z.

MAYER: What is being black? It’s making the most of your life, not taking a single moment for granted. Taking something that’s seen as a struggle and making it work for you, or you’ll die inside. Not to say that my struggle is like the collective struggle of black America. But maybe my struggle is similar to one black dude’s.

No your struggle is of a loudmouth douchebag who somehow feels entitled because you play guitar and want to be "down with the homies!"

Orb clearly knows how to pick his associations for the most distasteful results! And I'd say after this cmt performance...the crossroads telecast and the live gig in August, people will not be able to think of napalm mayer without also thinking of orb...what a smooth and savvy operator!

maclen: Because I find it heineous that mayer is finding "refuge" in the country community...and he's getting in via the orb. When mayer made those disgusting comments last Feb, there were many celebs who came out against them...


Celebrities React to John Mayer's Playboy Interview

This disgusts me even more than kidman's exploitation of the UN ambassadorship to shill her films...and the realization I made clear a few comments ago that it is quite obvious that there is a VERY VERY high tolerance for racism in the COUNTRY COMMUNITY..whether it's mayer finding a "safe haven" with his new brethren orb at the CMT awards...or as I also pointed out...CMT awards host, Kid Rock's LOVE for the confederate flag! And I will absolutely bring it up over and over and over again, through the Crossroad telecast later this month...to the live gig they have together in August. So if you cant stomach my comments over this issue, I recommend you skip or ignore them... if they make you feel "uncomfortable" that orb is giving mayer a "country pass" to hide out among the appeasers and the high tolerant of his racist attitudes within the country industry and of the country fans without one word of opinion or acknowledgment...I again, suggest you cover your eyes...plug your ears and cover your mouths!

What have we got here? Some serious stupidity. Maclen thinks she can pretend she doesn't understand what Mayer meant when he said his father's Jewish side of the family doesn't count. Maclen thinks she can pull off serious anger over Mayer coming into country music when in 2007 she said she didn't even know country music. She said she only knew Urban though Kidman. She still pretends to only hear snippets of Urban's music. Does she think that absolves her responsibility for the lies she posts?

maclen (2007): Urban, I dont know much about, except that he has some serious addiction problems, has a few hit country songs. I'm not into country music, so i cant talk to the quality of his music really. I find kidman to be irritatingly bland, dull and lacking in any personality what so ever, to merit the acclaim she's given in the industry. I find her to be, to my taste, a shameless advocate of her own fame and adulation, who will utilize the usual cliched hollywood charity "work " simply to promote their cultivated image.

Funny, how could someone who didn't follow country music know about Keith Urban's addiction issues? Coverage of country artists didn't really travel outside the radar of country music fans until a few years ago. Please don't tell me she heard all about it because she followed Nicole Kidman''s career like a hawk, even though she can't stand her! Funny, how maclen says she can't judge Urban's music but today takes every opportunity to do so against other country music she said she had no knowledge of. And funny again how maclen, supposedly not a skeptic, quotes chapter and verse, albeit more pompously, the reasons why the skeptics say Nicole Kidman is an evil witch.

We'd also like to ask maclen and the skeptics how did maclen get into their "gated community"? That's a term used by the skeptics themselves, because they know they had to try to keep out anyone not willing to lie and backstab to keep the delusions going. Unfortunately for the hardcores, some saw the light and left the cultish group (it's sounding more and more like one isn't it!). Someone left a comment on Urban Myths to the effect of "I've known you maclen from another KUNK board, but what you are saying now is too much to go along with". If someone can find that quote from the UM comments it would be greatly appreciated. But it was there and it sent up a huge warning signal.

There's also the issue of leadership. A blog owner has to take the reigns because the sad truth is the freedom of the internet gives certain people the idea that they can do and say whatever they want (Just ask nomorefan!). Maclen can say whatever insane opinions and lies she wants and they are published, no questions asked. More personalities like "abc" have popped up who have posted just as much stupidity and they are allowed in time and time again. "abc" with their delusions probably thinks with the World Cup going on in their country that the New Zealand team, called the All Whites, is racist. Why not go hog wild crazy on the racist issue skeptics?

None but a few with common sense will say anything against the insanity. It comes back to skeptics allowing an opposing opinion to keep the game going. They don't care that they are proven wrong. They need a platform to keep the discussion going because they are mentally out of kilter. After 5 years they need an argument to stay active. Look at the E! Online skeptics. Without threads that allow both sides to post, they have to struggle just to get a page worth of hate going. "Urban Myths" accepted maclen with open arms....

Urban Myths: Maclen, you are a most welcome addition to our little blog, mate. Thanks for joining us with your perspective.


How very convenient.

If you noticed posters like hoosierlady and mikki go straight to "What do you think maclen?", as if she needed prodding to get her to respond. Isn't this "Urban Myths"'s blog. Why isn't "Urban Myths" responding or for that matter being asked?

In summation, we don't know if maclen is really the owner of Urban Myths. It doesn't matter. She is a skeptic from way back. She is a Keith Urban fan who is pissed off.

We've got

1) Lashing out in anger and arrogance to the point of losing it
2) Pretending to be someone she's not
3) Trotting out music knowledge but lying about everyone and everything connected with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
4) Allowance to post whatever she wants regardless of how stupid it makes the group that is Urban Myths look

It's pure skeptic behavior through and through. From now on Inept Team Maclen: Party of One is no more. maclen is now Inept Senior Skeptic Maclen

So Inept Senior Skeptic Maclen, while you are in a blind rage, cracking washboards over anything you can find (there's a Lennon reference just for you) we'd like to ask you if you enjoyed finding out John Mayer presented Taylor Swift with a major award from the Songwriters Hall Of Fame this week. Swift allows someone she's embarrased by, at a private event, to mark a huge occasion in her career. How unbelievable.

You Inept Senior Skeptic Maclen, you are unbelievable, literally.

On behalf of country music fans, Keenan Thompson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Chris Rock, Terrell Owens, Cowboy Troy, Kid Rock's African-American band members, any African-American audience members, Darius Rucker who didn't even attend the CMT ceremony, and Reba...

You are truly an embarrassment.

Good luck now that you are exposed!


Anonymous said...

You may want to check out this old blog from Australia. This is where Maclen first came to be known to the skeptics. His/her first post was in February of 2006. I've always wondered about him being a guy. I don't know any guy that would have this much interest in two people that they supposedly don't know that much about, yet they dislike so much. Guys just aren't wired that way. A scorned woman, or one who thinks they were scorn because a guy they fantasized about, married someone other then themselves, - yes. A guy with no connection to either of these people - NO.
I also found it odd that they were never invited to join any of the private boards, or that they never even posted on the E board. If you are that entrenched in this relationship, to the point of going on and on about Keith and Nicole ad nauseum, one board with a small following wouldn't be enough. They would seek out other places to get their message out to. So you may be on to something. Someone wanted to keep this persona a part from all that. This is probably just another screen name in a long list of screen names for one of the skeptics.


Anonymous said...

Urban Myths is run by Mary, a grandmother from Florida. She believes everything Taralea says even to the point of kicking people off Myths when they confronted Tara and her shit and proved her wrong. Mary writes to Lainey with her "scoops" from Taralea. She hates Nicole because Mary was forced to look at her own stinkin reality. Mary and Urban Myths say they hate the E board skeptics. Nomorefan and Mary got in a war and Nomore left Myths but Michelle/Astilbe and Toniann/Yourscaringme stayed and tells her everything going on. So does Innervoice. Everybody knows the skeptics have a dozen usernames but even the skeptics don't know who is who and there lies the problem for the skeptics. Even skeptics have secrets and not all of them are playing for the same team. Hint to Mary: it's the ones you trust the most that can't be trusted.

Anonymous said...

SM, At at some honesty!
I have been waiting a long time for these beans to be spilled from before my eyes!


This hater bunch is no longer able to pull the wool over anyones eyes!


Anonymous said...

Ever notice that Lainey uses almost the exact same language as the skeptics? It's because Lainey uses her "sources" emails word for word. But ask Lainey about her "scoop" a few years ago about Keith's car being outside Niki Taylor's house. The story was denied by Lou Taylor, Niki's manager but Lainey "forgot" to make the correction. They're a dumb bunch of hateful losers who haven't figured out how short life is yet.

Anonymous said...

Dig in SM. We are standing ready to see the lies fall directly on the insane one who is behind all this mess.

It isn't the crazy ones who post on E!. They are just pawns used by a insane hateful mind . They just like the fight.

They are clueless morons who think way to highly of themselves.

What is so funny about them is they don't even know they are pawns. They are used and kept in line.
They trust no one, because in the back of their minds they know it and it is a game to them. They think they are smart, when really they are pawns . ha ha I love it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:54
They trust no one because they don't them selves know who the puppeteer is!

They don't know who is behind the so called friendly "screen names" . A couple may know one another, but honestly, they can't trust a soul because they have been burnt a few times confiding in some unknown made up screen personality.

They think they are "special". They love the attention, when actually they are clueless brash idiots . Anyone can spew hate. Whats cool about that?

I also love your idea Anon, that they are only pawns and are used . It is so true!

I wonder when they will wise up?

Anonymous said...

We could ask the 8 Ball.

That would makes as much sense as they do!


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