June 18, 2010

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Updates 06/18/10

Crossroads Tonight!

10:00 PM ET/PT

Yes we're promoting it and spreading the word and proud of it!

If you can't catch the show tonight there's 7 teaser clips at CMT's website


With Keith still in Nashville working on the new album (and John Mayer in NYC...sorry you lose again Inept Team Maclen) Nicole attended sister Antonia's post-wedding bash solo. She looked gorgeous in a sapphire blue silk jumpsuit by Stella McCartney. Easy and elegant for a night out with family. Dinner was at Ottoman's, the same Sydney restaurant where Nicole's mother had her birthday celebration.


And here's Nicole and Sunday the morning after visiting the grandparents, Antony and Janelle



There's a very informative but lengthy article in the latest issue of Premier Guitar. While there isn't a specific discussion of Keith's gear other than the above pic, the piece gives the full extent of the kind of damage a flood can do to treasured instruments.

To check out the article in full, click HERE.


And speaking of guitars, would you like to win an axe signed by Keith and John Mayer? Yes the two have teamed up again despite the "embarrassment"! BAHAHAHAHA!

Cody Alan at CMT Radio Live is giving away this Gibson guitar signed by Keith Urban and John Mayer. Submit the best caption to win it.

Visit Cody's website HERE for more information.


Keith's been doing alot for and with CMT, performing, winning an award and charity money, Crossroads. Well he also supported fellow artist Miranda Lambert at the taping of her CMT Invitation Only special this week in Franklin TN

More photos of the two backstage at Daylife.com


Keith and Nicole have been chosen as a part of The Boot's Greatest Country Love Stories

To read theirs and others click HERE

It was their roots that first brought the country star and the Oscar-winning actress together. The couple met in January 2005 at G'Day L.A., a Hollywood event honoring Australians. Keith and Nicole began dating a few months later and were married June 25, 2006, in Sydney.

"I don't even know if she's changed my life; she's given me a life," Keith tells The Boot of his beautiful bride. "There's seemingly no relevance to my previous life, before meeting her. I have such deep love and gratitude for everything she's done for me."

The couple's daughter, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, celebrates her second birthday this summer. The Urbans live in Nashville, where Keith jokes that Sunday's upbringing may result in a bit of a mixed accent. "When she starts talking, she's going to say, "G'day, y'all!"


And finally, in anticipation of Father's Day this weekend we'll close with this tribute piece from The Boot.com

Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw + More Talk Dad's Day

Keith Urban cites his father as the reason he made it to Nashville and is doing what he loves to do. "His record collection was what got me pointed towards Nashville," says the multi-talented musician. "He drove me to the music store to buy my first guitar. He was always extremely supportive of my music, and I have a lot to to be grateful to him for. Years later, he's still married to my mum, and he's got two sons that love him. So, I think that counts for a good job." Keith actually wrote a tribute to his father, aptly titled 'Song for Dad,' which appears on his 'Golden Road' album.

Being a father himself now, Keith says he loves everything about being a dad to Sunday Rose, who will turn two in a couple of weeks. But he and wife Nicole Kidman do want to instill some core values into their daughter as she grows up. "The biggest thing for us to instill a work ethic, that's the thing that's most problematic for me -- this unwillingness to have a work ethic. The ability to access information so quickly makes people think that their ability to achieve something is also meant to be expedited, but it doesn't work that way. It's never going to work that way, and if we're going to build something solid, it's going to be built slowly, step-by-step-by-step ... and there's nothing sweeter than having to work for something. It's a tremendous feeling."


Anonymous said...

Keith and Nicole are obviously hard workers. They've both worked at their craft since they were very young and both achieved a great deal of success. You can't ride someone's coat tails and get as far as they have. It takes real talent. They sound like excellent parents and Sunday Rose seems very unspoiled. They all attended a birthday party of the child of somebody who works in the spa Nicole goes to. That's a couple who aren't snooty and don't think they're better than anybody else. Sunday Rose will grow up seeing her parents doing good things for people and working hard. I wonder if the skeptics children will say the same.

Anonymous said...


I come here for the best of the best and thats what you deliver to us!

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