June 17, 2010

Can E! Online Skeptic Mimosa Lie Any More?

Hater, skeptic, and liar Mimosa has been told time and time again she's wrong. Does that stop her? No. Well we can take this opportunity to show her again we know the games she's up to.

February 27, 2010
Mimosa: NippyHo spent her teen years living with a grown man in Amsterdam learning how to use men and sex to get ahead in life.

February 28, 2010
Mimosa: This is what we said.... She quit school at 14 according to an article we read about her in the early days. It may still be here somewhere. Then she went to shack up with a grown man in Amsterdam.... the city of drugs and sex....as a 17 year old teen.

June17, 2010
Since she quit school at age 14, I'd bet she's never even read "For Whom the Bells Toll".I'm sure she couldn't comprehend it, anyway.

Hello Mimosa, Welcome to The Truth!

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From The Australian, Australia's national newspaper

Monday December 1, 1986

The Art of Growing Up As An Actress

"Since entering the acting profession, Nicole has never been out of work."

"Nicole decided to leave school after completing year XI and accepted a role in the Disney production Five Mile Creek, a series made for the United States. She had to spend seven months living alone in Melbourne. Being away from her family was not a new experience. Nicole always had the freedom to make her own decisions, and had been going away on location since she was 14. Her parents were fully supportive of her career even when her role in Five Mile Creek led to an opportunity to work in the US."

We love this article for more than just its ability to debunk that lie from Mimosa.

You'll recall how Mimosa says Nicole Kidman can barely read? BAHAHAHAHA!

"Nicole also attends Workers Educational Association evening classes, one in play-reading and another in international current affairs."

The article also shows Nicole is who she says she is and alot of who she is hasn't changed. She's been taking adult education classes for years...Italian, cooking classes, Middle East affairs.

“We were talking about setting up a shop selling antique lace and linen – we both like that sort of thing.”

From 2009: "“I’m obsessed with lace and 1940’s florals.” - Kidman

In finding this article we also found another where a fellow actor recounts her time with Nicole on "Five Mile Creek". Always the professional and always kind to her fellow cast and crew.

Interview With Priscilla Weems

Nicole Kidman made her acting debut on "Five Mile Creek" starting in Season Three, but you left after Season Two. Did the two of you ever meet or work together?

Yeah, I met her on the set.

Was there a sense then that she would go on to become one of Hollywood's highest-paid actresses?

She was always a very nice woman. There was just a presence about her -- that she would go on to do, you know, great things. I don't think it ever dawned on anybody that she would become as big as she did, which I think is wonderful.

Mimosa, get a new game plan, because the one you have is an epic failure!


Anonymous said...

For Whom the Bells Toll. Epic fail once again by Mimsy. Nicole certainly didn't read that and neither did you Mims. Hemingway did not write any book with that title. Literature is certainly not something she is familiar with.

SkewerMistress said...

Mimosa is no more qualified to talk about books than she is addiction. They'll say anything as a response to Keith and Nicole's success. It just makes them look completely stupid.

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