July 28, 2010

Another Urban Myths Blog Scam:
No One Reads Skewering The Skeptics

LMAO! Not only do fans read it but the skeptics do themselves!

mikki: abc, just want to be clear, I mean no disrespect to you. Let this person do her ranting and her obsessive lovefest on her own blog. Its harmless. No one reads it.
July 27, 2010 11:55 PM

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Yes, that's page views in the thousands!

It's. Just. That. Easy.


Anonymous said...

mikki drank too many Mimosas.

No H8 said...

Blogger, I hope you don't mind that I copied a comment from a different section but I thought it was spot on. The haters view of reality is severely damaged and delusional.

Anonymous said...
They are classic schizophrenics. They are out of touch with reality and their grip on what is reality is gone. The imaginary and the unreal is just like living to them. They live daily in an imaginary world. I use to think they just weren't very bright but it's obvious now they have a real sickness.

Nomorefan constantly looks for someone to validate the hate she feels inside. She uses the word GAY like it's an insult, a classic homophobe. She's a woman nearing 50 years old who talks like a 14 year old. Her life and her heart are obviously empty. What a way to piss away a life.

Anonymous said...

From nomorelife: "More great narcissist conversation today - when you have a Hollywood celebrity who is a narcissist, and their shining star isn't so bright anymore, they will transfer their power and control onto their significant other even more intensely. Mel's significant other relationships took the hit when he made those antisemantic comments a few years ago, and much of Hollywood wants nothing to do with him since. The signs of a narcissist clearly shows that Oksana was going to take the blow because Mel could no longer feed off of his Hollywood power.

Between the box office poison title and "what has she done to her face" comments, when we talk about flying ash trays, I don't think we are too far away from the truth!"

Right everybody? Right?? See? I found a completely unrelated article and now I'm going to try to make it sound like it relates to Nicole and Keith! We're not too far away from the truth, right? Because this unrelated article says so! Right?? Am I right?? Somebody assure me that I'm not wasting my time looking for articles that have nothing to do with Nicole or Keith! We're right! Right???

Pathetic loser.

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