February 23, 2010

Skeptics & Lainey Caught Lying Again!

We've got your number skeptics, haters, and Lainey!

Hi nomorefan!
Hi Inept Team Maclen: Party Of One!
Hi Oh " so" Leery, we mean Loony!
Hi Urban Myths Mary and readers!
Hi Lainey!

notachance: Of course she can't openly shill for Omega, her contract is for everywhere BUT N. America right? This is the perfect op for Omega though by using her name in the press release without violating their contract.

Did you forget the Omega event in New York City?????

hoosierlady: After the onslaught of 'frozen face' commments following the last Omega appearance I wondered if Omega wasn't distancing itself from her, and hyping CC as the celebrity sponser this go-around.

No chance?

Hearing things in Indiana? She's been with the company 5 years. If they haven't dropped her yet, they aren't going to at the Olympics! Another ambassador, George Clooney, must be shaking in his boots! He's supposed to make an appearance but not at a specific Omega event. Uh-oh!

nomorefan: Oh really? Let's discuss that, shall we? Why is a FlyNet paps a member of the NKU board and posting pictures? She really hates those paps, doesn't she? Enough to allow them on her board!

BAHAHAHA! Still trying to lie your way through the day!

Lainey: Guests of Omega, they were escorted in with security and accompanied by a photographer. Kidman is a spokesperson for the brand.

Security perhaps, but their companion was the President of Omega, Steven Urquhart!

Lainey: The couple was seated in the athlete and coach cheering section, in black, and did not try to call attention to themselves.
Third Lip was very disappointed.

Are you kidding? Why would they call attention to themselves? That's your forte Lainey! But here's some pics that tell a different story!

It's quite interesting how the pictures show her just the same as everyone else in the crowd. Where was your source sitting Lainey? Did the photographer she brought along suspend himself from the arena to get those shots? BAHAHAHA What a waste! People affiliated with the REAL MEDIA knew they were coming before you said anything. Imagine that!


Anonymous said...

If Nicole is such a third rate actress and nobody wants her then why would Omega want to use her name in a press release, notachancetogetKeith? HMMMMM? Poor skeptics must be pissed that LAINEY said Nic&Keith weren't calling attention to themselves. BAHAHA! Thanks for the pics of Nic&Keith enjoying life! (AND NOT SITTING ON THEIR ASSES WRITING HATE)

Anonymous said...

Lainey stays up late to see what she can find on NKU. Then she has her scoop!
A day late and a dollar short. Those are her sources.
Lainey is phoney and everyone knows it.

EXCEPT the STUPID who ar too dumb to really know anything, except what they steal from NKU too.

SkewerMistress said...

There was information online and from Twitter days before Lainey's little write-up. She is a joke if she thinks she can post her story think no one will notice the inconsistencies when the photos are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Oh you know she got a "scoop" from a skeptic "My sources say they hired a photographer to go with them". Lainey's hard up for attention so she writes whatever they tell her. The idiot feeding the idiot! How's that John Mayer/Keith Urban tour working out Lainey? GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD they're Stupid.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add this blog has become a hit at my office, SM!

Anonymous said...

Who saw the gloworm?

Anonymous said...

Glo, ye who KNOW EVERYTHING, is baiting .

Ignore the idiot!

yawn said...

Sung to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb:

Lainey is an idiot, idiot, idiot, Lainey is an idiot all the live long day!

Anonymous said...

Whats the matter Glo, got a hangover?

Anonymous said...

Looney Lainey wanted people to believe that Nicole went to the private Omega presentation with "six security"? Only the loonies and haters would buy that made-up story.

Well, let's have a look at a more recent event that Nic attended. http://showbiz.sky.com/nicoles-undercover-exit

Let's see.... 1 driver, 0 security, 0 personal assistant and just someone from the event who helped her carry her stuff to the car. Wow, such a BIG "entourage" and such a “diva”! NOT!

Anonymous said...

They call her 'Lyin' Lainey' when Etalk pays for her to show up in Cannes. The fangirl had to leave before the film festival ended last year (2012). Apparently wasn't coming up with the goods...among other things. ;)

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