February 22, 2010

ABC: Another Skeptic Skewered!

Urban Myth's skeptic abc doesn't know when to quit. Fortunately for us, this blog can have a grand old time showing her conspiracy theories to the door. So what has she been up to? Well she is trying to push that a certain member of Nicole Kidman United is actually a Flynet paparazzi employed by the actress herself.

abc: well, it's pretty obvious now ... the latest round of pics of the Urban trio buying pastries (inside and outside of the mall) was again taken by NKU's 'Nickufan', (not 'nicfan' also at NKU), who is Nicolas Scott from Flynet: Clearly, he is commissioned by NK who smiles all the while for the camera, (no other pap pics), while Keith looks bewildered and lagging behind his speeding wife

First off let's get this straight. NicKUfan is not a pap employed by Kidman. We know this because 1) the photos don't need to be posted by Flynet to find their way onto NKU and 2) NicKUfan has posted photo sets from competing agencies
for months now...on NKU and in their Photobucket account. Let's take a look

There are 7 different agencies here, all posted by NicKUfan with the appropriate credit given, and those are just the ones that can be found in threads on the first 2 pages of NKU! We are supposed to believe that a Flynet pap is promoting 6 competing agencies? The last photo is particularly telling because it's a bullspress release, taken in Los Angeles, Flynet's home base. Skeptics can any of you tell us why Flynet would showcase pictures, and therefore money, they lost out on?

You the haters think the rest of the world is as dumb as a bag of rocks. It would be better for you to keep your mouth shut with your cockamamie bullshit!

This blog is also telling you abc that "Nicolas Scott" is a mythical person you created. There is a Nicolas and there is a Scott with Flynet. Two separate people. It must be all that hate blinding your judgement and reading skills!

abc: I just saw the poster for Rabbit Hole and the first thing that strikes me is that there is no picture of Nicole ... I can't think of a single movie poster of her past films where she isn't the main attraction in the graphics, (photoshop'd to armegeddon and back), ... me thinks there was much debate about whether it would be wise to have her mug shot up there.

Lor for a couple of versions of The Golden Compass and Nine poster art. Even without that pitiful attempt at "forgetting" the facts, me thinks you are just as misguided as the rest of your cohorts. Promotional art is never based on past actor's projects. Of course, stupid is as stupid does, and that means no one at Urban Myths or E! will admit the truth.

Let's take a look at some recent films that took a similar approach....

How long will it take Inept Team Maclen: Party Of One to agree with abc, skewered skeptic? BAHAHAHAHA!


Verity said...

The skeptics are too stupid for their own good. Too stupid for words!!!!

Anonymous said...

abc must be stupid NOMOREFAN, she posts stuff just as crazy and thinks she is intelligent.

A flock flew over that time.

Anonymous said...

INEPT Team Maclen (party of one) showed his epic failure again with this post at UM:
"... or is the seemingly old news recycling campaign from kidman's new managing hack gotten to ridiculous proportions? Case in point, this recent google news search of kidman...


...shows no less than 24 old recycled news stories on kidman...in the first 3 pages of said recent google news search...all from the aforementioned Brisbane Times! Articles of years old stories of Golden Compass and Australia...is kidman that desperate she has these years old stories in the google news searches...just to keep her name in the news...in this obvious twilight of her dead career!?"

Whoa, Maclen, why don't you google "Cate Blanchett" or "Naomi Watts" or "Russell Crowe" or "Hugh Jackman"? Your aforementioned Brisbane Times recycled their stories as well to as far back as 2006 and 2007. So are you saying Cate, Naomi, Russell and Hugh are all trying to "keep their names in the news" by recycling old news? btw, Brisbane Times also has several recycled articles about the late Heath Ledger. Oh yeah, by Maclen's "logic", the late Heath Ledger would also be trying to keep his name in the news. In case he makes a "comeback"?? Just sayin'. Typical looney "logic" from the haters.

Anonymous said...

Now this is so funny! Yesterday I said abc was probably NOMOREFAN because the stuff posted here from the MYTH site about this "abc person" sounded just as stupid as all the rest of nmf'S posts on E!.

NOMOREFAN on E! this time!

That women is dumb as a box of rocks.

Heck that doesn't need repeated again. Look at her pictues posted on here. Look at a few of her posts. And what is the funniest of all? SHE THINKS SHE IS INTELLIGENT!

Give it up NMF you are too NUTS to sound any other way!

I don't even rea that MYTH site. It isn't worth my time.

Anonymous said...

They make it too easy.


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Re: Fresh KUNK thread.
Posted: Feb 23, 2010 3:56 AM in response to: Verity Reply

Oh really? Let's discuss that, shall we? Why is a FlyNet paps a member of the NKU board and posting pictures? She really hates those paps, doesn't she? Enough to allow them on her board!

Anonymous said...

he he the haters ae mad and I am glad and I know how to please them!!!


Don't reply to their bait!

They can't stand that!

Anonymous said...

SM says:

btw, Brisbane Times also has several recycled articles about the late Heath Ledger. Oh yeah, by Maclen's "logic", the late Heath Ledger would also be trying to keep his name in the news. In case he makes a "comeback"??
Just sayin'. Typical looney "logic" from the haters...

OMG SM. Best line of the day!
You take the cake!

Anonymous said...

flyin/glo "worm"

Put the bottle down its too early in the day to be doing that again!

Anonymous said...

SM maybe we could recyle the news too. We could just post all the OLD OLD articles like they do!


Anonymous said...

Is that flyin/glo "worm" 's picture? We know its not NMF she's too fat for that .

Anonymous said...

News flash, NOT..... not only do the haters spend most of their day on E!, the rest of the time they are on NKU.

Please explain that one .

Anonymous said...

Gloria couldn't put her bottle down and roll out of bed long enough to get a picture taken but she sure is sounding a lot like her best buddy taralea with all the "we all know" and "we've been told"s. But then they are the only two left posting to each other on one private board.

Anonymous said...

You should make the Fashion Blog one of the Blogs of Note SM. We dont' want that one to get sent to the archives. Bahaha!

Anonymous said...

@ Anony 10:31 They must be stupid if they haven't figured out who their snitch is by now! How hard can it be? There's only a few of the same people on every board.

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