February 20, 2010

The Thanksgiving Bear

Songwriting legend Carole Bayer Sager has done a beautiful portrait of Keith and Nicole with Sunday, entitled The Thanksgiving Bear.

I’m very excited about all the new artwork I’m doing. For the first time, I’ve tried a narrative painting: it’s a work in progress, called “The Thanksgiving Bear.” If you notice, both Nicole and her beautiful Sunday Rose are both staring at the talking bear, and Keith’s looking with love at his daughter. ~CBS

Carole Bayer Sager Art

"Others who I still plan to paint are, Nicole Kidman, Nora Ephron, my friend Sandy Gallin, Cesar the 'dog whisperer', Donna Karen, and Arianna Huffington. And in-between each portrait, an abstract to allow me to freely fall in love with the paint itself."

Huffington Post article


Anonymous said...

Cool picture, SM! She got Sunday's face perfect!

Anonymous said...

Like the paining , skeptics?

Just checking .

Anonymous said...

abc(All BullCrap) posted at UM: '.. it was actually boredom with “feeding this baby” that sent her back to the movie set: as she said at the time: “life goes on” – clearly her baby, or her family, not representing life itself! What ‘life’ is that now Nicole?'

Well, abc... just have a look at Carole Bayer Sager's painting. She really captured the happiness and love of the Urbans.

Anonymous said...

And the baby makes three. Thats what bothers them!

Yep baby went along.

abc should get her facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Clearly life for ABC is sitting on her fat ass in front of a computer looking for Nicole Kidman quotes. Life goes on, hater.

SkewerMistress said...

I think everybody knows the skeptics hate the photo for several reasons. This is simply an educated guess but I would say that this scene took place over Thanksgiving, hence the name of the painting. So the Urbans have friends like they said, hang out together like they said, have nice holidays like they said, live a life as a family....like they said.

Besides being a wonderful piece of art, it disproves the trash the skeptics have been spewing.

Anonymous said...

SM - "So the Urbans have friends like they said, hang out together like they said, have nice holidays like they said, live a life as a family....like they said."

Yes, this painting shows that the Urbans DO have a private life away from the lenses of the paparazzi, and only their friends are privy to. Carole Bayer Sager is a long-time friend of Nicole. She was quoted in a Marie Claire interview several years back that Nicole ".. wants to have a baby with Keith. I hope that happens." So it's great that Carole got to see her friend have a baby, and now to also paint a portrait of the happy family. :)

Anonymous said...

Look at what the skeptics look like then look at Nicole and you'll know why they hate Nicole. She's a reality check on what they will never be. Thin, beautiful, rich, famous, respected, successful and sharing a bed and a life with Keith Urban.

Anonymous said...

You left off one important thing, anon 5:34. Nicole also has a beautiful daughter made by none other than Keith Urban. That's a connection for life.

Anonymous said...

The Urban's have a life. What a shock.

Looks like a pretty cozy one to. With good friends, family & a beautiful children.

They both have worked hard and it is very nice to know that good things come to honest good people.

Anonymous said...

Ah, skeptics-haters ... We know you visit the NKU board regularly, so stop pretending you did not see this Carole Bayer Sager portrait of Nic, Keith and Sunday Rose. Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Cricket 1700 hears lots of stuff in the drug store.

She is kind of like flyin and taralea that way!

Anonymous said...

h ha ha their hired gun has to watch her step, so now
Taralea and Gloria have to come out and say their own garbage and lies.

The stuff Tara hears in the corn fields she spends a lot of time in! (LOST)

Anonymous said...

forgot to say, they can't trust NMF to get the job done, because she is too stupid .

The stuff she tries to say is LOL funny.
Dumb idiot has just smiffed too much paint to be of any use to them!

Anonymous said...

Taralea hears it in the corn field.
Gloworm hears it in the liquor bottle.

Anonymous said...

Creeping perv MADISON is back watching her crazy loon counterpart again.

Anonymous said...

Seems they all have that bottle problem.

Crazy drunks, lost causes in normal society.

And oh so beautiful. LOOK AT THEIR PICTURES. That sums it up pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha this is pretty funny.

GLOWORM is lite up today.

Put the bottle down dingbat.

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