December 4, 2009

An Open Letter

Urban Myths Revealed said...

"And haven't you people already turned in everybody to KUNK's people, and look - we are all still here, no gag orders or law suits have been served. Get over it!"

An open letter to Sue/nomorefan:

Bahaha. Did you think we were after a gag order or a law suit? Think again. We just wanted to help with your desire to be known to Keith Urban. Let's face it, you've spent years traveling the country, slopping up drinks with the crew, stalking hotels and God knows what with security guards and bus drivers just to be near him. We know how hard it must have been to be away from your overweight husband and precious children. We've seen the photos of you and your friends groping each other and giving blow jobs to bottles. So congratulations! You are now known to Keith Urban. So are your friends. Michele, Stasia, Toni Ann, Gret, Mary, Deb, Taralea, Stephanie, Cheyenne, Evie, and all the rest of you losers on Urban Myths and E. Keith and company got a good look at all your pictures and posts. They now know what you look like, where you live, your background and most importantly, what you really think. Isn't that great! The bad part is the reaction from Keith and some of the band members. Shock isn't the word. Dismay, disbelieve, disheartened. After all, many of you stood in line for those meet and greets and Keith remembers you. So did band members. And crew members. Oh don't get me wrong, they don't care WHAT you say. Remember when Keith said he didn't care about what any blogger or website had to say? They don't give two shits in a bag if you like them. It's that they just can't believe it's YOU. THAT group of women. The women they remember fondly and who parading to their faces as fans. The ones they took the time to talk with. The ones they came to know as "regulars". Of course there was a lot of laughing too. That came from reading the delusions you and your buddies post as the truth. Not so funny to them was the amount of hate spewed in those posts, pm's and emails. But who cares about that? Bottom line is we did it! Keith Urban knows all of you! You made an impression! He's got your face etched into his brain, bulging eyes and all. You're welcome. Now you can go back to alcohol and removing your vaginal smell.

Oh, one more thing - "And haven't you people already turned in everybody to KUNK's people, and look - we are all still here, no gag orders or law suits have been served. Get over it!"

- Bahaha. Don't bet on it. "We" is a VERY broad statement.


Anonymous said...

Well HELLO JB! Nice to see ya posting! Thanks for the update and congratulations to all the skeptics! Bhaha!

Skeptic said...

I guessed it would come to this and I'm peeved beyond words. I'm a skeptic and I can't stand the skeptics on E. They do not represent me or my point of view but if this is true, it doesn't matter. I'm being lumped in with them anyway. Well I'm done with it. Nuts like OhsoLeery have ruined it for all of us. BTW, OhsoLeery is her newest name. She and her counterpart have been hitting the boards for years. She changed her whole personality for this role. That should have told me something. If you're reading Keith, I'm sorry. We aren't all two faced. Peace out.

SkewerMistress said...

I've made a single exception regarding the ban on posting skeptic comments for your post "Skeptic". I don't believe I am going out on a limb by saying given the recent events on the E! threads your words point to who you are. That being said, all of us have been suspicious of Oh " so" Leery. One reader suggested that OSL sounded like RedJasper. A closer look at some of RJ's old posts with her poor grammar certainly make a convincing case.

My concern is what of real value has OSL ruined for you? The chance to prove Nicole Kidman is not right for Keith Urban? That their marriage is not real? That she doesn't love him or her children? Whether you think the two of them marrying is the greatest thing to happen to Urban or you can't find one thing of real value within Kidman that Urban would be attracted to, how you personally feel is irrelevant. It must be nice to hear from fans "We love you and your wife", "Give our love to the family" and things of that nature but does it have a tangible impact on the path of their relationship? Certainly not.

There may be some reading here wanting to ask the question, "Then why is this blog here if it doesn't matter that the fans support KUNK?". Easily we can say it's because of skeptics like nomorefan and Oh " so" Leery. The women that lie and say it's "Just a gossip board" deserve to be shown for the frauds they are. They lie about not reading this blog. They lie about the existence of blogs devoted to Urban and Kidman hate. They lie about being good mothers and wives. They lie about their obsession with Kidman and post thousands of posts and articles about her. They lie and point to other websites spewing similar hate when it's them posting under different usernames. They keep photos of Keith and Nicole on their computers. They lie about the fans. They lie about having relationships with Urban. They lie about the simplest of facts regarding Nashville and Hollywood. They lie about supporting other artists when they spend all their time on Urban. They lie about having contacts that conveniently have stories about Kidman only doing bad things. And they lie to fans. One minute it's "their opinion" and the next on another thread they know "the truth".

Our statement to E! skeptics who complain about this blog is - You made your bed. Now you have to lie in it.

A final word to you "Skeptic" and any other doubters out there that have distanced themselves from the crazies on E!. How about you drop the skeptic label. Just be a fan of Keith Urban and the music.

countrycat said...

JB your blog is missed. We could do with a few more stories but there's no need to unveil the faces of bitter old women. We'd like to keep down our lunch.

So nomore has lost it again! She can't keep her trap shut which gets her into trouble. Believe me, I enjoyed sharing with everybody what a big shot she thinks she is. She feels because she hasn't legally been removed from E that's justification to continue her pathetic and sick behavior. Can you imagine what she would be posting if it was a free for all towards other members. It practically is but you get what I mean. Crazy eyes = riding the crazy train.

Skeptic, don't know what to say except it seems like all of you, for some reason, are looking to be validated. Or you're trying to be seen as legitimate somehow. Why? What do you get out of it even if you are right? It's not going to happen because the only people that know the truth are Keith and Nicole.

Anonymous said...

I understand how gals got on the skeptics boards. People joined boards where their friends went back in the day. I know a lot of girls who are members of skeptic boards still who aren't skeptical of anything but hang around to gossip. According to them its not all hateful talk. Everybody knows who the liars are and just turn a blind eye. I think thats how the problem starts. The liars are never called out and allowed to continue making up things. Everybody tolerates them and they think it's because they're believed. Taralea and Steph are examples. They're a strange lot.

The throwdown with OSL was a hoot when she was caught in her own web of lies. It reminded me of Gret who had always said she had no inside info but suddenly knew Keith's cousin and one of the nurses in the delivery room when Nicole gave birth. It turns out there were no nurses in the delivery room. Only Keith, Nicole's mom and sister and a midwife were there. She also knew someone who had a threeway with Nicole and Tom Cruise. All that from a middle aged gal living in Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

The liars list continued.......

nomorefan overheard employees at a hotel planning an alcohol order for Keith Urban that was a guarantee for an upcoming binge.

nomorefan knows someone who saw Nicole Kidman do cocaine.

nomorefan knows that Tom Cruise made Nicole Kidman go to an eating disorder clinic.

Mimosa says that the rumor from Nashville is Sunday Rose has a facial defect. She's one of the originators of the rumor.

nomorefan talks up a music video her and her friend musicgossip made and uploaded online. The skeptics all pretend they have nothing to do with it.

nomorefan pretends she has friends in Nashville. That friend is Jimmy Carter's email address.

The skeptics pretend there aren't any KUNK-hate boards they visit besides e online.

OhSoLeery pretends she isn't a fan of Keith Urban. Then she is but she's catching up on old videos. Then she's not. Then she personally knows him and supported him even though she reveals everything out of his mouth is a lie.

Stasia knows everything there is to know about Nicole Kidman because she says she was an extra on one of her films.

Feel free to add to the list people!

SkewerMistress said...

Thanks Anon. Here's a good one for Mimosa. Jimmy Wayne's album has been out now more than a week and the Wayne E! thread is dead. The skeptics are pretend Wayne fans.

Just a side programming note....the charity blog is on the way.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell! The liars list is too long to remember. Let's see:

Keith can't stand Nicole but he hooked up with her for publicity. Nicole bought her own wedding ring. The wedding ring is the same one she bought when she was engaged to Lenny Kravitz. Keith lives in a hotel in Nashville. Keith didn't know he was going to get married. Keith was forced to get married because he was part of a contract. Keith got paid for marrying Nicole. Keith's "real" girlfriend was at his wedding. Keith's "real" girlfriend visited him at Betty Ford. Keith never stayed at Betty Ford. Keith's "real" girlfriend was in the audience at SNL. Keith keeps his "real" girlfriend in a cottage. Keith still has a shot of brandy before he goes on stage. Keith wears bracelets from old girlfriends to signal them. Keith's "real" girlfriend had the baby and gave it to them. Keith is paving the way towards his divorce.

That's just Taralea alone. Bwaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

Question: If nomorefan and the rest don't like Nicole and Keith, why are they looking for pictures of them leaving London? What would it matter? Why are they reporting on every move the Urbans make? Poor sick women.

SkewerMistress said...

nomorefan pretends not to be interested but every statement she makes on E! says th eopposite. If there's photos of them going back they'll make fun of what she's wearing, how they're standing, the facial expressions. No pictures mean they are bad parents. She doesn't need anything to create havoc over there. She'll make it up or change the subject. If you haven't noticed nomorefan is the one to do that. She'll bring things up out of the blue to pile onto the discussion.

We can't leave out taralea trying to stir up trouble with "Keith's dead in the eyes" on the Urban Myths blog. Did she watch any of the video the rest of us saw?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Yet more kudos for Keith. He's just been named one of the nominees for "Tennessean of the Year".

Congratulations Keith!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Keith and also to the skeptics. If I may borrow a phrase, bahaha! I sent one picture and several pms to the gmail address but never got a response so I didn't know who got it or if anything came of it. I also sent Jimmy Wayne the pic of him and Michelle along with her hateful comments about Keith and Nicole. He or whoever runs his myspace responded to me and thanked me for the heads up. I'm happy to say Jimmy Wayne now knows who to avoid in the meet and greet line too! Good job to everyone who is taking positive action.

Anonymous said...

O M G! Can I say you just made my Monday morning?
Don't let this get buried in the archives!

Anonymous said...

Right on "cue" the Jimmy Wayne thread is pulled up from page 4. he he

So predictable!
So dumb! Glad they read this site and got an "idea". lol lol

Maybe more will wear off on them. Like STOP TELLING LIES.

Anonymous said...

What happened with the "liar liar Oh So Stupid"
posts that were put out a couple weeks ago?
Did anyone call her out on those lies that suddenly began in her deranged head?

You know the ones that "before Nic" she was never a fan, and "now" she suddenly was a close confident of KU way back when.

Or did those lies just get ignored by fellow haters?
Surely someone brought that to her attention didn't they?
Someone surely reminded her that she has said a few time (when she gets her story a bit MIXED UP) that she never was a fan and that she was really a old rocker type of gal? Not a country music fan.

Serious question... did any one call her out on that BS? Or remind her she didn't know KU EVER?

SkewerMistress said...

In two words Anon, not enough. A few posters told her she was making things up including the one skeptic that says she wants to distance herself from the likes of nomorefan and co. It is inconceivable that the hard cores would challenge Leery and of course they haven't. But they also haven't stood up for her either because they certainly don't want to have to deal with her lies as well as their own. Leery backtracked all the way to Siberia with her "I've always been honest" bullshit. Someone who knew Keith Urban wouldn't need to go back to old videos and catch up like she said she did. Someone says they are a champion but not a fan, support s them but turns around to say everything he's claimed for the nearly the past 20 years is a fabrication. If it's her motivation to hurt Keith Urban's reputation all of it is flying right back in her face.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I don't really care to keep up with "that bunch" but I thought even they wouldn't stoop that low.

Guess that is a true measure of their character. A true measure of what is inside them.

Internet posting are pretty telling when you think about it. A real naked , mask off showing of their TRUE SELF.

Sad women to be sure.

SkewerMistress said...

You're most welcome. I forgot to add that it was at least Mimosa that challenged Oh "so" Leery's statement that Keith Urban's life was in danger courtesy of Nicole Kidman. However that was months ago when the skeptic brigade was much bigger. Despite the new usernames we know the posters at E! have shrunk in numbers. They need Leery now, no matter what she says, to keep the threads near the top and the movement alive.

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