December 2, 2009

Careers In Decline, Eh?

*********BREAKING NEWS**************


*Best Country Album- Defying Gravity
*Best Male Country Vocal Performance - Sweet Thing
*Best Country Collaboration With Vocals - Start A Band (w/Brad Paisley)
*Best Long Form Music Video - Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy World Tour Live



Just a little something to tide you over until our charity blog.

So it seems, that once again maclen and nomorefan show they have lost touch with reality.

maclen: "And as I once joked, at this rate, orb is gonna end up burning his own cds and selling them out of the trunk of his car!"

nomorefan: "Mr. Nicole Kidman walked away empty-handed from the ARIAs,

I have to ask this question as well. How would you like to be his band members? You get the honor and flying back and forth between the US and Oz during the Holiday Season instead of spending it with your family here."

Would you like an obvious explanation? Because that's what musicians do. They work and travel when other people don't have to. Holidays and weekends. It's part of the job dummy.

Bu let's get back to the important part. Urban didn't win the ARIA he was nominated for but his friend and fellow Aussie Troy Cassar-Daley did. You may remember he's the man that wrote a song inspired by a text Urban sent him after Sunday was born.

Keith sent me a text message when his baby Sunday Rose was born with Big Love Keith!! At the end of his text and I thought love doesnt get much bigger than the love you have when you hold your child in your arms for the first time, Thats pretty amazing.

During his acceptance speech Cassar-Daley made a shout out to his "brother" and a reference to The Brown Streaks, a project he was going to be working on with KU. Turns out there's a very funny and very telling backstory to it all.

In his acceptance speech, Troy made mention the possibility of a future collaboration with fellow nominee and mate Keith Urban, called ‘The Brown Streaks’. It had tongues a wagging. “Um…. It’s a bit of a running gag that Keith and I have after a certain record company employee email was circulated telling judges to increase the chances of their artist winning, DON’T vote for Troy or Keith. We both had a laugh about it and Keith suggested we collaborate next year. He said “The White Stripes are taken so what about The Brown Streaks?” I can’t wait to see the Album cover!!!”

Isn't it absolutely unbelievable Keith Urban, after the downward spiral he's took from marrying his wife, would be a frontrunner for an award? BAHAHAHA!

And of course there's the skeptics problem of yet another #1 party Keith attended for "Only You Can Love Me This Way". Yeah, another #1 single haters!

We can't forget Nicole Kidman. After the results of the ARIA's were revealed hit n run asked this stupid question:

"Madison, why didn't she go with him to the ARIA's? Is she still afraid to show her face in OZ??

Oh skeptics, the bullshit is streaming out of your mouths as this blog is being typed. Kidman has to be in hiding from OZ because she hasn't been there in a while, right? Nobody there has the internet so they will be completely in the dark about what she does, right? They're still using tin cans to communicate, right?

Well it was announced today that Nicole Kidman is going to be the face and voice of a new campaign to get the World Cup to Australia. She is featured in a five minute video promoting her beautiful country and all it has to offer.

And before the skeptics jump up and down and scream she bought off the bid committee we'd like to tell them once again they are wrong.

"She was delighted to be asked. She's very proud of her country," bid spokeswoman Bonita Mersiades told the AP.,0,2572287.story

You can enjoy the World Cup Bid promotional video below:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Keith - 4 Grammy nominations!!

* Best Country Album: Defying Gravity
* Best Male Country Vocal Performance: Sweet Thing
* Best Country Collaboration With Vocals: Start a Band - Brad Paisley and Keith Urban
* Best Long Form Music Video - Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy World Tour Live

SkewerMistress said...

We found out at the same time!

yawn said...

Ya Keith and Nicole should hang their heads in shame. Pity isn't it ... LMAO. Now the poor skeptics will have to be up all night crafting their next piece of cryptic shit and twisting Keith's Grammy nominations into something negative. Once again SM, thanks for always posting the TRUTH. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your nominations Keith! It must suck to be so unpopular and make such crappy music! Bahahahaha!

countrycat said...

Congrats to KU and his team. The Tour video nomination must really sting the skeptics behinds because you can't have a crappy tour and get awarded. This is for all of music so way to go guys!

And thanks SMistress for posting the World Cup video without all the nonsense that came along with it in the accompanying article. I've already seen it but an Australian website took it upon themselves to add some real gossipy bullshit to it.

The Brown Streaks! Ha! So KU has friends in Australia too? bahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

yourescaringme and nomorefan have been very busy tonight.

Anonymous said...

Full moon, movie coming out....It's not the weekend...gotta make excuses for people proving you're all liars! You forgot your most active poster is a cracked and wacked mofo!


Anonymous said...

Don't you love how they bash Nicole for leaving Sunday for a few days when they've spent the last 5 years following Keith around the country, talking on internet message boards and looking for pictures of Nicole Kidman. Where are their kids??? Propped up next to a video game probably.

Urban Myths Revealed said...

"And haven't you people already turned in everybody to KUNK's people, and look - we are all still here, no gag orders or law suits have been served. Get over it!"

An open letter to Sue/nomorefan:

Bahaha. Did you think we were after a gag order or a law suit? Think again. We just wanted to help with your desire to be known to Keith Urban. Let's face it, you've spent years traveling the country, slopping up drinks with the crew, stalking hotels and God knows what with security guards and bus drivers just to be near him. We know how hard it must have been to be away from your overweight husband and precious children. We've seen the photos of you and your friends groping each other and giving blow jobs to bottles. So congratulations! You are now known to Keith Urban. So are your friends. Michele, Stasia, Toni Ann, Gret, Mary, Deb, Taralea, Stephanie, Cheyenne, Evie, and all the rest of you losers on Urban Myths and E. Keith and company got a good look at all your pictures and posts. They now know what you look like, where you live, your background and most importantly, what you really think. Isn't that great! The bad part is the reaction from Keith and some of the band members. Shock isn't the word. Dismay, disbelieve, disheartened. After all, many of you stood in line for those meet and greets and Keith remembers you. So did band members. And crew members. Oh don't get me wrong, they don't care WHAT you say. Remember when Keith said he didn't care about what any blogger or website had to say? They don't give two shits in a bag if you like them. It's that they just can't believe it's YOU. THAT group of women. The women they remember fondly and who parading to their faces as fans. The ones they took the time to talk with. The ones they came to know as "regulars". Of course there was a lot of laughing too. That came from reading the delusions you and your buddies post as the truth. Not so funny to them was the amount of hate spewed in those posts, pm's and emails. But who cares about that? Bottom line is we did it! Keith Urban knows all of you! You made an impression! He's got your face etched into his brain, bulging eyes and all. You're welcome. Now you can go back to alcohol and removing your vaginal smell.

Oh, one more thing - "And haven't you people already turned in everybody to KUNK's people, and look - we are all still here, no gag orders or law suits have been served. Get over it!"

- Bahaha. Don't bet on it. "We" is a VERY broad statement.

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