August 14, 2010

So The Skeptics Say No One
Likes Nicole Kidman

Hollywood doesn't. Australia doesn't. America doesn't. Country music folk don't. Keith Urban's family don't. Movie co-stars and employees take the money and tolerate the cold-hearted bitch. Children run away at the mere sight of her. She has no friends.

We've heard all that and more haven't we? Well it's time to put the skeptics from E! Online and Urban Myths in their place. A blog so big it needs it's own page! Follow STS as we debunk the skeptics through pictures. We've made a collection of rarely seen photographs that the haters are going to well, hate! Toni Collette and Cate Blanchett, the "real" actresses of Australia, talking and laughing with Nicole. Having a good time on film sets. Sean Penn going to dinner with Nicole when he's supposed to be disliking her with every fiber of his being, according to Mimosa. Nicole mingling at the CMA's, just for nomorefan. Remember the fabricated relationship Nicole had with Hugh Jackman and his family for Australia? We've got Nicole hanging out with wife Deborra-Lee 4 years prior! And much much more!

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