November 30, 2009

Skewering A Skeptic: Oh " So" Leery Is A Lying Nutcase


E! Online Skeptic Threads

"Third, take a look at the people she sued. One was for stalking. The man had lunch with her. She went to see him at his office. All of a sudden he was presented with a subpoena for stalking."


"Sis gets told she can have the Cattle Stud as her own home.(What to be a breeder?) ((giggles))))))) My 6.5 mil house for what?? Instead Sis decides to go far away from Hagmaw so she don't have to do anything more."


"He has never been able to have children. He had any surgery!! He had been extremely ill as a child and it left him sterile. Now are we all on the same page here?

unless they had cloning done there's just no way. Nothing at all is there. Without getting to gross. The part's there but that's all."


"Sugarland was mentioned for AFTH but declined. Yes,opening for KU the excuse was she had throat problems but actually it was that their Nash and they're not going to do anything against the powers that be. He has been ostracized as much as he can be without making it to obvious. But he is. And money won't push those people around. They used them for they're sham and Nash don't forget!!!"


"I do not believe the church they had their production in was a working church. And the actor in priest's garb did not marry them.

Ok, let's talk turkey here. ( sorry for the pun) First Marienne went to Catholic Church every week while in Nash. So did KU, with her !!

Before Hagmaw!!! I know they were going in 2003, 2004, 2005 till Hagmaw got into the picture. You know the Church that Hagmaw stood in front of to show us she took the little one to Church on Christmas. Well, that church is in Franklin and that's where KU and Marienne went all the time Marienne was living in Nash."


"Doesn't she have some red carpet thing for NINE? I thought she was staying here till KU starts touring in OZ.

Now I don't think he actually came back. I think that pic was taken a while ago.

All the equipt has to be checked out before the first concert on the 12th. I just checked out the Aria award show and saw that KU had his band there.

Now it seems strange that he would bring the whole band back to turn around and go back in a week. Something's weird. That's another reason that pic looks so strange.

Let's not forget photo shopping is Hagmaw's only talent!! (giggles))"


"My great nephew was an exchange student for a year he was in Sydney I think. He would send pics and talk about how he loved it. Since I use to talk to KU very often I gave him some pointers on some phrases that are outlandish. Like your roose is loose in your upper paddock. We would laugh."


"What about the award that she crashed with all her Echo fans. That was a record award last year I think it was. She was there even though KU did not look happy. Doesn't that count?"


"Dollie was carried into Oz in the middle of the night. Suro left Oz when they came home. Of course Easter, well maybe that was a rent a kid, you know they had to have a kid to meet Grandpa Urban. So I guess this would be Suro's first trip to OZ!! I believe this to be a Freudian slip!! ((giggles))))"

"I think he's having some serious memory issues. Between her looking trashed and the pics staying where everyone can see them. And KU talking about Suro going to Oz for the first time. It's really getting weird !! ((giggles))"


"I have to say it. KU can't have kids. Not any way shape or form. Not by injection or any other way well maybe cloning. ((giggles)))

She can't either b/c she's as barren as the desert use to be!!! Now that's the absolute truth. So either Sis did her a big favor getting pregnant by her boyfriend/soon to be husband or they went out of the country. But that child is not theirs!!!"


"Now if you remember when TC showed Suri's BC it was all scratched and amended. It happens to a lot of BC.

But my contention is if TC can show Suri's BC why not Hagmaw and company. I guess there must be some fire under all that smoke.

The funny part of this is by the time that little one is ready to go to school no one will even care about any of it. In another year and we won't see that child again. Once she can talk she will not be in the public's eye. She'll be in a private school in Oz."


"And our topic of conversation has thought nothing of bringing anyone to court she so desires to rake over the coals. Even to a person that was running for Pres of this USA. She stripped him of that chance like it was nothing why? b/c she can!!!!!!"

"Did I say leaked, no I was told. And told by the person that we're talking about right now. I said nothing about a vasectomy. And yes, I am saying it b/c it's true. I never signed a confidentiality clause nor have I ever tried to get money that isn't mine. So this is very different. I am saying this b/c I'm sick of the lies. I'm sick of the phoney crap. And I'm disgusted at what KU has done to his family and friends. I mean real friends. So now matie without talking about anything that would hurt anyone but these two I am at war!!!!!

This format gives me the opportunity to tell it like it is !!!! I really am not the least bit concerned as to whether anyone believes me or not. I know what is true and so do the KUNKS, that's my satisfaction!!"


Oh KM1, No I'm sorry I'm a little to old for KU! ((giggles)) But we have spoken very often about things that are very personal. Sometimes an old timer like me is easy to talk to.

Look KM1, for years I have been a champion of KU!! I believed he was coerced into this mess. Which I have to tell you that part is true. In the beginning. He did try everything to get out of it. Even to turn up drunk as a skunk on his wedding day. And to say he was not affiliated with any religious organization. He did try.

When he decided it was easier to take her money and do what she wanted I became very disappointed in him. When he turned his back on his friends that stuck by him through this and did everything possible to help him. Then I have to say there's no loyalty any longer. To receive loyalty you must give it. He stopped giving so now I'm not giving!!

I'm a little fish in a big sea. If I were to go on a rampage all over the place it would be like spitting in the wind. I can't touch them. But I can talk in this format. I can say what the truth is and know in my heart the KUNKS read this. So this is the only opportunity afforded me to say what I have to say.


"If the KUNKS would like to take it up with me, well my dear KU knows exactly where I am !!!

If I hear KU touting about that Baptism that wasn't, I will blow him out of the water from Monkeyville to facebook. I'm tired of his stupidity!!!"


"The funny thing is, for along time now I have said things on this board and then they come to light."



yawn said...

As a non-reader of E, I am assuming these comments come from there and all I can say is "holy f'n looney tune". She is certifiable to the max. I hope they lock her up and throw away the key, but for now I also hope Keith's people are watching her and keeping her far, far away from him.

Thank you SM for letting the world know her level of crazy. All those who don't think the skeptics are "all that bad" ... read this shit and weep!

SkewerMistress said...

Yes, all from E! These are just recent comments. I had been planning to do a blog just on Leery for some time now. Given what she's said this week, it seemed like perfect timing.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I read that madness just to see where they'll go, this one seems to have really lost it lately, doesn't even bother to make the stuff sound remotely credible.
Urban 27 or whatever she's called is also equally as hilarious, loved the bit about Nicole wearing her hair like hers.
I know for a fact his Aus management kept a close eye on these crazies ( they knew who to keep at a distance) but I wonder if the American counterparts take it as seriously.

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of links here to debunk what the skeptics-haters have been saying about Nicole's charity work:

- Without the press or paparazzi noticing it, she and Keith showed up in the Bay Area recently to support a cancer research charity event at Stanford. The only reason the public even know about it was because Stanford issued a press release and also posted it on their website.

This is totally contrary to what the skeptics-haters want people to believe that NK would only do charity work for PR. Also, INEPT Team Maclen and Company: the timing of the event was set by Stanford; it has nothing to do with "Nine".

- At the March for Babies event in Nashville that Nicole attended earlier this year:

Nicole did not just "show up to give a speech" and posed for the TV cameras, contrary to what skeptics-haters want people to believe. Despite just returning from Sydney the day before and quite jet-lagged as she explained to TV reporters, she stood in the rain to greet the event participants, posed for pictures and signed autographs. (Maclen and other haters: note that she didn’t even have any films being released around that time!)

yawn said...

I cannot believe this is just recent posting. Anonymous 1:49 I sure hope Keith's American management is on top of these things. SM please tell me these tirades are sent on as was done on the Urban Myths Revealed site?

nicfan said...

Thank you for posting Oh So Leery's ramblings. Today she's defending a convicted and repeat offender/stalker!!!!

Anonymous said...

I strongly suggested to anyone who can direct Keith's legal team to Oh'so'Looney's posts, to do so. She's certified crazy and undeniably wrong. Keith is not Catholic and neither he nor Marienne attended any Catholic church in Franklin, which incidently, the church in the picture IS NOT in. It's in Brentwood. Oh'so'Looney sounds a lot like Red Jasper who claimed to live next door to Keith and who told many stories about him including the one about how Keith asked her husband to pick up his mail while he was on tour. Haha. Unfortunately for Red Jasper, her knowledge of the Franklin/Brentwood area was incorrect as was her tale about the woman with 2 kids, introduced by Niki, who Keith kept hidden at a cottage in Franklin. Haha.

timtam said...

The lot of them are all defending Matthew Hooker. News put in front of their faces that he is a stalker with a capital S. You weren't kidding Skewermistress when you said they condone stalking.

SkewerMistress said...

Okay folks, if you have a way to contact Keith or Nicole's people and feel compelled to do so, please do. If you would like to share the contact information with me please send me an email at the address provided in the side bar. At this time I have no addresses or contact with anyone that is monitoring the crazies.And just an FYI, I had no connection to the blogger that started Urban Myths Revealed.

SkewerMistress said...

Thank you nicfan and anononymous. I have received the information.

To the reader that posted the charity work, our next blog will be all about that.

Anon regarding the Catholic church...Without knowing the location is wrong, her story is a joke. Keith has never declared a denomination or said he grew up with any organized religion ever. From what I gather his parents are not and never have been Catholic. Leery may think we are supposed to buy it as there are devout Catholics all through Australia and New Zealand just as there are in America. But what she is saying is not plausible.

Isn't it interesting most of the skeptics claim to be experts on Catholicism and exactly who is and who isn't Catholic!

Leery, let's put the cards on the table. We know you read this blog. First time Hooker is mentioned and too soon you bring him up on E!. This isn't the first time you've been caught in a lie and it won't be the last!
And it's duly noted your fellow skeptics aren't challenging you. All of you sink lower every day!

Anonymous said...

SkewerMistress- thank you for planning to do a blog on Nicole's charity work.

Just so Maclen and the other skeptics-haters know, Nicole has been supporting cancer research for a number of years. Here's an article from 2003 about her involvement with a national campaign to help cancer research: Note that Dr. Jonathan Berek was mentioned in this article, the same one who invited Nic and Keith to the recent charity event at Stanford.

Nic is still listed in UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation website as part of their Director's Circle, described as "members whose lifetime contributions have advanced the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center's mission to end cancer through research."

She has also supported Cancer Research UK for a number of years.

Anonymous said...

If you got contact info, SM, would you post it?

Anonymous said...

Maclen and skeptics-haters will flip when they read this:

Football Federation Australia (FFA) has Nicole as the "face" of Australia's bid for the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup (soccer).

Ah.. so much for Maclen and the skeptics-haters claiming Kidman's career and reputation is "rapidly declining". Ba ha ha ha .. that certainly is a big vote of confidence and recognition for Kidman from the FFA.

SkewerMistress said...

Ansel L Davis
1102 17th Ave Suite 401
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: (615) 320-1300
Fax: (615) 320-1344

countrycat said...

Wow wow wow OSL has been one busy bee. Thank you SMistress for putting the spotlight on her and her crap.

I have to point this out because it bugs me to no end. This Aussie slang she's not real. All fake, doesn't exist and this American knows it! Not that its surprising right?! The roose loose...what the hell is that? A rooster? Chickens are called "chooks", male ones "roosters". She discusses Aussie farm talk with her nephew who went to Sydney (she thinks)? Yeah right!

And my favorite that's really out there that somebody was so puzzled by they asked me about...."quid sneader". She made it up, doesn't exist! Google it and the only thing you'll come up with is her post! If she's saying he's a con man you could use the word "dudder" but I don't think that's very recent. If she's saying he sponges off Nicole he's a "bludger".

So OSL....Hate to dob you in (not really), but it's not hard yakka proving you're a liar. Think you can throw in a "mate" here and there and you're fair dinkum? You're such a drongo!

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