November 24, 2009

Some Food For Thought

We'd like to take this opportunity to talk about the serious side of the skeptics. At times, this blog gives us an opportunity to laugh at some of the silly and dumb things these fools say they believe. But in reality, it can all turn very ugly.

We know of women who have tried to get inside information from crew members at shows. We know of women who have made trips to find where Keith Urban lives. We know of women who have made up entire conversations/relationships with Urban, and then posted them to other skeptics. We know women who think they are soul mates with Keith. There's daily messages, clearly labeled and dated, so they think he's sure to see them. We know there are women fixated on Urban's wife for all the wrong reasons. We know there are women that would follow Keith Urban to the ends of the earth. And we know why these women have a fondness for Amanda....she was one of them.

These whackjobs somehow always find a way to each other. This blogger wasn't around in the early days but we've been caught up to speed. I'm sure some readers can remember Crazy Amanda. Buck50 and Crazy Amanda are one in the same. We've been told Amanda used to post on Keith Urban message boards and pretend to be his lover. She lived in Nashville so she was able to get access to him and later present a story full of lies to get a big fat check. But you see, if the skeptics we hear from today were 20 years younger and could have done what Amanda did, they would have. It's why they are joining other young and new country male artist fanclubs. Easier access that way when they're still climbing that career ladder. No, for them no one compares to Keith Urban but it's a fantasy life they are after and damn anyone that tries to get in the way. Read the early posts of the Jimmy Wayne thread. A woman who chose some other artists to follow a little to closely became their good buddy. Why? Because, as KU has said, cliches are cliches for a reason. Birds of a feather...Peas in a pod...

But how bad can it get? Ask Gary Allan. He was unfortunate enough to have a female fan who went over the edge. She stalked him and even trashed his house. The worst part is she put all the blame on him. In her mind Gary was obsessed with her. Gary was the one who ruined her life. Is putting the blame on someone else sounding familiar readers? In her laundry list of accusations she's claimed that Allan wrote songs about her, emailed her incessantly, and bugged her phone. She also accused Allan of using drugs, having affairs with underage women, and of having phone sex with her on several occasions. Would it shock you to know she admitted Allan wasn't the first person to request a restraining order on her? Would it shock you to know she was obsessed with an Allan band member and then moved onto the singer? We don't think so.

Sometimes, there's nothing like a visual to get your point across. Thanks to a reader sending us a link, we have video of Walker on a rampage where she trashed Allan's property.

Now of course we can't talk about this without including Nicole Kidman. Unfortunately she's had her fair share of stalkers and that's not including Jamie Fawcett. We bring this up because the skeptics have an outrageous way of arguing in favor of stalking and in their minds they are defending themselves.

Kidman used to live in L.A. with her two oldest children. During that time she received some disturbing letters from a man who wanted to "tutor" them. He went to her house numerous times bringing her flowers. She had to go to court to get a restraining order put on him. What does he do? Sues Kidman, journalists, and various media groups for $200 million dollars on the grounds of libel. He said his reputation was ruined for being called a stalker.

That's L.A. But now, it's not simply crazy fans that celebrities need to watch out for. Ask Nicole Richie. She was recently granted a restraining order against two L.A. paps because they do exactly what the skeptics say they don't do. They stalked her. They followed her day after day in her vehicle driving around L.A. They caused a car accident which they shamelessly filmed after impact. They continued to follow her after that incident. They camped outside her home and yelled at her when she left to get her to respond on camera. If this isn't the definition of stalking we don't know what is.

So we come back to the skeptics. When Nicole Kidman was back in L.A. temporarily, they had some not-so-helpful suggestions. If she doesn't want to be followed and photographed don't leave the house. If she doesn't want to be followed and photographed don't go to the same place twice. If she doesn't want to be photographed too bad, the photographers are just "doing their job". The problem is that's irrelevant when paps are watching you sunup to sundown. Not to mention the next day they say Kidman personally hired them. Make no mistake, the skeptics condone this outrageous behavior.

This will be the last blog until after Thanksgiving weekend. Just something to think about, and we encourage you if you have information regarding anything disturbing aimed at the Urbans to please contact the proper channels. Please note, we are not trying to cause panic or insinuate anything is being planned. However, a handful of readers over the past 6 or so months have asked that this be discussed. The topic has been put off long enough and this blog feels it's a good idea to address the dark side of things sooner than later.

With that out of the way, let's enjoy the holiday season and all that is to come.



Anonymous said...

Me thinks you need some mental health help mychemmy. ;)

Sonora_Melody said...

Belated congratulations to Keith for winning an AMA award, voted by his FANS whom the skeptics-haters insist have left him. Ba ha ha ha.

I'm just catching up on the last few blogs. Great job in calling out the "skeptics" for being the haters that they really are, who have totally gone looney 24x7 in their obsession over everything related to Keith, Nicole and their daughter Sunday. Yes, they are totally PATHETIC!

I just posted this at UM.
Of course Keith knows Sunday has been to Oz already. It's the LA Times blogger who got the facts wrong! Check out this video clip as to what Keith said EXACTLY. I can hear ".. this is the first time we have been able to take her to Australia for Christmas...")

As usual, your fact-checking is woefully deficient.

nicfan said...

Very intelligent post. You brought me back with Nicole's stalker. I hadn't thought about him in years. But can you imagine someone infiltrating your life like that? I don't care what you say, famous people do not sign on for that kind of craziness.

Skeptic update....Oh So Leery says she waas told by KU himself that he had a vasectomy. What is she smoking?

Anonymous said...

True couple of haters for sure SM.

To twist, turn and release the venom inside themselves , they have to lie ,steal , pretend and cheat on a public message board on the internet.

Good heavens that is scary !

They can't even remember who they are posting as that day, or what they said two days before. Lies ..lies...lies..

Anonymous said...

Oh so Stupid is drunk again posting her lies. LOL

OMG what a hoot! Does she actually think anyone would believe anything she says? lol

OneTwo_BuckleUpSue said...

I totally agree that if these women could follow Keith around they would leave their lives in a heartbeat. If they could actually damage or hurt Nicole they would. It's why they are so Pro-Amanda. They have so much in common.

AW is a sick puppy who acts like nomorefan - a bully with no sense of reality. She thinks she's a model but the only thing she was skilled at was being a full-time party girl and barfighter in Nashvegas. She's had her picture in every dive and maked an effort to be seen and hang out with famous musicians.

The article she supposedly sold to the London paper was her meal ticket to new boobs. That's what you need in her line of work. She didn't "talk" to warn Nicole or to show what a bad guy Keith was. She did it because she's a bitch and a liar and a scammer. AW said they contacted her. Now how the hell does a London tabloid know anything about a two-bit hussy trying to scam and scheme through Nashville?

She was an attention seeker through and through same as the skeptics who want to seem important. That's why AW was their kind of girl. She thought she could make K&N look bad for profit.

If you think they just hate Nicole you're wrong. Don't let them fool you. Nicole is the last in a line of women the skeptics wanted to get rid of. The skeptics will talk up the ex's like they were Florence Nightingale but they were trying to mess with them before Nicole came into the picture. When they slip up and talk about Niki and her addict behavior that's really them trashing her. It's not an understament to say when Nicole showed up the skeptics were P-I-S-S-E-D O-F-F.

Amanda is as you heard no longer in Nashville. She pissed off alot of people and got hell for what she tried to pull. She tried to play the victim after recanting her story. It didn't work. It's REAL KARMA things turned out the way they did. Her story didn't make it very far even though she retracted it all way too late to look even a little sorry. But the guy that stood up for her in the tv 2 interview is also a scammer. He's the one that screwed people out of money for some cancer charity concerts. That was Johnny Rhodes.

The webpage is messing with me and won't let me cut and paste on this page so I'm gonna email the stories to you. It's AW's recant and all the information that goes with it. The skeptics don't want it seen. They get many of their stories from the tabs. It's why they believe in the mystery rehab trip and the porn star tale.

Thank you for writing about this Skewermistress. The skeptics need a good kick in the behind!

Anonymous said...

Here's more food for thought - OSL is a freakin' crazy person.

Now she has private knowledge (that Keith himself told her) of him being ill as a child, and that caused him to be sterile. That's why Sunday is not his child. All this info from the horse's mouth, yet according to her own posts months ago, she wasn't even a KU fan, had never really heard of him till he married Nicole.

C R A Z Y!

countrycat said...

A round of applause for STS!!! I think you could also add those assholes who tried to get and sell information about Sarah Jessica Parker's surrogate to the tabloids. People will stop at nothing for a buck. Some folks have zero respect for others and zero self-respect. It shows on the KUNK threads.

SkewerMistress said...

Back from break!

It's not normal around here unless someone tries something every few weeks. We received an anonymous comment from someone who claims to have known Amanda. Now, I'm not sure how much clearer we could be given the fact that this person must be reading regularly to find our blog just at the right time.

This blog will never approve or post any comments, be it positive or negative, from someone who claims to have associated with that woman. There is no reason to believe the writer is who they say they are. It could be a skeptic or Amanda herself. Also, it is not out of the realm of possibility that whoever wrote the message was trying to get a reaction or create drama. We won't be having any of that here.

OneTwo, email has been received. If the skeptics don't want it known, you can bet it will be posted here.

SkewerMistress said...

Sheesh, does anyone know why the comments are all out of order?

Anonymous said...

Funniest quote of the day, Erniesmom saying Nic and Keith are "has beens". I think she's confusing them with the skeptics.

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