November 24, 2009


nomorefan: "He was up against two opening acts . . . fair? Not at all, but what did you expect when it was fans voting on the awards? I was unaware of that. Why wasn't Brad, Kenny or George up against him? I bet there is smoke coming from fingers in Monkeyville."

Not fair???? Go shed a tear somewhere else. Since when do you care about fair? BAHAHAHAHA! For your uninformed information AMA nominations are determined through the industry, SoundScan and Nielsens, not by a fan voting 5,000 times. But then again, you yourself said you would have voted had you known you could.

Some questions though...Are you admitting Keith has more fans? Or more loyal fans? And by the way Darius is big fan of Keith and wants to write with him. One more time readers....BAHAHAHA!

neverland47: "My suspicion is that the common denominator in the Gloriana and Urban wins was Taylor Swift fans."

Why? Why would Taylor's fans automatically vote for Urban? Wasn't it the skeptics claim that Taylor fans and other opening acts didn't give a crap about him? They would go see the opening set and then leave in droves? Why would they then bother to vote for Keith just because?

neverland47:"I was surprised Gloriana won. I was surprised Keith Urban won. I call it the Taylor Swift factor."

There are many consumers that don't like Lady Gaga despite her media saturation. More likely Gloriana's win is due to the American Idol/Dancing With The Stars Non-Vote. Everyone assumes Gaga will win so fans don't vote. Their category was separate from the rest of the others. Voting was available until right before the awards telecast. They had ample time and did nothing.

As a reminder let's hear some fellow country artists talk about Keith Urban.

Taylor Swift

Zac Brown

Jason Aldean

Lady Antebellum

We aren't even going to bother addressing the substance abuse rumors started by the skeptics over an innocent quote about Christmas vacation. It's nothing more than a sick and twisted game the haters are playing.


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timtam said...

Pathetic is who they are!

Keith is here for our Aria's. I wish him the best of luck and that his family makes it here safely too.

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