November 22, 2009

Congratulations Keith!




Anonymous said...

Beautiful couple!

Anonymous said...

Keith and Nicole looked wonderful. Congrats to the favorite country artist!

Not to be O/T but after a 1 month break erniesmom is now trying to push Jimmy Wayne on the E threads again. How long should we give the half-hearted promotion? LOL

SkewerMistress said...

Wayne's cd is coming out Tuesdsay. They must have forgotten until right after Keith Urban won his award tonight!

timtam said...

Congratulations Keith on your award. Well deserved!

Anonymous said...

congratulations Keith, I just wish you'd won in you own industry, but I'm glad you have tangible evidence that those of us who listen to all kinds of music love you!

Now for business...I posted a last week about the insanity that is 27 and it only got worse. Check out the post on CMT about NK's clarification about the GQ article or the "I love you Keith" thread.

anyway got to love this:
"Good morning, Jess...It's Monday, November 23, 2009...5:51 AM Central...No Keith on TV this morning...That show last night, was quite enough for me, in more ways than one......Keith looked good...NK was wearing her hair like mine..Almost the same color...I just have more hair, and it's longer..."

yes 27 Keith is only with NK because she some how reminds him of YOU!? I am sincerely scared by that level of crazy, that personalizing of everything. That girl needs help.

Anonymous said...

Yes, anything to draw attention away from Keith, whose career is over. Oh wait!

yawn said...

Love that Keith won - a FAN award ... you know, an award from the people the skeptics say Keith doesn't have anymore Keith and Nicole looks happy, healthy and both at the top of their game. It is a very sad day in Skeptic hell - will they have to be even more creative in their comments on the lies and myths site to explain this? Nah - same old shit different day I am thinking.

Anonymous said...

It does make you laugh when they keep insisting that his career is going downhill.

Now they are trying to make a big deal about a comment he made about Sunday going to Australia, that she hasn't been there before, but they of course have his quote wrong, here is what he said according to US Magazine.

"The new dad -- who calls fatherhood "pure bliss" -- says he's excited for Sunday to spend her first Christmas in her parents' native Australia."

SkewerMistress said...

That is the skeptic way. They take everything literally. God forbid one of them responds to a question in a different way, then they are lying.

I don't think the LA times quoted him incorrectly. It was implied that his family was on his mind re his "downtime" aka the holidays. It will be Sunday's first time in Australia in Decemberif I'm not mistaken. They were in Nashville and NY last year. It would not surprise me that once they are there for his shows they will stay there. Nicole may have some press for Nine but it could be she is scheduled for it in Australia only, or none at all. Only time will tell but time keeps showing us the stupidity of the skeptics.

timtam said...

The skeptics at Urban Myths are using the quote as an excuse to start addiction rumours again. They make me sick.

countrycat said...

First off and most importantly congrats Keith!

I think we all know why they are doing this. He won. He won and it was fan voted and industry nominated. History repeats itself and when they can't use one thing against him it'll be something else.

timtam and others...I went over to UM to see what exactly they were doing. Thanks for posting the US article for them but they are idiots. Again what he says isn't good enough because they have a huge sense of entitlement. They think it's their right to know exactly where and when Keith will be at any given moment. When they don't know they make it up. And they want it "detailed" so that if Keith and Nicole change plans or if something happens to force a change they can call them liars. It's spin spin spin with them.

And Inept Team Maclen please shut the hell up. Keith won exactly the number of awards that would have been open to Brad or Kenny had they been nominated. Grow a brain!

yawn said...

Timtam they are idiots. They make us all sick. They are full of hate, anger and have lost all touch with reality. People who spend day in day out, year in year out, trying to tear two people apart that they don't know, hoping and praying for their health's demise are beyond repulsive. There is NOTHING the skeptics do that has value.

Anonymous said...

What KILLED them was Keith 's heartfelt thanks to everyone. (they aren't fans so they got nothing)
And the very special love to his "Baby Girl" and tiny dughter.

Thank you Keith for making it so simple to show how hateful they are!

Lets put that lil speech up in HIGHLIGHTS SM, so EVERYDAY when they come here they have to see it !

SkewerMistress said...

Great idea Anon. I know exactly how to do it too!

Anonymous said...


Thank you and thank you to Keith for showing the way!

Anonymous said...

So, skeptics/haters, hear it directly from Keith about taking Sunday back to Australia for the holidays.

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