November 21, 2009

Nomorefan Has No Clothes!

Yes readers we all remember that story we were read as a child. Well this is a modern twist on that tale. You see day in and day out Grand Poobah nomorefan thinks she has something on Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. And yet every day she comes up short. Well today is a disaster of grand proportions for nomorefan.

First there's the secret podcast. Nomorefan on November 17, posted this on the E! Negative thread.

nomorefan: "From Hollywood . . . Third Lip is suing the plastic surgeon for the third lip he gave her since she has been recently bashed in the media. The cause for the sudden disappearance on the red carpet . . . the double-sided tape didn't hold and something popped out."

Then leaving her cohorts high and dry as usual with no source or link she posted this

"The link probably won't be available until tomorrow. It is a live report - not an article.

ETA - the link would be about the lawsuit. Another witness that injected during this report said there was actually some TV coverage on wardrobe malfunction, but didn't say where they saw this. This has no affiliation with country music - all Hollywood.

The report is always given live, but a podcast of a generic version of the report is posted on the website the following day. Does that make sense? I'm gringing at giving out the site because this guy will get beaten up with emails for sure."

So let's rip her post to shreds.

It's November 21, and still no "report". We don't care where she got her story from...Jimmy Carter, Ryan Seacrest, Ted Casablanca, whoever. The truth is she easily could have made it up. But with or without a link the story is still a lie and anyone with common sense can see that. Let's for a moment go with the theory that Kidman did have surgery and she is suing a doctor. That lawsuit would be public knowledge. It's common knowledge she's said she hasn't had any surgery so that immediately would be a massive mistake. Again, still going with the theory that nomorefan's story is true why has absolutely no one...not a single blog or website, Google alert, twitter post....said anything about it. An A-list star with botched plastic surgery suing the evil doctor, that's celebrity gossip gold!!! Look how much was made of Lisa Marie Presley and where is she on the celebrity totem pole?

But let's get back to reality. Comparing pictures from Kidman you can see she's older. But she still has that indent under her nose. She still has that crease on her right side of her face that comes out when she smiles. She has some age lines that most women over 40 have. Her teeth haven't undergone massive changes. Her lips are still the same shape and aren't perfectly straight under the top lip when she gives a big smile. She lost that baby fat in her face long ago and the alleged cheek implants are actually a family trait, both her and her sister have them.

And yet again yesterday nomorefan pulled out this gem.

"I was flipping through the mag while waiting in line this afternoon, and there in the Table of Contents was a pic of Third Lip with Silicone and it said, "Did Nicole Get A B@@b Job?" I think the article was in the page 50 range - it is almost a centerfold spread. In big huge letters going across the top of the two pages "DID NICOLE GET A B@@B JOB?" There was a before and after of her. I think the before was just before she met Mr. Nicole Kidman. She was in a black strapless gown, and her b@@bs didn't look anything like the CMA picture. Then even better yet - they had about four or five pictures along the bottom dating back to the days of Tom. WOW - do you see the changes, and plastic surgeons agree - she has done everything the skeptics have speculated. Check it out! "

No, nomorefan no thanks. Just because you aren't the only one to speculate and/or lie doesn't mean you're right. In fact InTouch, which is just a glossier version of Star or National Enquirer, wouldn't even bother to do a story on this unless they were willing to say Yes Kidman had surgery. Otherwise why bother? InTouch is a gossip rag just like all the others. And just like all the others they manipulate things to make them look true. Just like you do. How much do you want to bet they didn't include this 1990's photo we posted in the last blog?

We are certain without bothering to look at your stupid little "article" that InTouch purposefully and deliberately used photos where Kidman looked as small as possible. Then they padded their story with plastic surgeons/"experts" willing to say whatever the mag wanted. You do realize these surgeons were compensated don't you? You do realize doctors like that aren't worth the piece of paper their medical degree is printed on? Would you be willing to put yourself in the hands of doctor who speculates on the medical history of non-patients? We'd bet not. But then again your philosophy has always been believe what I say, not what I really do.

Now onto the second part of nomorefan's lies.

"The cause for the sudden disappearance on the red carpet . . . the double-sided tape didn't hold and something popped out."

There was no sudden disappearance. Proof? Pictures and video and commentary all well documented. We're not surprised nomorefan bought into the stupid story. She'll post and say she believes anything to try and be right. It's a pity for her she fails every time.

Keith and Nicole were seen arriving in their Bentley. was streaming the event live and they were seen on camera.

Then hundreds of pictures were taken of them as arrivals on the carpet. In fact they were even labeled as such

You can see those HERE

Now here's where nomorefan wants to think she's right. According to the rumor Kidman ran and Urban didn't know were to find her. Going out of his mind because he's just so co-dependent he was saying "Where is she, where is she?". Kidman was hiding out because her fake boobies were malfunctioning and she didn't want to answer questions about UNIFEM. Ahhh that's nomorefan's version.

Well readers there's video to prove Kidman was with Urban. She didn't bolt or go into hiding. In fact she even talked to one of the interviewers. Oh skeptics you are just going to hate this!

No one believes nomorefan's crock of manure. In fact one site which posted the rumor got some pretty choice comments. This one was our favorite

"congratulations for your imagination. the fakest story I have ever read in my whole life."

Now of course nomorefan isn't the only pathological liar. These blogs wouldn't be the same without mentioning maclen. He's just as gullible as nomorefan when it comes to internet gossip.

Here's what he said:



Celeb hair: Nicole Kidman goes back to blonde

"Nicole Kidman ditches red and goes back to blonde on US chat show"

Crikey, my first thought is, "Boy, what breed of kidman's alpacas did they shave down to make that matted rag she is wearing?!"

He seems to think he has breaking news??? BAHHAHAHAHA!

It's too bad Kidman had red hair yesterday. Here's a screenshot of the show.

Conan O'Brien is known for his red hair. Kidman has red hair in the photo. What genius thought she changed her hair color?

And of course the morons got her clothes wrong too. She didn't go backless. There was clearly flesh-tone material on the back of her. Sorry to do this to you liars. Okay no we're not!!! How's this photo for you, Taralea? We're having an extremely hard time finding the "bony back" you said you saw. Maybe it's time for a trip to the optometrist!

And to further show maclen's ignorance he is now comparing performances of "Unusual Way", as if he actually could. Let's educate maclen. "Unusual Way" is a staple at musical theater auditions. It has been traditionally sung in the very high register. But Rob Marshall took this song from a different angle and we quite like what we've heard. Kidman sounds completely different than she did in Moulin Rouge. She's no longer the young ingenue of Satine and has become this mature worldly woman of Claudia.

The song could be sung by any woman of any age in love. But this interpretation informs the character so much more and separates her; it gives her her own identity away from celebrity, away from the other women in Guido's life. Marshall wanted to give the song "more weight and more poignancy" and it works. He is making this musical his own which is what a director worth his salt should do. He wanted those actors in those specific parts and wanted what they could bring. Look it up maclen if you don't believe us. In fact Kate Hudson's number was written specifically for the movie. Film and theater are two different mediums which is why we cringe when fans of one negate the other. A book cannot be the same as a film. A film cannot be the same as a play. A play cannot be the same as a musical interpretation.

One more thing for Urban Myths. ABC has their own Nine webpage.

That is why Kidman and others are so involved in the promotion on their network....the ads, Dancing With The Stars. At the very least, Kidman has more of a reason to be on The American Music Awards. Her husband is nominated and performing. Kate Hudson is there solely to promote!

And The Joke Of The Day Award goes to Mimosa, E! skeptic poster with 7,178 posts

"I know I'm not wasting time or money on anything with Nicole Kidman in it."




Anonymous said...

The crazy haters like nomorefan are proving to be dumber and dumber by the day. And once again, Maclen’s self-proclaimed “fact-finding skills” proved to be non-existent! Just check out the photos that are all over the internet:

Nov. 10 at the BMI Awards - Kidman looked relatively “small” in the chest area.

A day later …
Nov. 11 at the CMA Awards – it was quite obvious she had help from some good undergarments , perhaps a sewn-in push-up bra.

A few days later ..
Nov. 15 – photographed in NYC. Yup, relatively “small” chest without the push-up bra.

Nov. 16 – photographed in NYC while heading to some business meetings. Again, relatively “small” chest.

Nov. 16 at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Awards – yup, relative “small”

So, nomorefan, Maclen and other haters, when exactly did Kidman get that supposed “boob job”? lmao!

SkewerMistress said...

Yes well that would mean she's had implants put in and removed every few days. That's skeptic logic for you!

Anonymous said...

The haters obviously don't know what's out there for "enhancement" up top. Have they never seen a Victoria Secret ad??

Guess Nicole has had lots of "in & out" implants over the years! A couple more that blow their boob job rant out of the water.

Cannes 2001:

SkewerMistress said...

Thanks Anon! Out of curiosity, can anyone ID the event the picture I've posted is from? I know I have seen photos from it before, I just can't place it.

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