November 19, 2009

Nail. Head.

We have so much material that will get the skeptics hopping mad, STS is just going to throw it all out there. Enjoy!

Hey skeptics, ever heard of a mild food allergy? Also have you ever heard of white strawberries, the kind people with a strawberry allergy can eat? They are much more commonly used in Europe.


nomorefan's cyberspace pal Jimmy Carter, the one who posted the infamous "Is Keith Still A Guy" video twittered that Keith Urban might have been the one to take EOTY this year. Did nmf share that with the group? NO!

And speaking of nomorefan have you noticed her obsession with fan clubs and fan parties? And not just any fan clubs but fan clubs of male artists. The latest is Jack Ingram. Before it was Dierks Bentley, then Jake Owen. She'll praise female artists but only when it suits her. She's really all about the males. Let us go back to when Oh "so" Leery and another skeptic said they didn't like Taylor Swift because she was acting too much like "The Skank" Nicole Kidman Which skeptics defended Taylor? None. Not even nomorefan who in months previous was all into Swift and her bigger and better than Urban talent. Get a clue nomorefan and the rest of you. You aren't pulling over anything on anyone.

Nomorefan also think she's objective when it comes to Keith's music. It doesn't offer enough variety of sounds. That's why she's going to a Brad Paisley concert where the focus is guitar, guitar, and more guitar. And somehow she's forgotten about the marching bands, celtic sounds, the chorus before God Made Woman, the piano he played for Tonight I Wanna Cray and Celebration, the Spanish influence on Tu Compania, and the fresh island sound of Why It Feels So Long. You can't find more variety of sound than in Keith Urban's pre-show music piped into the arenas either. nomorefan, ask Zac Brown how he feels about Keith Urban. You are an idiot.

The Brad Factor: The skeptics somehow have got themselves believing Keith is getting awards because of Brad. Oh it goes both ways skeptics. The song wouldn't have been the success that it was without Keith. Brad didn't write the song. In fact it was sent to him and initially he turned it down. Without the duet interplay the song wouldn't be half of what it was. Urban put in as much effort as Paisley did for the video. They both promoted it with performaces at the award shows. We don't believe the bs Keith got half an award, because that means Paisley only got half of one too. What's the only hit single from Play? "Start A Band".


The alleged Boob Job

Sorry skeptics but here's a pic from the 90's before you said she had work done (see Tom on the left). Same chest in a dress that gives her something more.


Martina McBride gave a quick interview in People Magazine's Country Edition where she said her favorite movie of all time is....Moulin Rouge. "It always inspires me," she said. She also wants to go back to Italy, the country where Keith and Nicole also went on vacation and the skeptics were pissed about it.

In that same magazine Keith was featured in a piece called "10 Songs That Changed My Life".


Keith Urban is working on a possible song with John Mayer.


Nicole's career is dead except that she'll be on Oprah Wednesday, Conan O'Brien Thursday, and will be a guest presenter at the CNN Heroes Gala. She was also a guest at the Vogue Fund Fashion Awards, which encourages young talent in the design field.

And as if some of the skeptics are pretending they don't already know The Danish Girl is a go, it is with Gwyneth Paltrow replacing Charlize Theron.


The skeptics say the Nine cast hated Nicole Kidman? Nicole and Keith were spotted seeing new release Precious with castmate Kate Hudson and her boyfriend.

Screen legend Sophia Loren told an interviewer what a great time everyone had on set. Sunday was with Nicole and she as especially happy when Keith came to visit the set. They all cried at the end of filming because they had become such a family.


Some sales figures for the skeptics. Think Keith is the only one who has seen a drop in sales? Think again.

Tim McGraw's Southern Voice hit #1 with a total of 136,574 copies sold. His previous Let It Go sold over 350,000 the first week.

Carrie Underwood's Play On sold 318,000 copies the first week as opposed to Carnival Ride's 527,000

Brad Paisley sold 197,151 units of 5th Gear in the first week, while his latest release dropped to around 129,000 copies.

All Number One's of Nothing, huh nomorefan?


The talk about Nicole's diaries. Some of the skeptics lied and said she never had any diaries and she's making it all up for publicity. Oh skeptics what you would pay to know just a little of the truth before you speak. Kidman has spoken about this before. Years before. In fact it's probably how the gossip rag New Idea got inspiration to "create" one for her on the set of Australia. Here's just one of the quotes:

From November 27, 2007

"I've kept a diary on this film [Margot At The Wedding]. I've kept one on and off since I was about 10."


Look who got prominent billing for the Stagecoach Fest 2010?


The skeptics think Nicole Kidman can't get hired unless she produces films herself. Technically she's been just one of the producers, so she still has to get others to work with her and fund the projects. But in any case here's a confirmation Kidman was going to co-star wit Twilight sensation Robert Pattinson, but the dates couldn't be worked out.

Add Pattinson to the long list of fellow actors Kidman has praised over the years, proving the skeptics are liars once again.


The "inebriated" picture. Ahhh the skeptics are tricky ones aren't they. A single pic of the set was posted on Urban Myths, and a cropped one at that. The same one on the E! negative thread. Once again we say how convenient. This pic, one left out by the skeptics seems to call into question the "media"'s take on things.

So what do we see here? Urban, not even looking at his wife walking to the apartment, is more than likely dealing with NY paps. As the numerous pics of the family have come out this week, one thing is obvious....the locals are getting in tight with the cameras. These pics were at night and there's those bright lights that Kidman is not fond of. Does Nicole's facial expressions indicate she's drunk? No. Does she look like she's about to fall or stumble over her own legs as she walks? No. Does it shock anyone that no video was released of an A-list star caught drunk? Does it shock anyone that only 3 pics were taken of a supposedly drunk star? No, because this "drunk story" is a supposition on the part of the internet bloggers and websites.

Two more things worthy of comment. It's the skeptics favorite thing to declare pics "staged" and that Kidman is forced to hire paps in order to look relevant and Keith just goes along with it. So does this scenario sound plausible to you: Kidman gets drunk and everyone forgets to call off the paps that are waiting outside the building, the paps they always hire. The building that had paps waiting there several years ago when Kelly Ripa lived there. The actress/co-host has made the comment many times that when she used to live in the building the paps would all lower their lenses when they saw it was her coming and not Kidman. So why would pre-hired, pre-planned paps need to hang outside a building for hours pretending to wait for their client when they could be making money elsewhere. Yes, it doesn't make sense to me either.

And of course there's maclen. Maclen is now not only the idiot savant and an inept team of one, but the King of Exaggeration. Please finish your drink before you read this; we don't want any spewing on your computers!

maclen: "So, the "IMPLOSION" of kidman has now officially entered the "paris hilton...lindsey lohan...britney spears" level! Paps...clean those lens...and ready those camera's for the inevitable "crotch shots!"

BAHAHHAHAHA! Maclen you are a moron of massive proportions.


Tim McGraw's recent statement in an interview:

"Faith saved my life in a lot of ways. From myself more than anything. I can go down a dark road sometimes. When you're not feeling good about yourself, and she pulls me out. My wife makes me a better man."


Dierks Bentley's recent comments in an interview:


Dierks Bentley tells the December issue of PEOPLE Country that the inspiration behind his sexy new single, “I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes”, is Cassidy, his wife of nearly 4 years with whom he has a daughter, Evie, 1. Writing the love song with producer pal Brett Beavers started off as a laughing matter. “We had a lot of fun seeing how far we could go,” Bentley says about writing the come-hither lines. But when the joking stopped, the real emotion poured through. “I thought about my wife, coming off the road and being wiped out, and how there’s no better feeling in the world than lying sideways on a couch, just resting on her and feeling her breathe…She’s a huge inspiration for songs"


The Capitol Nashville CMA After-Party

And apparently Urban was having such a good time, he and Kings of Leon band member Caleb Followill couldn't stop laughing over a joke.


Kidman is on another cover, December's Ladies Home Journal. Here are some great quotes the skeptics are purposefully ignoring.

“There are certain limitations to my career because I’m based here [Nashville]. And that’s cool. Keith has enormous ambitions, which I support. His tours and albums are much bigger than what I’m doing right now,”

"I think that we're in the world to connect. Because that's what you're left with. You're not left with your houses or awards or money, you're left with the people that you built relationships with."

She wants to help start a hotline for abused women. "It's so they'll have a place to call. A lot of women are so terrified; they'll go to the police or court and don't win. We can set up shelters and raise money," says Kidman. "I'm constantly trying to find new ways to give back," she adds. "Women are nurturers. There's so much we can do with the power of our feelings, the power of our sensitivity."

"Keith and I have a very honest, profound marriage, which we both contribute to every day," she says. "We have a phrase, 'Does this contribute to the good of our union?' Because that's what's most important." She smiles. "I love being in love. I believe in the power of love, the way it can heal. The more you keep choosing it -- because there are times when you can choose to be angry at the person or to love him -- the more it nourishes a family."


And lastly your skeptic Joke of The Week award goes to hit n run for this completely stupid statement. After traveling from Nashville to Chicago and then to New York with the family, all to cover work-related commitments, this is what she says about Kidman

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Re: Keith and Nicole: Dissecting Their Charts
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"I would bet that she and Sunday live in NY."



Anonymous said...

this says it all.

I love a keep me motivated!

Good job SM

yawn said...

Of course their stupidity is spewing forth at the stupid site (aka Umyths). It never fails to amuse me that they pick on what Nicole says - accusing her of untruths ... when in all reality THEY are lying every freak'n day over and over. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Thanks SK you could literally spend hours and hours tracking their bold faced lies and twisting of the truth. I commend you for your efforts though! Thanks very much.

SkewerMistress said...

Luckily for us and not so much for the skeptics, the information posted here that's the truth is already known because we're fans. And STS has received contributions (pictures, emails, links, video, etc) from different readers. Some of them don't even want to be thanked anonymously. I may decide what the content is here but it is a group effort. We can't forget the blog comments either, very invaluable.

countrycat said...

Thought I'd save time by typing my all comments here. Just from reading 27's comments over at the cmt board I know the skeptics will say Nicole is still lying about the quotes. Which is funny because they are the biggest liars of all. 27 keeps putting all of her crap onto the fans who don't have ill will towards his family. We're crazy and mean, we love a she goes on and on about Keith. I guess there's a term for it mental health professionals use (see skeptics I don't pretend to be an expert on something I'm not) besides delusional but whatever it is the women on E are just as guilty. Birds of a feather flock together as they say. Remember 27 had the nerve to tell us she is a protector of children. Gee, where have we heard that line before? I'm sure Keith and Nicole have security in place but I really hope their team know specifically about her.

I'd like to say thanks too SMistress. It's great to have one place that gets it right without having to interact with the nuts of the asylum.

And BTW, if you do a search for the skeptics' names with Keith and Nicole you get this site! The word is spreading!

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