November 18, 2009

Well, Well, Well

Media manipulation has struck again. Nicole Kidman, during a press junket for Nine, revealed to Access Hollywood that UK GQ did in fact alter the context of her statements about fetishes, marriage and relationships. Those comments were made in reference to her films and not at all to her personal life.

When reading those words again

"I've explored obsession. I've explored loss and love in terms of being in a grief-stricken place, I've explored strange sexual fetish stuff.I've explored the mundane aspect of marriage and monogamy."

those of us knowledgeable enough can point to the exact films she's referring to.

Rabbit Hole, Birth, Fur, Eyes Wide Shut, Birthday Girl, To Die For

STS wants to take this opportunity to express regret for not following our instincts on this one. Initially we felt this quote had to be about her career and that was echoed by other fans on other sites.

This blog did not follow through and state our true feelings for several reasons....

1) Nicole Kidman is free to speak or not speak about whatever she wants in an interview. As a fan of her films which sometimes cover tenuous ground, her choosing to reveal personal details would not shock us or disappoint us. It is her choice.

2) There was no confirmation or denial from anyone that the context was altered until now. Frankly we are disappointed that an established magazine and journalist would take such tactics that are of gossip blog level. Lesson learned on our part!

3) STS did not want to escalate the number of hate comments we were receiving prior to the article coming out. At the time it was an issue but it will be no longer. Haters will not have any control over the content of this blog.

Video of the informative interview is on the right hand side in 2 segments. Even if you aren't interested in the magazine controversy, Kidman is very engaging, talking about filming Nine, Keith, and singing in general. A thank you to Maria Menounos for conducting a great interview that also gets the record straight.

Always go with your gut!

And if you haven't already please check out the open letter below that you might have missed. It's been a busy week, with an extravaganza to come that will hit the skeptics where it hurts.


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