November 18, 2009

Dear Lainey,

It has come to our attention through your friends that you are peeved. Apparently a majority of the HuffPo readership that took a poll don't believe Nicole Kidman has had plastic surgery on her lips.

In fact, let's review your words, shall we?

"How about this feature in the Huffington Post (thanks Elise and Brooke!) on Granny Freeze and Third Lip. There’s a poll asking readers about Third Lip. Would you believe that a majority of respondents don’t believe that Third Lip exists? That Granny Freeze hasn’t had any work…?

Oh really???

Are they blind?

Have a look at Third Lip. Third Lip is slapping you in the face. And still the MiniVan Majority cannot see it, cannot accept it. People are DUMB."

Yes Lainey Lui, some people are dumb. Dumb enough not see the truth while they are patting themselves on the back for a bogus article. I think you'd be very surprised to find out exactly what people do and don't believe at Lainey Gossip. Oh...except...that's right, you don't allow comments of any kind on your website. We know exactly why that is. But while you rack in the dough with your little "stories", the bigger question is when will your conscience kick in? We don't expect it to be anytime soon.

As your friends from Urban Myths and E! Online keep feeding you false information, keep in mind The Majority isn't as dumb as you think we are. And if there comes a time when hating some other A-List actress is more profitable and the skeptics can't count on you anymore, they won't be your friends anymore either.

Internet Users With Brains

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yawn said...

Lainey is the biggest idiot around, with an ego that knows no bounds. She is constantly getting things wrong; so much for her being "in the know"! She makes shit up all the time. She has milked her hate for Nicole since it got hits on her site. She is the DUMB one - believing the garbage the skeptics have been sending her for years. They are using her plain and simple (her sources are a handful of whackos – lucky her). I have never seen someone so blind. I figure the only good thing about her column; we don't have to tell the world she is stupid and knows shit ... she proves it every day.

Thanks SM!

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