February 24, 2010

Reunited And It Feels So Good!

Comedian and movie star Adam Sandler made a few announcements on Dan Patrick's talk show concerning his upcoming romantic comedy, The Pretend Wife, co-starring Jennifer Aniston. As it turns out there will be a few interesting supporting players....Patrick, singer Dave Matthews, and Nicole Kidman!

While the skeptics are scratching their heads in disbelief that Nicole Kidman was chosen here's the full interview. Move ahead to the 24:30 mark to hear them discuss the film, or alternatively download the podcast on iTunes.

Now some of you readers may be scratching your heads over the title of this blog or maybe even the casting. Well, there's a definite reason for calling it a reunion....

Nicole Kidman, back in 1993, hosted Saturday Night Live. You may have seen the classic Mike Meyers "Phillip The Hyper Hypo Kid" sketch that she was a part of. Well also that night she did an installment of the recurring sketch "The Denise Show" featuring none other than....Adam Sandler!

Adam played Brian, a guy who couldn't get over his ex Denise. He does a regular call-in show all about her, from his house. Nicole played Denise's best friend Sarah who was only invited on the show so Brian could pry her for information on Denise. Take a look!

While the only real source we have for Kidman joining the film is this interview, it seems likely that it will happen. We hope it does! Nicole as Adam Sandler's ex with maybe a few quirks? Or perhaps a family member with a nose in Adam's business? We like it!


Anonymous said...

I guess Nicole used Tom's money to pay Adam Sandler to be in his movie. Bahaha! What's the count on the movies Nicole's been involved in while the skeptics have been growing older, fatter and miserable?

1. Fur
2. Happy Feet
3. The Invasion
4. Margot at the Wedding
5. The Golden Compass
6. Australia
7. Nine
8. Rabbit Hole
9. The Danish Girl
10. The Pretend Wife (working title)

Plus at least 3 in development although IMDB has 6 listed.

Plus trips to New York, LA, San Francisco, Europe, Asia, Kosovo, Australia & Canada, the spa, farmers markets, restaurants, movies, plays, sporting events, awards shows and charity events.


And every single day the haters plop in front of the computer and look for pictures on NKU!


(Ernest Tubb)

I’m Wasting My Life Away
And my hair is fast turning gray
On my life the sun never beams
And sorrows fill all of my dreams

Once I was happy and free
And grief was a stranger to me
Then you taught me to love you
and left me this way
Just Wasting My Life Away

You should have left me alone
And not let me called you my own
But somehow you just didn’t care
There’s nothing about you that’s fair

If ever there should come the time
That your life is messed up like mine
Just remember I love you
but I hope that you pay
For Wasting My Life Away

Once I thought love was devine
But I was just foolish and blind
And I hope that you’re satisfied
For you crushed my spirit and cried

It’s hard to feel like I do
But you know I owe it to you
And I hope that it hurts you
when you hear me say
I’m Wasting My Life Away

PS: HI GLO! (bahaha)

Anonymous said...

"Just remember I love you
but I hope that you pay
For Wasting My Life Away"

That about sums it up.

Anonymous said...

Gloie Glo Glo is mad when you speak the truth!

Anonymous said...

In fact , Glo is glowing .


Anonymous said...

funny, Dum Dums are now mad because Nic and Keith got to go the the Olympic Ice Dance Event!
Given the royal treatment by OMega and had a wonderful time!

They can't make up their mind from post to post. First they are NOT relavent ANYWHERE and next
They are MAD when they are given the STAR treatment by people who consider them very relevant.

HA HA. Anyone reading their thread who be saying "what the He!!". They just said the exact opposite OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Now they are important people to a big organization!

If anyone would read what they say they would be LTAO.

Anonymous said...


NMF finally admitted she reads NKU all the time. And comments too!

LMAO. stupid person. The whole world already knew that.
Your intelligent's is showing again and the effects of paint sniffing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't live, breathe or eat Skank. ~ nomorefan

I think I read it on her site (because I am free to go over there and read) - nomorefan


Anonymous said...

Lainey is covering the Olympics on a surprisingly legit website. But on that site she talks about "A-listers, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban" and never mentions the supposed entourage at the aquarium. She says only that they visited the aquarium then flew out of town. It seems famewhore Lainey likes to add some juice on her own website or why wouldn't she report it all?

SkewerMistress said...

One simple reason: Keith and Nicole's entourage have been the president of Omega and some of the Omega PR staff.

Anonymous said...

maybe someone outght to point that out on the
Olympic site. And her site too

Anonymous said...

All the ramblings of looney Lainey merely pointed to one undeniable FACT: that she's a D-list "reporter". She couldn't even get a quote or slice of information from Omega officials about Nicole's trip and had to rely on her usual "sources" from the cornfields. BAHAHAHA!

Whatever happened to those "sources" who claimed to have "real" information about N&K? How come they had to wait until AFTER N&K departed Vancouver to tell us they were only there for 24 hours. Duh! We can figure that out by ourselves. Real sources would know that ahead of time, not after,

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange that a few hatefilled losers could find posting on a nutty message board
their only thoughts in life?

How can grown women become that hateful?
Its plain to see that isn't their only problem.
It appears they are all people hating drunks or mental cases.
One thing for sure they ain't normal!

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly know women who speak like this in life? Vulgar ....
Don't you live a normal life where you go to kids sports, visit friends, go to movies, , help out at your church???

something was going on with
> Nippy3Lips and they were catching her, so they had to
> be stopped. That's the only thing that makes sense.
> She was afraid of what was on that memory card.

Great conspiracy theory but that's all it is.


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Re: Fresh KUNK thread.
Posted: Feb 24, 2010 7:19 PM in response to: neimanmarcus Reply

Nah...a theory is an educated guess. We know the memory card was stolen by HagHo and Woody. She didn't want those photos published for a reason. The theory comes in when we are trying to figure out what she was hiding. Since I gave Woody his nickname because he was always aroused when he was out "training" HagHo, I think they had a fling going on, and Flynet got wind of it and sent a pap to catch them being all loved-up while Keefus was no where around. The pap took the photos and the rest is Hollywood history that HagHo tried to erase....

Oh " so" Leery

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Re: Fresh KUNK thread.
Posted: Feb 24, 2010 7:25 PM in response to: Mimosa Reply

Yes she must have had to remove her rubber belly . YUCK that was an ugly thought all that latex foam sweat on such a smelly body. Oh no!! I just flipped my tummy!! ((giggles))))

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Any real source would know that N&K are happily married and love each other. Any real source who started out skeptical wouldn't be anymore.

Anonymous said...

Not after 5 years they wouldn't be so hateful.
A light bulb would go off , saying this is stupid , and why do I even care anyhow.

Only a fruitcake would post the same past things OVER and OVER and OVER.

Verity said...

Thanks SM for the clip. I hadn't seen that n years. A comedy from Nicole will be great. Theya re suppsed to film in Hawaii. They'll be more pohotos to piss off the hateful witches.

"Wish you were here"! Bahaha!

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