January 28, 2010

Nice Try, Nomorefan!

Is there anyone out there that believes the skeptics don't visit the Nicole Kidman United message board? Now that the Lainey-skeptic invention of a poor Crossroads didn't fly they are trying a new strategy....a photo from NKU.

The timing of this is very convenient isn't it skeptics? The photos were out there for a full day and not one peep from the haters about them. The Lainey rumor doesn't work and BAM!, faster than Emeril Lagasse, nomorefan puts it up on the Negative Thread first thing this morning. Discussed on Urban Myths already.

So what about the photo. Well it comes from a set labeled anonymously as Nicole Kidman going to a fertility clinic. We know Kidman is in LA with Sunday while Keith flew out to Nashville to film with John Mayer. And that's all we know. Every photo in the set is a close-up of Kidman in the passenger seat of a car. That car could be in Timbuktu but we'll go along that she's still in L.A. Why do we question the validity of the "fertility clinic" location? One, because you can't see anything besides Kidman in the car and two, the skeptics didn't provide a link to the photo because they don't want you readers to know where they got it. Oh it came from NKU but we're talking about the source. The source is Profimedia.

Profimedia is an Eastern European company working out of the Czech Republic and Hungary. And that's why we question the validity of the how these photos were labeled. They could have been mislabeled on purpose because let's face it pictures of a celeb reading in the car aren't very interesting. They could have been mislabeled because "gynecologist" or "chiropractor" isn't as interesting as "fertility clinic". Kidman could have gone into a building with many different offices and the paps decide she has gone into a fertility clinic.

We don't care if Nicole has gone to one or not. But it does beg the question....if the skeptics are so right that she secretly used a clinic the first time around and wanted to keep it secret, why would she allow herself the chance to be photographed (in pap-central LA of all places) going to one?

A few more things.....

We all know why the photos were moved. There's nothing to substantiate them and the moderators of NKU know better.

innervoice: And driver needs to put down that cell phone while she's behind the wheel. It's illegal in California.

innervoice nice try, but Nicole is the one with the cell phone in her hand, not the driver!

Looney Tunes Oh " so" Leery is off her meds again!

Oh " so" Leery: Ok, so I'll have a few pics out there and if I need to I can touch my belly a few times that will suffice till I get a movie!! D@mn all I paid this jerk he better get me a movie!!!!!

And nomorefan back to you. First her lips and boobs were altered. Now it's her nose and chin?



Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness.
haters visit and steal from NKU!

Well isn't that a surprise?

NOMOREFAN rushed so quickly to get that up, she forgot she was giving herself away to the world and made a fool of herself again! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Now all that is needed is to check their site and find out who visited very early this AM, who is from Minn. (IP) & sniffs paint or Fl. and is old old old and is a "really frequent visitor" !! LMAO

Got ya NOMOREFAN and Mistress Mary.

Give Me Some Truth !

Give me a source!

Anonymous said...

I think maybe the haters fell for a very big TRAP!

Ya know like that stinky swimming pool full of their LIES!

I just love the got ya moments.

Now Lainey can BREAK another lie!

This is really wonderful news!

countrycat said...

Some of them don't just visit they are members!

Everything nomore does is timed. She tries to direct the conversation where she wants it to go. She'll say "I don't mean to go off topic" and introduce a new story to sway the direction of the group. She's always done that and will continue to do it to keep things moving because they have no information!

All there is to say to the dumb skeptics and dumb Lainey is


THANK_YOU said...

All there is to say to the dumb skeptics and dumb Lainey is


And, keep it up because I've never LOL so much as in the last week! Stupidity is at an all time high with the skeptics, and Skewering the Skeptics has never had so much to work with!

You see, SM keeps things current...she doesn't have to rehash 5-year old, made-up crap to have something to discuss!

So keep it up haters, you're looking dumber by the post!

Anonymous said...

You go girl, STS Mistress. Great job in calling out the skeptics for all their lies and nonsense.

I just saw this post by abc (Aging Bitchy Creep, All BullCrap) at the UM blog:
"abc said...
I read a blow by blow, finger by finger curling description of the making of NK's hair'do' for SAG."


Hollywood hairstylists routinely give out press releases about the work they have done for A-list celebs at major award shows. This is not the first time. abc should have done some homework and google his name along with some of his clients like Nic, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, etc to know that Babaii had done this many times before.

I personally love the “blow by blow” description by NK’s hairstylist on how her red carpet hairstyle was created. It’s quite simply the BIGGEST smackdown of the lies continually perpetuated by the skeptics that NK is “losing her hair” and has to wear a wig for red carpet events. BAHAHAHAHA!

SkewerMistress said...

They are late to the party as usual. There's been coverage of Nicole's red carpet hairstyles with the sideswept bun and sleek and straight look all within the past few months. Nothing new with the A-list actresses.

Also there was promo for all the Nine ladies in regards to hair and makeup and the artists said upfront Nicole's character wore a wig. But then the skeptics wouldn't know that the wig is essential to the story arc of her character.


Anonymous said...

If they hate Nicole so much, why are they wasting time reading a blow by blow account of her hairstyle? What wretched, jealous, catty old women.

Personally I would love it if Nicole were at a fertility clinic because it would mean another little Urban is wanted. Just because a woman goes to a fertility clinic does not mean she's being artificially inseminated. I suffered 2 miscarriages and went to a fertility clinic at 39. They did bloodwork, checked my thyroid, checked follicle stimulating hormones, egg quality and egg quantity checked ovulation and progesterone levels, did a semen analysis on my husband and checked to see that my tubes weren't blocked. They also discussed a lot of great ways to have sex! I'm now the mother of a 4 year old and a 1 1/2 year old and artificial insemination was never used and neither was any test tubes. A clinic can simply help get your body ready. If Nicole was actually at a clinic, it could be for a number of reasons.

Besides, I thought the skeptics said she faked her pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I think OSL got the dreaded PM.

Shut your stupid mouth. NOW lmao

Heads up NKU the haters will be there early scouting . They can't think for themselves. so they steal your work.

SkewerMistress said...

Thank you Anon for the fertility clinic information. I had a sneaking suspicion that these facilities offer more than just insemination, but I am not familiar with any of them personally. I think it is wise to err on the side of caution and not promote these as fertility clinic photos because we simply don't know and that is what NKU does when snapshots like these come out. There is no reason to help the rumor mill. This blog putting out the statement she must have gone there for female health reasons would simply fuel the fire and encourage the skeptics. But again, thanks for the background.

Anonymous said...

They dropped that like HOT COAL when presented by the
one little fact they forgot in their rush to get their name on the E! board and set the tone for Liar Liar Pants on Fire Lainey....(the E! board un - sourced surfer)....


SkewerMistress said...

In the midst of all that hate they forgot that Profimedia is a small outfit and often times their photos aren't published anywhere else, but they are linked on NKU by one poster who regularly shares them.


Anonymous said...

They've been stealing from NKU for years, always with the note: "Don't post this anywhere else! I stole it from NKU!".

Speaking of stealing, I'd like to thank Michele/astilbe/iluvbutterflies for these pics she stole from Amanda's myspace. I stole them.

Letting a dog lick her privates


Pretending to lick dog shit


Anonymous said...

Holy shizzle batman! Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Amanda's a real classy broad. Remember the pic of Amanda with her tongue sticking out and Keith laughing? The skeptics say that pic proves they were dating and Keith was happy.

She must have dated this guy:


and this guy:


and these guys:


and this girl:


and this guy:


and certainly this girl:


Amanda looks the same in every picture. Her tongue is sticking out and she's acting like a tard just like in the pic with Keith. More importantly everyone around her is laughing, like Keith. If Keith wasn't famous, he'd be just another person in her millions of stupid pictures. And poor ugly Amanda hasn't figured out yet that they're laughing at her, not with her.

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