January 29, 2010

Why Jimmy Wayne & Co. Were Alerted

erniesmom posted 01/28/10 @ 8:59 PM

Theres a horrible ice storm heading his way..I sure hope hes protected.

Stay warm & safe Jimmy.

Come to Texas and I'll keep you warm......(lol)

erniesmom posted 01/28/10 @ 9:10 PM

OK I just had to ask.....I thought Keithy hung out with the A_-Listers of nash...Like Ronnie Dunn and Tim..He & Faith were like brother and sister.

Now hes having play dates with Dierks and Cassidy...Does anyone believe this shi$?
Although they seem like a very nice couple..(The Bentleys) I think this to be a step down from the McGraws.

Shes so fu$%ing stupid--(fug I mean) I bet she thinks they own the car company--"Bentley"..IMO


yawn said...

As I don't read the Eboard - well haven't since pre N and K's wedding when those morons scared the shit out of me. So the only reading I do of what erniesmom says is via this board - but based on just the little I see quoted here - Oh my f'n God, is anyone THAT dumb, ignorant and moronic? This has to be a joke right? How can anyone be that stupid?!

Anonymous said...

Too bad Jimmy is such a nice guy. Because I think he is. Been around a long time.

BUT DON'T YA THINK HE SHOULD HAVE , maybe CHECKED THE 60 DAY WEATHER FORECAST before he started out walking thru America in JANUARY ?

I hope the haters leave him alone. Poor guy!
No One deserves that fate!

Anonymous said...


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Re: Jimmy Wayne WTH is going on?
Posted: Jan 22, 2010 10:40 AM

I just read that he was eating chicken gizzards and drinking rootbeer in Arkansas about 1/2 hour ago. Funny. Are chicken gizzards good?


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Re: Jimmy Wayne WTH is going on?
Posted: Jan 23, 2010 11:19 AM in response

Gizzards are very, very chewy. I can't imagine a meal of them.

My thoughts????????????????????

Gizzards/ jlo/ awards presenting/ music


I think I might choose the Grammy Awards too!

Anonymous said...

No mention of Jimmy Wayne for OVER A WEEK.
Zip......... Zip concern........Zip love....

mention his name and POOF thread appears from bottom of page 2, front and center!


Do they not see themselves floundering around in the slimmy swimming pool!

Anonymous said...

Do NOT miss the
TEXAS mention!!!


Anonymous said...

My My Mimsy is AWOL!

New names to carry the torch?

Oh that right, now she will enter the fray to mop up with hate!

Anonymous said...

Sources Yep she got em. What a surprise. No radio today. The expert of all things has spoken and given a source! Ye HAW


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Re: Jimmy Wayne WTH is going on?
Posted: Jan 29, 2010 7:44 AM in response to: neverland47 Reply

Man, he is really taking this seriously. My sister is heading south and was telling me about that ice storm. They are even trying to re-route their trip around it. I couldn't imagine walking it.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip on reality, erniesmom! Of course the Urbans can hang out with anyone they want. It's great that they schedule playdates for Sunday Rose with Dierks and Cassidy's daughter. The two little girls are about the same age.

Anonymous said...

You know who they're not hanging out with? Jimmy Who? Wayne.

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