March 9, 2010

The Cost Of Being Nomorefan

Creating 10 different usernames so you always have someone to agree with you....$0

Mocking others for doing the same things you did 3 years ago....$0

Lying about people you've never met, that's celebrities and fans....$0

Pretending to care about Brad Paisley on the 9th when his fall was on the 6th, Don't you care more than that nomorefan?.....$0

Being the biggest hypocrite on the block by mentioning other artists on a Keith Urban thread......$0

Seeing nomorefan step in her own shit at every turn and then stomp off to the Negative Thread where one of her "friends" who hasn't posted in 8 months shows up just in time for a conversation.....PRICELESS!



Anonymous said...

OMG what a hoot! Backed into a corner again, Sue. When she's losing and afraid, she runs to the negative thread so she can't be touched. Notice she didn't put her blahblah about the inspirational album on the FreshKunk thread. Nomorecredible is a better name.

Anonymous said...

A round of applause to imahick, cricket1700 and neverland(cough cough astilbe)47 for stepping outside the hate box and sharing an positive opinion despite Cruella Deville's day long attempt to rally her dwindling troops. Don't be afraid, oh meek ones.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sure the seed of Chuckie aka Mimosa will slither out of her hole tonight.

Anonymous said...

Lets see, how about this user name..

stomp stomp stomp , Slam the door , pout

pout pout

Anonymous said...

mimsy will be too late.

NOMOEFAN's stupidness is all over the threads for all to see!

Blind rage makes you look foolish Drama Queen

Anonymous said...

her is the pitiful slither from mimsybimbo


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Re: Fresh KUNK thread.
Posted: Mar 9, 2010 5:19 PM in response to: flyin Reply

> > Keith did a great job in the skit
> You mean because he held up his hand and made a face
> about his girl hair, there was no big speaking part
> for him, those lines went to the actors who could
> carry if off naturally.
> Lenny was funny.

You a GIRL...I find that insulting. No girl worth her styling gel would have that hair.

he he, we have all seen the picture. That ain't no girl in that picture.

Besides the quote was Lady, certainly nothing mimsybimbo COULD EVER RELATE TO!

Anonymous said...

nomorebraincells is as dumb as a box of rocks.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you think NMF would slink away in the trees?
After making a idiot of herself every day?

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