May 15, 2009

Riddle Me This!

How can nomorefan agree that Keith Urban, in 2007, gave "an electrifying thriller... the best Twin Cities arena show that year in any genre."? That's what critic Jon Bream said in his review of the 2009 "Escape Together" St. Paul stop. In 2007 Keith was married to Nicole Kidman. In 2007, he was out of rehab and allegedly "re-programmed". In 2007, Nicole Kidman had 3 movies released, so she must have been hell on wheels to live with. Demanding Keith keep up the facade of their "contract marriage", forcing him to live a lie. After all, that show was in November. And that meant Nicole would have been working on Australia and "forcing" her husband to visit her in between tour dates.

In fact this is what nomorefan said in mid-2007...

nomorefan:I know people who can only sell Mr. Kidman's tickets for cost or who have taken a hit and are actually losing money on their tickets! They can't get rid of them - nobody wants them!

The day before the 2007 concert....

nomorefan: Mr. Kidman has turned into a Jacka$$!

Now we at Skewering The Skeptics know the question posed doesn't need to be mulled over. Expect more of these "riddles" to be presented. And as always, the answer is more obvious than a drunk 45 year old skeptic begging to get past KU security.


Anonymous said...

No news there.

She talks out of both sides of her mouth, when it is fits her agenda. That is what makes it so darn funny to see.

I pitty her family! They have to live with her.

I wonder how she liked the show?

SkewerMistress said...

nomorefan claims she skipped the KU show and saw the Zac Brown Band at her radio station. Oh how she loves to talk about "her radio station", "her dj", and that she lives in a "major market". I've been inside a few radio stations. If she wants to pretend that she sat in the lap of luxury while listening to music she can brag all weekend while the rest of us laugh. She didn't see anything special. Opening acts on tour often visit the local radio station the afternoon before a show to promote the gig, talk a little, and sing a little. Does "her radio station" know she misquotes "her DJ's" all the time to bash Keith?

nomorefan says ZBB is so good. But apparently not good enough to pay for and see live in a big arena. She could have left after they played, but she's too cheap. They got screwed out of profits because of her KUNK hate.

Anonymous said...

I think you are smart with the way you are going about creating this site and posting your entries. You are exposing the lies without all of the unnecessary drama. Good job.

yawn said...

My word - you gave me my laugh for the day ... if this isn't just another nail in the insanity coffin I don't know what is. nomorefan is nuts plain and simple!

THANK_YOU said...

Another lovely post from the high & mighty nomorefan. Nope, the haters don't attack innocent babies.


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Isn't it fitting that Suro was named after Sunday Reed?

Anonymous said...
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