May 7, 2009

Schwepped Away By Their Own Imaginations

So one of the haters has already mentioned this blog. The fans are supposedly irrelevant and yet E posters continue to bring attention to us. So in honor of that let's bring one of them into the fold....Mimosa.

Mimosa and Co. see what they want to see. They see things in movies and commercials that never happened. Mimosa thinks Nicole Kidman is a pedophile because of some challenging acting roles she took on. Namely "Birth", where a young boy comes to tell a woman he is her dead husband. Mimosa thinks the filmmakers are promoting pedophilia. Mimosa thinks Nicole Kidman is a pervert who should be locked up. Mimosa is delusional.

Here's Nicole's commercial for Schweppes.

And here's the ridiculous reaction:

PurpleRain: "she is a great find; but, couldn't she have beaming with excitement over something besides this nasty exhibitionist turning away from a man to go wrap her overfilled lips around a bottle."

Are you sure you wanna go there PR? When at least one of your skeptic buds friends have been photographed doing that for real?

Mimosa: "I will never buy that brand of gingerale again, though. For some reason, I'll see it and smell fish..." "HagMaw gets off on being inappropriate. She knows exactly what she's portraying, and she loves it.
She's disgusting." "She's weird and twisted, especially when it comes to children and sex. She gives me the creeps every time she's around children. I can sense that she doesn't view them in a totally innocent way, and I think she likes to titillate them in a way they may not understand"

Mimosa the all-knowing. She'll tell you Nicole is on par with Michael Jackson. She'll tell you she knows whats going on in Nicole's mind. Mimosa is why you always need to make sure your health professional is saner than you are.

nomorefan: "I didn't know it was okay to strip down to your lingerie in front of strange children, but in this case, it is art!"

nomorefan: I wonder if they had to teach the girl to laugh at the thought of a woman giving the impression that she was going to strip and go naked for a bottle of ginger ale.

nomorefan did you see the same commercial the rest of us did? Where was the stripping? Did I miss something or is a woman's back now considered a private part? Nicole Kidman telling Rubina Ali, "Now little girl, watch me take off my clothes, I'm going to strip for you and you can watch me do this bottle" is all a figment of your wild imagination. What Nicole was wearing was no less than something you'd see on the red carpet, or what her and Sandra Bullock "stripped down" to in Practical Magic.

HiFiveGirl: Is she trying to be suggestive, it actually looks like she's mildly retarded. (And I say this with the utmost respect and admiration to all those who have special needs)

FYI this is the same woman who writes the Nicole Kidman Forehead blog. She wants to pretend its some intellectual exercise but from this quote you can see her true motivation. Your little caveat Anna doesn't make it any more acceptable.

So after all that, this very telling statement comes from Mimosa

"I didn't know that the commercial was out, so thanks for telling us about it so quickly. It'll give us hours of fun....LOL!!!

Hmmm, talking about using a child for profit by sexually harassing her, manipulating her and perverting her Mimosa hours of fun? Who is the pervert now! Naming yourself after an alcoholic drink and apparently a condom as well doesn't qualify you to make any such judgement calls.

As for Schweppes, they were selling Agrum in this ad, not ginger ale. Agrum is not sold in the US. So unfortunately skepti-haters, your boycott of Schweppes will go unnoticed. Not that a boycott by less than 10 people would be effective anyway.

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THANK_YOU said...

So glad to see another blog set up for the sane among us!

And Mimosa is the perfect one to "skewer" first. She is one of the most nasty, condescending women I've ever seen on a message board.

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