May 5, 2009

The Truth Behind Is Keith Urban Still A Guy

Okay people to start off let's expose an attempt at mass manipulation. CleaningHouse67 from Youtube already linked the videos together but for those that don't know here's the scoop. Two skeptics, nomorefan and musicgossip are behind this video:

musicgossip made the video and nomorefan shopped it around hoping for someone to bite. That someone was Jimmy Carter, professional Nashville gossiper. Fortunately the vigilance and common sense of KU's fans got him to take it down. Jimmy if you see this I hope you already know by now you've been played by full-time haters.

E! Online Negative Thread

eskstn is musicgossip, a lady who writes a blog about live music. She also is behind Urban Myths Tabloid Hound

nomorefan is a browbeater and intimidator who uses many screenames, NK'sKidsForSale among others.

nomorefan and musicgossip are partners in crime.

nomorefan posted a link straight from eskstn's photobucket

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But nomorefan was so very proud of her partnership with musicgossip that she pretended not to know anything.

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This is just one of the many examples where skeptics lie, decieve, and hide things in order to seem more important, more knowledgeable, and more plentiful in numbers.


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Yes, I agree this thread is probably overdue. For awhile I was waiting for a skeptic to start a thread with this exact title, as the fans did with their thread, but that didn't happen. But it's here now, so let's look forward and not back. If you have more concerns please address them in a PM and not here.

""Please stick to posting about Keith or this thread will not last.""

Now, can you all remind me why you are not Keith fans?

In the Mod from Hell's own words...

So when did it get changed?

SkewerMistress said...

Anon, at any given time most of the the KUNK threads are close to pure anarchy. Rules are not inforced, PERIOD!

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