July 9, 2009


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The haters have been pretty subdued these past few weeks, despite the major events of Nicole's birthday, her anniversary with Keith, and Sunday's 1st birthday. Normally they would be out in full force but not this year. Over 4 years later they find themselves back at square one. The couple is still together. Their careers are flourishing and the "skeptics" have provided no evidence to any of their claims. But today they think they have found something. Well it is our pleasure to tell the haters all is not what it seems. Today it was reported that Nicole Kidman and her publicist Catherine Olim will be parting ways after 15 years. Her "new" PR rep, Leslee Dart.

You see readers, these posters that are supposed to be "in the know" simply aren't. Neither are the gossip blogs. If they were they would know that Catherine Olim has been sharing PR duties with Dart for years.



Kidman is not dropping Olim for something new and shiny to revitalize her career. As we see it, it is a restructuring and a wise move. Having only one rep in the US, and one in Australia certainly simplifies things. Dart is known as the best in the biz. And, perhaps it will facilitate a clearer strategy in dealing with the new gossip-centric world we live in. Maybe even get more focus on the films she'll be making... wouldn't that be refreshing! There were several instances where her team could have more effectively and quickly dealt with the lies, rumors, hogwash, and claptrap, that surrounded the star, especially in the weeks of "Australia"'s release. The junk the haters latched onto in desperation. Middlesea, go ahead and enjoy the "anonymous source" in your little article. It was only reporting half the story and filling in the rest with hearsay. But then again you like to lead the flock down the wrong path for your own self-satisfaction. And nomorefan, are you on auto-pilot these days? Spewing the same tired "facts" you posted months ago? Oh"So"Leery, we suggest you buy a dictionary. Lying has a "y" in it. You should know, when you continually lie and contradict yourself. One day you know all and the next, "what do any of us really know". Your words, your post.

What we do know is that a new rep won't eliminate the anonymous hatred that is so common with stars and public figures on the web. And it won't get rid of the skeptics. But rest assured the article that came out today, a glimmer of hope for the skeptics, is merely a hater-made mirage.


Sweet Thing said...

The skeptics poopoo anonymous sources when they report a happy and in love Keith and Nicole. "Sock puppet" rings a bell. But if the anonymous source feeds their sick obsession, they call it truth. Earth to skeptic; you're no longer valid.

Anonymous said...

Good one STS!

The fools , the know it alls, the big mouths .......shown up again and again for what they really are.

HATERS, plain and simple . And not very bright ones at that!


nicfan said...

Bottom line, I applaud Nicole for getting rid of Catherine Olim.

I can't be as generous as you Skewermistress. Olim has left Nicole twisting in the wind so many times. Why this hasn't happened sooner I can't understand. Leslee Dart was her main rep after the divorce. Nicole did her part by being honest after the load of bricks Cruise tried to throw on top of her. A lesser woman could have crumbled. But she had her druthers and capable people backing her. Nicole took the same approach again the past two years and Olim came late to the party every time. Plus she should have read the Nicole Kidman playbook and used more diplomacy while showing that Cindy Adams nitwit the door. Instead, she was labeled as Hollywood's meanest publicist. We know internet gossip geeks stick up for their own so it's no surprise she'd get some crap for dealing with Perez. But my god, there were no pictures substantiating the claim and they both got criticized. Olim spent more time trying to get press for Nicole in Australia than dealing with her client's biggest problems. There's film PR and then there's actor PR. Leslee Dart can and does do both brilliantly. Olim's lost a huge client and it's her own fault.

countrycat said...

"Maybe even get more focus on the films she'll be making... wouldn't that be refreshing!"

Hey SMistress you might be onto something. This was announced today.

Actress to star, produce pic based on Cleave novel

BBC Films has acquired the bestselling Chris Cleave novel "Little Bee," and Nicole Kidman has attached herself as star and producer.
Gail Mutrux will produce through her Pretty Pictures banner with Kidman and her Blossom Films partner Per Saari.

I saw some comments made (on a gossip site of course) re Olim's firing that Nicole needs to change the kinds of movies she picks. With this announcement today I don't think that's going to happen. Kidman fans can be sure she will keep picking whatevers in her heart. There's no one like her in film today. If she changed her choices to please whoever she'd lose that special place she has in cinema.

I feel she's in very good hands with Leslee. She did the PR for "Fur" after all, so there's no reason to think Nicole won't be making a few more quirkier pictures down the road.

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