October 21, 2009

Good Onya Nicole!

As many of you know, today Nicole Kidman went before the U.S. House of Representatives to speak on the unfortunate prevalence of abuse and crimes against women throughout the world. We aren't going to analyze Kidman's statement beyond saying that it was concise, well-articulated and a pleasure to hear someone speak on the subject that has a profile with such worldwide reach. As Kidman said today, "I became UNIFEM’s Goodwill Ambassador in 2006 to amplify the voices of women and shine a light on solutions that work and make a lasting difference."

To read her complete testimony click HERE.

For more pictures from the event click HERE.

As always those, including maclen, who choose to criticize Kidman for using her UNIFEM ambassadorship as a smokescreen for self-promotion, have been proven wrong again. The actress stated her role to the committee in a very matter-of-fact and transparent manner; she is a celebrity appointed to create awareness, and is not an expert. She, according to our sources, did not attend a reception held after the hearings. She also did not use the event or the media covering it to announce her newest initiative with UNIFEM. Appropriately, the organization itself made the announcement within a larger press release, outlining Kidman's next step in furthering the cause.

Goodwill Ambassador Kidman will continue to shine a light on ending violence against women solutions and stories during her upcoming field mission to Kenya, where UNIFEM will launch its global advocacy action initiative Say NO – UNiTE to End Violence against Women. The innovative web platform is a call for action, which will spotlight efforts on the ground and is designed to contribute towards the high-profile UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s multi-year campaign UNiTE to End Violence against Women.


What also must be addressed is Ted Casablanca's stunt via E! Online. In a poor attempt to rally the troops, he once again complained over Nicole Kidman's refusal to respond to his questions about a paparazzi incident that is none of his concern.

Ted Casablanca - Kiss My Ironic Ass

As if he matters at all in the situation. Feigning outrage to get attention and diminishing the real plight of women is our analysis. The other sad part is that Casablanca called the pap a JOURNALIST! What is not surprising is that the overwhelming majority of responses to this stunt were anger and disappointment. Not until nomorefan posted it for the rest of the skeptics to see on the KUNK thread did the tide turn. But once again the responses to those flimsy skeptic posts were too intelligent for the hateful complaints to pass muster.

This author, proud to post as NoMoreScam, is not afraid to say the truth about these women and their agenda!

Good Onya Nicole!


Anonymous said...

Imahick said...

"Sonora, you don't know any of us. You have no idea what we do to aid the cause of women who have been victims of violence. Be careful who you criticize. I can guarantee that some of us know exactly of what we speak."

That's hilarious. We're supposed to keep our traps shut just because you say so? If you're a legitimate victim of spousal abuse or donate money to shelters it doesn't give you any more right to lie on a blog about a woman you don't even know.

THANK_YOU said...


I added my thoughts after Ted's column too. From reading all the comments after his foolish rant, it seems most people are sick to death of his obsession about the pap incident. You would think this would sink in to a few other brains, like nomore's, but obviously her's stopped absorbing common sense & logic long ago.

Anonymous said...

I have a rant about Ted....

I can't stand Ted and I'm glad you posted this, SKewermistress. He goes on about how much he respects women, but he's a hypocrite. Calling a very normal sized Hillary Duff fat and saying her weight gain is Karma for bad behavior? Comparing Letterman's antics with consenting women to Polanski's drugging and anally raping a child? And now not seeing the difference between a celebrity's security guard punching a stalking paparazzi and the plight of women gang-raped by soldiers in the Congo? He just pays lip service to women's issues when it suits his own agenda. The fact that when he apologized, he brought up the pap beating AGAIN, shows just how sincere that apology was and how little he really understands.

And he's a fool. I'm neither Kunk or anti-kunk. I've got nothing against K and N, but I'm generally pretty apathetic about them. I read the E-boards and found this site by following the breadcrumbs. The negative thread and the posters on there are a huge joke. There are only a handful of them, yet for some reason Ted caters to these ignorant loons. Even I recognized some of their comments on that post. They're the only ones that don't think his vendetta about the pap getting beaten is ridiculous. The fact that he uses their "tips" really makes you wonder what he considers a legitimate source of information.

I saw your comment as NoMoreScam and thought it was great!

Anonymous said...

So many breadcrumbs. The skeptics leave them everywhere. There's only a handful of them so its very easy to find the trail. All breadcrumbs lead back to one small group.

Anonymous, if you are reading this pass on the blog link to anyone you think might be interested. I did and it was appreciated by alot of people.

Anonymous said...

Takes Ignorant ...........To know ignorant.

They show their colors very well. I bet people laugh themselves silly at their rants.

It is so ignorant that some probably think it is a joke.

The joke is THEM, wonder if they even realize that fact, Jack.

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