October 15, 2009

Maclen's Epic Fail

"So, basically these numbers show that almost twice as many people have gone to see paisley in concert than the orb in 2009."

Lie. You cannot simply use those figures to make that statement. Paisley often has two opening acts supporting him, Urban only one. Country fans can attest to going to a Paisley concert to see the opening acts with zero interest in Paisley. His previous tour with Carrie Underwood also has this stigma. In touring the only thing that matters is profit. That's where most artists make their money. The overhead for Chesney's stadium shows must be ridiculous so his total you listed (gross by the way) is alot less than what you want it to appear. Also you fail to admit Urban is able to charge twice as much and sell out or near-sell-out all shows. I have attended more than one Brad Paisley show and none of them were sold out. Cannot say the same for the Urban shows. And to slam the door on your analysis, the totals for each artist are AVERAGE gross box office. Using that to get real numbers of attendance or to calculate without knowing if Paisley sold out the available number of seats, you cannot do an even close to accurate career analysis.

"So, factually, twice as may people have gone to see chesney live than the orb."

You must be joking. It is impossible to criticize any artist for this when Chesney is the only country artist doing stadiums while everyone else is doing arenas and larger theaters.

"And so now, at least based on these statistics, there is a plausible reason why chesney has won "Entertainer" 4 times out of the past 5 years."

There is an entire list of criteria for EOTY for which obviously you are completely unaware. Tickets sales does not solely make an EOTY. That would qualify him for the most tickets sold award. But again, that wouldn't fly when not everyone is doing stadium tours. Looking at past winners like Keith Urban, Barbara Mandrell, Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, Alan Jackson, those years showed what an EOTY award really stands for in the industry. You can have a good time and it still be about the music. Chesney's shows are anything but. He has danced around that fact in interviews, but we get the feeling he knows the truth. He's said maybe he'll do smaller shows or acoustic shows that are in his words more fulfilling. Maybe that time is after his break.

"As with his lackluster cd sales,"

You are broken record with this. You do realize that cd sales in 2009 is down again and digital sales are up nearly 30%. Keith Urban has been and continues to be a popular digital and mobile artist. The fact you cannot admit by now that Taylor Swift is an anomaly in country music only makes you look more ignorant. She is not selling records by the scores because she has crafted albums that are brilliant masterpieces. Teen and tween girls like the one who met Taylor on Oprah are getting Mommy and Daddy's money to spend. She is not more authentic or real as a country artist when she systematically releases pop mixes to radio. In a sense she is a fad. That is not a cruel judgement on her work, but a reality due to her young core fanbase. Her challenge as she matures will be to keep her audience as they grow up as well.

"and I am in fact trying to form a tapestry of different sources."

You mean a mish-mash of quotes and slanted analysis (conveniently always anti-KUNK) that makes no sense when looked at under the microscope of truth and logic? Just like the E! skeptics, if one only reads their interpretation and list of rumors Kidman and Urban should be working at Wal-Mart with no careers to speak of. STS is sure it burns the skeptics to no end to see Urban 3 years into his marriage and nominated as EOTY. They want him to fail because they want to see him punished. The ones that fantasize about him in their bed do not want him having any big success connected to Kidman.

"charlize theron ditches the costarring role in kidman's next dreary and weepy indie...which I no doubt delays, if not jeopardizes it even getting started or even made..."

Hmmm, well of course you interpret it as Theron dumping Kidman. Fat chance. Theron has also bowed out of The Tourist, a headlining vehicle which was rumored to conflict with Kidman's film. Is Theron taking a break from filming? Is she going back to The Danish Girl? That is yet unknown. But again, we have to emphasize, if she was so wary of Kidman why spend the time in talks with the production? Why make a statement to the media they are in talks. That only links her more to Kidman. Why praise Kidman after leaving the project if she feels she is a talentless hack? If Kidman was the pariah you portray she would never get anything off the ground. Money, as the skeptics keep ignorantly harping on, is not enough. We can liken it to a construction project. A man has unlimited resources and only certain skills and knowledge in the building of a home. If he cannot get anyone to work with him, all the money in the world cannot get that house built.

"what I called the phoney "Canadian Family Tour" "

Urban stated that Nicole and his daughter might be at some Canadian shows. Later on, he said the cities and they were there as stated. Facts aren't phony, you are maclen.

"So I would now also decidedly say that the orbs career is just as dead as kidman's career!"

Readers let's all laugh. Who has a dead career just after being nominated for Entertainer of The Year? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

"Dude...not a very subtle tie in between the CMA's and the benefit! What are you trying to do? Sell the orb for "Entertainer" at the CMA's or something?!...oh...yeah..."

Dude, you're ignorant as a stump. Had this benefit happened during the beginning of the year Keith would be trying to get an ACM award. End of the year, CMA award. Middle of the year, trying to increase ticket sales for tour. Not touring, and in between albums? Appeasing the record label you want us to believe is dumping him. Funny that dramatic word "dumping" comes up again. See a pattern? You are so transparent falling into the same transparent pit the skeptics on E! fell into years ago. Make Keith Urban look bad no matter what the situation. What's the expression...Anything can be made to look suspicious if you want it to be?

"...seems its the same at every gig...at every city!"

Been listening to a skeptic again? Haven't been to any shows yourself? These show
on major tours for the most part have to be basically the same set list. One can hope for maybe one or two different songs. It is not practical for tours of this size to change everything around for people who choose to attend multiple shows. Ever notice the majority of the fans aren't bothered by this. That its coming from grumps like Mimosa, again like a broken record. There's a reason for this. Go follow an artist on a tour of small club gigs. Then you can make an argument.

"My question is if she was so moved to tears by that insipid song why did she leave before he finished?"

maclen is not the author of this stupid question but this must be answered. Taralea, Kidman did not leave. She got out of the camera's way. There is a difference. Also, only Keith and the camera operator would need to know about this in advance. It was only broadcast on one of the smaller screens and was not made a huge focus of the night. Your argument that it must have been planned by Kidman is dead wrong.

"I know it's an odd concept, but most artists / entertainers cater to their fans at their shows and not their wives."

Again not from maclen, but did you see Vince Gill on All For The Hall? We suggest you get a handle on reality. An artist needs enough self-respect to know the audience cannot take and take and take. The fans are not owed everything they want. And especially your level of disrespect earns you nothing. How dare you ask for something when you trash that person's spouse. This is the sense of entitlement folks the skeptics have had since 2005.

"It's been clear to many of the cletus's former fans, A440, that he pretty much "schedules" his entire personal and professional life on the whims of the "wife"."

If that's your take then so does Toby Keith and Brad Paisley. Most likely Dierks too since he has a young one at home. It is a known fact Toby flies home after most gigs. Paisley has structured a tour similar to Urban with less time on the road.

"It'll be a real while, or even a question if Capitol Nashville will option the cletus for another album anytime soon!"

The next album is already in the planning stages. No doubt you maclen will maintain that the next cd won't be out for a while. But unfortunately for you real fans already know Urban takes 2 years between cds. We don't see that changing anytime soon. Your co-dependent friends won't tell you that. Are you sure you can stay a blowhard for that long?

"on the eve of "THE BENEFIT"...who's proceeds will no doubt help out that needy and downtrodden institution... the Country Hall of Fame!!...(boy I bet the proceeds help out with the Hall's upper execs getting an extra hefty "X-mas bonus" this year, boy!)"

Clearly another case of ignorance on your part maclen. The All for the Hall concept has been in smaller form before Urban stepped up. And its donations are already allocated for a much-needed expansion in order to maintain it's stature as a keeper of country music history.

"I mean, I'm sure that the orb arranged for the "Arrivals" red carpet.. "

Red carpet? Are you kidding me?

I'm willing to wager kidman got her "in audience" photo ops all blocked out

The night proved you wrong again.

"This "All for the Hall initiative" has apparently been gills for the past 4 years..."

Gill had been attempting to get funding. However, if you've done your research, not slanted your findings, and know something about country music you'd know the following. Gill made a statement revealing that he had trouble getting big names to devote the time and energy necessary to get the event to happen. The fact of the matter is that although Gill is revered, a true talent, and a sweetheart of a guy, his "star years" have passed. The Hall needed a current star and someone who is generous of heart and spirit. That describes Keith Urban perfectly. You can call it convenient but the truth is Urban has a history of working with charities and doing shows, leading shows for a greater good. You'd know that if you had any knowledge of Nashville and the country community in the past 10 years.

"the orb and his currently "touring" band will get to open the "benefit" for the FIRST HOUR!.."

What is the point of all the quotes? Is it your shallow attempt to make the facts look less real? Vince had Keith be the face of this show. It's his show, he can get the butts in the seats, he can do an hour.

"the orb's name is HUGE at the top on the TEE, twice as big as all the other lettering..."

All of this was agreed upon. At the announcement of the show, the poster was already made in the exact same layout, graphics, and font size. You don't sell the charity, you sell the act on a poster. Ever buy a raffle ticket for your school or church? What's the selling point? That trip or tv you could win!

and then...theres the link...."Defying Gravity" Get a copy of Keith's latest CD!...an infinate-fer!

It's promotion and the way of the world. Are you so naive to think Kenny Chesney wouldn't have done the same thing?

"Orb is selling the t-shirts at his fansie site with that title, and the hall of fame site is promoting the "benefit" with that title. For surely, that title will look good for next years CMA's ...and the Grammys...and the other Country awards shows, huh?"

Of course he would, it helps the charity. How do you live in the real world? Why would the Hall not want their shirts sold on a popular artist's website?

The Grammy's won't care. Again, if you knew anything about the business you'd know that. The only thing that can really help a country artist's chances of a nomination is to make a record favored by the big name critics, something off the beaten track, or team up with an atypical artist for their style. Loretta Lynn and Jack White. Alison Krauss and Robert Plant.

Do you even know what "the other" awards are? We can't be bothered to argue over the CMA's or next year's ACM's or CMT's because the real intent of Urban's involvement is clear. You want to pervert it into something else.

".got the majority of the press...in announcing HIS "KEITH URBAN" and friends show...steaming the show at HIS fansie site...opening the first hour with HIS band... and again...flogging HIS crap and cd on his "KEITH URBAN" and friends live stream page.."

Because he did the work and had the reputation and popularity! Despite nomorefan's best efforts to lie after the fact, it was stated by Urban and confirmed by Gill that the man put in the time, work, and effort. The initial problem of getting a star to step up to the plate was fulfilled. The timing worked out and for that everyone had a great time and the charity gets the funds. Your entire argument is faulty simply because Keith Urban is the star you deny him to be. You are flat out delusional after all this to maintain your position.

"as I once recalled, woody replaced kidman in about 2 weeks...Also recall newly announced director Alfredson claimed they were set to start about 3 weeks ago, yet obviously not till they replace theron!"

That quote, most likely media manufactured, was disproven by Wendy Day, who in a statement, said that The Danish Girl wouldn't likely be shooting until mid-2010. For the size of the project and timing of its inception, that is right on target. It would be inconceivable that the vacant role would not be claimed weeks, months even, ahead of filming. Woody Allen is a poor example simply because it was a smaller part in an ensemble cast.

"I need to retract my comments on kidman and this "Benefit"."

Retract the whole damn thing!




Anonymous said...

This "man" is a moron! Maybe he and Oh "so" Leery are related? Honestly, I've seen a lot of women obsess over Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, but a "man" putting this much time into these two just blows my mind. Seriously, nothing better to do but post your skewed facts day after day and night after night?

Anonymous said...

It is pitiful that anyone would try to find anything bad connected with this benefit. The people on E and Myths don't want to see the reality that Keith Urban is well-liked and respected by his peers in Nashville, and he did a good thing.

SkewerMistress said...

He is on the Urban Myths site because he hates Kidman. That's how it started. For whatever reason he decided to start a one-man smear campaign against Urban too. He claims he spends time on the internet looking for material, but it's always outdated, wrong, or made up by him. And in true hater style, the skeptics let him get away with it. My final comment on that blog was telling those women maclen is lying to you. It was never published. They don't want the truth they want fantasy, and maceln is giving it to them. And you must remember he is a workhorse. Urban Myths need only post a blog once every few weeks and maclen will post every day with his nonsense to keep it going. The skeptics are the true NKusers.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking now that maclen is an insider in the industry (entertainment, not music) who simply hates Kidman....period.

SkewerMistress said...

I'm not convinced of that. If maclen thinks it's a viable plan to fabricate every single thing he posts, misrepresent the truth, and make himself look like a complete doofus what does that accomplish? For him to make a dent anywhere he'd have to actually have some credibility, post some actual facts at least once in a while to make his case. He never does. Pinocchio is more believable.

It makes the most sense that maclen is an egotistical nitwit who likes to see his own words on the computer screen. No muss or fuss with maintaining his own blog or website. The skeptics who know less than he does get a steady flow of information and commentary (albeit 100% wrong) for free. It's a sick symbiotic relationship. The few who have a tiny shred of reason left concerning Urban, imahick for example, aren't willing to argue with him. You know the blog owner won't ban his posts. As far as she's concerned maclen is a gold mine. But it's fools gold. They don't care he makes them look even sillier than they already are because he loves to attack Kidman. That's a siren song they can't resist.

It's very easy to distort the facts about performers in the business. Peruse the popular film/tv/media message boards and the maclen-types are everywhere. Maclen would like to believe he's an original but he's really a dime a dozen.

Anonymous said...

I see your point...maybe just sitting in a little cubby out there somewhere with nothing else to do. It's the hate-filled language that is so disturbing. Yes, they are falling like dominoes...they only feed off each other. I cannot imagine living my life with such hatred for a person/couple. As far as what they are spewing...it is fool's gold....but fools love to hang together...and maybe even enjoy hanging each other.... I've not been around the boards anywhere but for about 3 or 4 years. I just was not aware of such disdain...and the 'net makes it almost anonymous...as those sitting there munching on their Oreos, drinking coffee, with their fuzzy slippers on feel important. My goodness, I have better things to do with my time! LOL! I have a life!!


SkewerMistress said...

Just for anyone who is interested I'll add this: They like to hang out but it is the hate that binds them. I was never in their inner circle, I am not a reformed skeptic. But there are enough examples and stories corroborating the fact that they don't all like each other. They don't trust each other. They accuse each other of being other posters. They kick each other off of boards, start new ones, and the cycle continues. In reality this distrust is actually reasonable because they do pose as other posters and lie about KUNK. They lie all the time and are very judgemental in the worst way. Why should skeptics trust other skeptics?

Anonymous said...

Another hunky country singer saying "my wife saved me" :)

"She's saved my life in a lot of different ways." ~ Tim McGraw, People Magazine Country Special, November 2009 issue

SkewerMistress said...

Why aren't the skeptics protesting?


He does have a new album coming out too! But his wife is "real" until the argument turns against Faith and they believe she had an affair with Alan Jackson because Nashville keeps secrets, except when they talk to them. Their argument is only good until they say it's not and then what they change it to is the "new truth".

Sonora_Melody said...

Excellent write-up, Skewer Mistress! Hats off to you for all the research you have done and the very logical way you presented the facts!

btw... I think the $500K figure will go up even more by the time the Country Music Hall of Fame add in the merchandise sold and the additional membership fees they took in. I know several of my friends attended the benefit concert with the $25 tickets, but each of them bought a couple of t-shirts and a poster. :)

As to the delusional Maclen, I wrote this at UM, which is still pending post approval.
So, self-professed “always one step ahead but headed the wrong direction” Maclen is now proclaiming to be a “statistical fiend” who can’t tell the difference between average and median. Ha ha ha ha !!!

I would suggest before you embarrass yourself even further doing those nonsensical “ANALysis” of Paisley’s and Urban’s concert attendance numbers to check out Paisley’s upcoming Madison Square Garden concert on Oct. 21. That’s just a few days from now. As of today, if you go to Ticketmaster, there are still plenty of seats in the lower risers, some as close as the 4th row from the floor in section 51 in the middle of the arena! You can even find as many as 3 seats together in the front row of section 107 fairly close to the stage. By comparison, when Keith had his concert at the MSG last week, the only tickets you could find on Ticketmaster four days before the show were in the 300-level.

Maclen’s use of average concert ticket sales and average ticket prices to derive concert attendance is too laughable. He obviously failed Statistics 101. Again, to do an “apples to apples” comparison, Keith’s Madison Square Garden gig charged $84.50 for the floor seats and lower section seats. By comparison, Brad’s MSG tickets are $59.50 for the same sections. Interesting, isn’t it, that even with the lower ticket prices, Brad cannot sell out those sections.

A sure sign that Brad is having problems filling the arenas where he plays: if you have purchased any concert tickets from Ticketmaster and are on their mailing list, you more than likely would have gotten an email this week about the special 4-pack tickets to the Brad concert at $24.75 each. If you check Ticketmaster, there are PLENTY of seats available at this price. I found 8 seats together in row H and another 8 tickets two rows up in the same section in the 300-level at this bargain price. Again, it’s very interesting that Brad can’t even sell out the arena at those reduced prices! By comparison, if you check out some of the YouTube video clips from the KU concert at MSG, you would have noticed that even the 300-level was totally packed! And those ticket prices were about the same as Brad’s top ticket price of $59.50. This just goes to show Keith has the star power to draw a much larger audience even at the higher ticket prices.

I would not be surprised to get another email from Ticketmaster to Visa cardholders that tickets to Brad’s MSG concert can now be purchased for $15-$20 apiece, as what happened when Brad played in one of the West Coast cities fairly recently.


SkewerMistress said...

Something of interest to note, Brad Paisley's single "I thought I loved You Then" is now being played on some Adult Contemporary format radio stations. When will the skeptics complain? When will the skeptics accuse Paisley of getting too big for his cowboy boots?

Anonymous said...

G'day! It's a good day indeed, unless you're Maclen and the haters. For after all the nonsense Maclen et al say about Keith and his music, his latest album continues to do well and the latest single off that album "Only You Can Love Me This Way" goes #1 on the country radio charts this week. Way to go, Keith!!

yawn said...

Yay to Keith being #1!!

And interesting comment on Brad's song being on the A/C chart. A few years ago (I think '04/'05) brad made a comment (that I read in print) that if his songs ever went to an A/C chart he was doing something wrong in his music. At the time I thought Brad was taking a jab at Keith because he was huge with YTOM on the A/C chart; I also thought his comment would come back to bite him in the ass.

Sonora_Melody said...

Ah... this is proving to be a VERY BAD week for Maclen and the haters.

First, the fantastic news about Keith's latest single going #1 in the country charts. Of course Maclen didn’t see that one coming, as he already professed to be “always one step ahead of everyone” but headed the wrong direction.

Now this... while the nutcase Maclen had been going on and on about Nic not traveling overseas for Unifem, it turned out that she and Unifem have been focusing on something very important, i.e. "lobbying" Congress on that issue. Nic will be appearing at the House of Representatives this Wednesday to present the case on behalf of Unifem. Check out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/19/nicole-kidman-to-testify_n_326047.html

This hearing is widely applauded by a coalition of over 100 women's groups working on this issue: http://www.reuters.com/article/pressRelease/idUS151306+19-Oct-2009+PRN20091019

To Maclen and the other haters: before you even try to say this is "PR" for Nic, don't bother! Somebody with more common sense and savvy already beat you to it: "So why would the committee invite a celebrity to testify? Let's face it. More people have heard of Nicole Kidman than Mallika Dutt. Kidman's star power will inevitably make more reporters, including the celebrity rags, take notice to the hearing and more people will be interested in reading about it. This is strategic thinking by the committee chair to increase interest in the hearing and possibly increase pressure to take action on the problem." ~ http://www.congressmatters.com/story/2009/10/18/1749/-Considered-Forthwith:-House-Foreign-Affairs-Committee Nicole does not need the “PR”, but the many groups working on the issue need her to bring awareness and publicity to the issue. And that’s one of the many facets of being a “Goodwill Ambassador”, and Nicole is doing an admirable job in that role.

Sonora_Melody said...

Wow, Maclen simply couldn't let a day go by without adding more to his EPIC FAILURE!

He just posted this about Mrs. Urban's upcoming appearance at a House of Representatives subcommittee on foreign affairs hearing: "I'd just like to know what business she has in NY that she would bother to actually show up in person...and not simply "video-conference" it into the hall!"

Once again, Maclen is headed the wrong direction. He couldn't even tell that these hearings are held in Washington DC, not NY! lmao!

SkewerMistress said...

Readers we will have a post on Thursday commemorating Keith's latest #1 single when Billboard releases its chart. No mention so far from the skeptics on this of course.

However, with all the good press both of them are receiving the haters now jumped onto the Antonia bandwagon and are devouring any little bit of internet gossip about her alleged impending December nuptials and move to Singapore. They are accepting it all folks in order to have something to talk about. Priceless.

One more thing to add,

hit'n run: "And for those paying attention, she spends most of her time in NY not Nashville."

For those paying attention she has been there to film, work according to her contractual obligations for companies she promotes, do charity work, support her friends on Broadway, attend a friends wedding, and support her husband at his concerts. Had none of those things happened she would have not been in NY. There has been a purpose to it all.

Sonora, maclen habitually gets fiction confused with reality. He must have seen The Interpreter too many times! *wink wink*

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