December 21, 2009

You're A Virgin Who Can't Drive.

It may seen like an odd title for a tribute but it's how I'll always remember Brittany Murphy. It's a line that cracks me up every time from Clueless, her most popular film. She passed away yesterday at the insanely young age of 32.

Murphy was a unique actress who had an energy unlike anyone else. Her characters were often quirky, but each in a slightly different way. Spunky Tai from Clueless, a poseur wannabe in Bongwater, a mental patient in Girl, Interrupted, the girlfriend of Marshall Mathers in 8 Mile . Not widely known for her singing talents, she was one of the voices in 2006's Happy Feet.

At the UK premiere with Nicole Kidman

As of late her career seemed to be stalling despite the steady film roles, voice work on the series King Of The Hill, and an unplanned dance club hit with Paul Oakenfold. She was one of those performers that would surprise you with each new choice of project. Not because she had no place, but because that's just who she was.

Who knows what she could have actress now forever on the verge.

RIP Brittany Murphy


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