January 20, 2010

Sexy Babymaker Simon Baker

The honest Aussie actor Simon Baker says thanks to friends and supporters Nicole and Keith!

9RAW: Simon Baker on the red carpet
9RAW: Simon Baker on the red carpet


yawn said...

Wonderful to see how good of friends they all are over the many, many years. It is a true sign of caring and joy. You know - things the skeptics know NOTHING about.

Anonymous said...

They only say what they are told.
And do as they are told.
They follow mindlessly and when that doesn't work out, they just go off on another lie, like they never said that first stupid thing. lol

It is how the lies are fed. I say it, you agree and then oooppps movin on.
Then bring it back up months later and say remember such and such.

Thats called desperation. Scurry here and there like a pack of rats.


I love it that every day Keith and Nicole turn their whole lying world to mush!

Anonymous said...

Scury scurry scurry

What a joke. flyin is deleting her posts and giving the orders for all to do that .

mimsie-poo says:

flyin - don't you have some knowledge of astrology? It might help to get things going in the right direction if we had someone who knew the subject matter, and could post something in middlesea's absence.
If you don't, or can't maybe someone else has the ability to post the charts of KUNKY...

WHO ARE THEY KIDDING, THAT THREAD WAS NEVER ABOUT ASTROLOGY. It was all about using dumb MiddleSea and maybe she caught on to their distain of her.

Maybe we will see a savior (new user name of course) appear and presto back in the lying bullshi!

can they get any dumber?

Oh yea SM as you say there are eyes and ears about. think cut and paste.

countrycat said...

middlesea left! one down what 5 or so more to go? Nobody there knew squat about astrology but middlesea. SMistress I think they may need those Hello Kitty astrology cards you posted. This is all because they are afraid of losing another thread.

Skeptics have a very good memory. But they just pretend things never happened or that they were never proved wrong. They been doing it for 5 years! it's all they know how to do.

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