January 6, 2010

Yeah Baby!

To quote Queen Latifah it was a great night at the People's Choice Awards.

Keith was nominated for Favorite Country Artist and Favorite Artist Male (All Genres). He won the All Genre award and as usual gave a funny, sweet acceptance speech. But there was more to the night than that.

Nicole was by his side in a beautiful two-piece black pantsuit accented with lace. Queen Latifah tried to entertain the crowd and got Keith and Nicole to take a picture with young star Taylor Lautner. Skeptics did you hear how much she loved Keith & Nicole? It must have made your ears bleed.

They were seated in the front row along with Carrie Underwood and were photographed having a nice chat.

But perhaps the most telling portion of the night was Sandra Bullock's win for favorite female actress. Let's take a look at what the skeptics wanted to happen.

hoosierlady: I am looking forward to Nicole and Sandra Bullock meeting up- Sandy doesn't suffer fools.
When is this happening? That would, indeed be fun to see, if we really got to see "it".

So funny you pull out the "all co-stars" hate Nicole Kidman card. Oh but we hope you enjoyed seeing what the rest of us saw! As Bullock made her way to the stage, she took the time to greet Kidman with a kiss, obviously an old friend from the enthusiasm displayed. She didn't have to. She could have ignored her completely which is what the skeptics wanted to see. And she made a joke that her and Nicole wore their hair the same way on purpose. Very cute deadpan and very much Sandra.

But let's drop a couple of bombshells on the skeptics concerning Bullock. Bullock was part of the audio commentary for Practical Magic, the movie they co-starred in and well there's a recounting of one night of filming that is very funny and shared between friends. The skeptics don't know this and wouldn't want it to get leaked that Bullock flew to London to see Kidman star in the play The Blue Room before it opened in New York. Because that's what friends do.

So hoosierlady, Sandy (please don't act like you know her) isn't your puppet. And on this night you would get the gold star of the evening for dumbest comment but someone else beat you to it. She always wants to feel important so you're going to have to try harder next time. The award goes to, of course, nomorefan. Halfway through the show she spun a web so full of holes, well....just check it out for yourself...

nomorefan: Keithy didn't win again, and can his wife clap her hands for anyone? At least Keithy still has a personality, he jumped up for a picture with Queen Latifah and Taylor Lautner, but had to pull his wife out of the chair for the picture. Ha-ha, even Sandra says Nine Lip is wearing a wig!!!!

Oh he got one! Again, fans could vote. What's up with the black gloves? Is she trying to keep up with Lady Gaga? Baby girl for your wife again, seriously? She's over 40! Can't use sweetheart or baby because you've used that on every other woman?

How do you spell liar? N-O-M-O-R-E-F-A-N!

Sandra Bullock: "Nicole Kidman and I wore our hair alike on purpose. I just wanted to clarify that."

The other idiots like Mimosa and dumbfounded are eating it up. Nothing happened the way nomorefan said it did. The gloves are part of the ensemble made for the L'Wren Scott 2010 Spring Collection. It's the People's Choice Awards. What's up with you not getting it's fan voted???

Nomorefan, thanks for the laughs and the lies. You've been working overtime. Let's take a look at the groundwork you tried to lay a few days previous!

nomorefan: I remember one year on the red carpet for the Oscars - after Nine Lip had filmed "Practical Magic" with Sandra Bullock - Sandra was in the middle of an interview, and two people down from her was Nine Lip yelling, "Sandy! Sandy! Sandy! Sandra Bullock you're ignoring me!" Nine Lip could have been a little intoxicated by the way she was behaving, but it was all about Nine Lip. Sandra was trying to be polite and give the reporter her full attention, and there dumb nuts is yelling out her name like some spoiled brat. Couldn't she have approached Sandra after they were done with their interviews? But no, she wanted it to look like they were BFFs. Too bad the excitement wasn't returned by Sandra.

Sweetie, don't talk ever again. There's always someone or something that can prove you are a liar!

nomorefan, you've earned yourself another place in the Loony Bin Section of the sidebar!

Congratulations Keith! Yeah baby!


Anonymous said...

STS you nail that moron NoMoreFan to the wall. LMAO

They are spitting nails I bet. Ruined their whole year already! YEEEEHAWWWW

Sounds like everyone had a fun time at the show and a bunch of old friends catching up behind and before the scenes!

Can't wait for the videos to surface! The whole bunch of them will have a lot of egg on their faces when that happens.

Love the fact that nomorean JUMPED THE GUN and declared Keith a looser. LMAO
Boy that made her look like the sour A$$ she really is.

Wonder how she will cover that up?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Keith!!

Your fans love you!

SkewerMistress said...

nomorefan won't bother. They haven't bothered with everything they are wrong about. Skeptics keep posting lies, almost as if their brains are on auto-pilot.

This is too funny...

"How the hell did he win?" from erniesmom.

WhatAWaste said...

"How the hell did he win?" from erniesmom.

omg that is a CLASSIC!! I know it's hard for her frickin' tiny pea-brain to take in, but what part of "Keith's career is stronger than ever!" can she not figure out??

Anonymous said...

What brains? LOL

Anonymous said...

STS said to NOMOREFAN "Sweetie, don't talk ever again. There's always someone or something that can prove you are a liar!

The videos are coming out and the LIES are proven!


see Keith turn politely and help his wife (as any gentleman would do ) to join in the picture taking.

NMF said Nicole had to be dragged up to get her picture taken with Queen Latifah!

Liars beware. The egg is dripping off your ugle puss.

Looks like a really fun night to me.

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE'S CHOICE!!! How hard is it to figure out how he won? PEOPLE voted for him, you dumb cluck. Of course Nicole probably paid all the people to vote. BAHAHAHA!

countrycat said...


Anonymous said...

SM, Keith needs a thought bubble. "Here Skeptics. Sit on this."


SkewerMistress said...

Your wish is my command anon. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Now thats funny!!!!

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