February 15, 2010

ABC: Easy As 1-2-3

Urban Myths reader abc must be very slow or she thinks the public is!

abc: interestingly, the series of photos of NK going to and from the pedicure spa are taken by NKU member 'Nickufan' ... or by a pap who is a member of NKU

abc: The pics inside (probably taken thru the section of clear window) are also taken by Nickufan, again showing a rather sullen NK. Once outside, she is on the cell-phone smiling, again probably aware of Nickufan. It is unlikely that paps would be coincidentally at that place. Or, she smiles at Nickufan but not at the paps; again unusual because she ALWAYS smiles at the paps. I am really surprised she wanted pics taken of her looking so bad. So bad, that even her fans at NKU haven't made any comments about her looks where they normally always do; even if she doesn't look good. Also, all pics of NK are usually posted at JJ and these aren't, so it may well have been a favour for NKU, or simply a means to keep something, anything, of her in the media.

We at STS have said this before but not every set taken shows up on Just Jared. Chinafgw, Bullspress, Celebrity-Gossip, Fame Pictures, and Grosby Group have made the photos available online. The fan, nickufan, has simply reposted them though her Photobucket account and along with the corresponding sources! They aren't her photos dummies!

abc are you this dense? Perhaps since you claim Nicole Kidman is a horrible influence on society and the media that's proof enough. That's why you follow her every move!

abc: She, in particular, annoys me as she treats the public like a bunch of idiots - saying whatever is expedient for her even if it contradicts something she said elsewhere, or indeed, what she does.

I think perhaps you need to think about this statement you made and realize it's the only way to describe the E! skeptics, Urban Myths, maclen and choice....the morons and idiots you hang out with!


Anonymous said...


Each one gets dumber than the next!
"abc" go back to school and LEARN something. I hope you are totally embarrassed with those stupid statements.

LMAO at how stupid they make themselves look!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up "abc" you might "out dumb" No More Fan!

Didn't know that was possible!


Anonymous said...

Ho Ho Ho
No More Fan didn't get any lingerie for Valentines Day that apparent! Probably got sour grapes from her couch lovin hubby.

So she isn't working today, she is doing her usual internet scanning for Keith Urban.

Anonymous said...

OMG look at this posted by No More Fan abt. Nicole ........

"I agree and now she has two daughters and not sending the right messages to them about self image either."

Can you imagine the gall of that hater saying something like that. While her very own daughter has to live with NOMOREFAN' s 24/7 HATE!

Anonymous said...

Just when you think they can't get any dumber...bahaha!

I love how spray tan, lip waxed, trucker hat, bottle blowjobber, filthy mouth, fat ass, alcoholic Sue rants about beauty.

Anonymous said...

"abc", a.k.a. "All BullCrap", "Asinine & Bitchy Creep", is getting dumber and dumber by the day!

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