February 3, 2010

Taylor Swift Knocks Down Skeptics Again!

Keith and Nicole have been wonderful to me. When I was touring with Keith, he would knock on my bus door, come and say hi and see how I was doing, or think of a song for us to play together that night. Both of them have this natural friendliness and a natural kindness that I really love, and Nicole is one of the most beautiful people, inside and out.

Also, Keith Urban is not just an influence on me at a personal level, he has a professional influence on me as well -- he's been a good example to me of how I feel an artist should be.

And it's his music that I play in my car. They are shining lights in my life.

~Taylor Swift

Kidman holding her own accessories at
an event....again!

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Shellsey said...

Taylor Swift is a sweetheart, it is wonderful that Keith and Nicole are supportive of her. Well, all I can say is go Australians we are the best!

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