March 2, 2010

2010 ACM Nominations -
Congratulations Keith!

Keith Urban is nominated for

-Male Vocalist Of The Year

-Entertainer Of The Year

In honor of the occasion here's some flashbacks of previous ACM ceremonies. We're sure these are some of the skeptics' favorites!


LillyMae said...

Congratulations to Keith Urban on his ACM nominations. Good luck to Keith!

Anonymous said...

Whhhaat? Another award nomination??? Nicole is gonna lose all of Tom's money if she keeps buying these nods for him! Bahahahaha!

Husky department Sue has her really big girl panties in a wad today. She's foaming at the mouth with frustration. Poor Susie, the victim once again. Goes to show you she's not very tough at all.

Anonymous said...

Give her some credit. NOT She will go down screaming lies and stomp off pis***

Her hate filled world is falling apart!

Keith and Nicole are happy & living their life to the fullest, and all Nomore has is

....well nothing.

SkewerMistress said...

nomorefan's problem is that she asks questions she doesn't want the real answers to, in a public place where people know the truth and aren't afraid to post it.

She should have stuck to Stasia's 50 different private hater boards.

Anonymous said...

Sue's not only not very tough but she not intelligent enough to hold down her end of an argument. When she gets backed into a corner, she cries to MOD which you know darn well she did. Sue's in it for the game and the fight and she's losing both. She picks fights then runs away like a coward.

SkewerMistress said...

True. You know you're dealing with a scholar when her big retort is always "Whatever!"

Anonymous said...

They really need to come up with better arguements than saying Keith and Nicole's career is dying. If anything makes them look like idiots, it's that. Keith is hotter now than he was when they were car pooling around the country to see him and Nicole has made 6 or 7 movies in 5 years. They're both considered A list and everybody knows it. If Erniesmom doesn't know a man who thinks Nicole is sexy then she doesn't know a man.

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought Stasia-Bstnactrs-Snoopy-bijoux got a life, she logs into her cesspool of skeptics.

Who was here?
In total there were 2 users online :: 1 registered, 0 hidden and 1 guest (based on users active over the past 24 hours)
Most users ever online was 4 between Wed 20. Jan 2010 and Thu 21. Jan 2010

Registered users: Stasia

Total posts 4795 • Total topics 746 • Total members 10 • Our newest member nomorefan

Mimosa, Middlesea and Innervoice are also members of this hate board.

Anonymous said...

What about Snoopy?

"Everyone always knew I was bstnactrs from E b/c I told them. I’ve only ever posted as bstnactrs on E. I tried to register as bijoux in the very beginning but E wouldn’t let me so, that’s when I used bstnactrs.
But I always loved the name bijoux so, when I started my own skeptic board, Camp Urban, I used that…I also used it on the 2 other private boards I was a member of and later, when I decided to simplify things, I changed my username on the other 2 private boards I had joined to “bstnactrs” - but I posted that I had done so in their “Off Topic” sections…so they knew that the “new member, bstnactrs”, was in fact, the “old member, bijoux”.
And, a lot of the same posters that were on Camp Urban are also now on Studio City as well as, being on 2 other private boards with me and, of course, the E Board – and we all know it ‘cause we all know who we are.
So, I was bijoux on my first skeptic board, Camp Urban, but all of my members were told that I was bstnactrs from E when they were invited.
When there were issues on Camp Urban, I wanted to close it down but one of the members agreed to take it over and become the Admin. Shortly after that, I left Camp Urban. I later started Studio City…and invited some Camp Urban members. I also invited members from the 2 other private boards I had joined. I used Stasia but told everyone I was bstnactrs/bijoux…I wanted to use my real name b/c by then, I didn’t care anymore who knew who I was."

Confessions of a hater board addict.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly...she never updates it anymore...that last login? Pics from a music video she worked on...who gives a crap?

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