March 16, 2010

Urban Myths' Moronic Musings

It hasn't been just the nuts on E! that have been attacking Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban fans. A time of utter desperation for the skeptics wouldn't be complete of course without Inept Team Maclen.

maclen: latest fix of pap photo's of "Nicole and Keith Return to Los Angeles March 15, 2010"...courtesy of course from resident "scumbag stalking pap photo" pusher NickUfan ...

maclen: or it could be that no one, other than the JJ and GG pap source...and NKUser pusher...showed up at LAX to get photo's of kidman and co's arrival in Cali. But then, those two possiblities are not entirely mutually exclusive...kidman may have in fact shut down the personal pre-arranged photo ops at JJ and other papparatz sources bothered to show up and get shots! Not out of the question whatsoever!

So the news of Keith Urban touring with The Eagles and The Dixie Chicks has been announced. You can hear crickets on The Negative Thread but Urban Myths is continuing to allow the nonsense to overflow.

maclen: HA! So...orb is "co-touring" with the eagles and dixie chicks...because, presumably, his solo tour last year was SO successful? ( So I'm presuming that the possible "co-tour with john "big mouth" mayer is off then?) Last year, when swifty opened for the orb, and I noted that swifty was vastly more successful than the mediocre orb...I surmissed that orb would be opening for swifty this year! Instead orb will be opening for the eagles and dixie chicks. Not too surprising, actually, what with fellow hasbeen kidman reduced to playing second banana to sandler/anistan...orb too is reduced to playing second fiddle to the dixie chicks/eagles!

Of course maclen's laughable and incorrect prediction of Keith opening for Taylor isn't related in any way to the Eagles tour. He knows this and can't deflect no matter how hard his little late night fingers fly. The truth is, and it will come out sooner or later, is that the Eagles' management has been putting the feelers out for compatible tourmates to do some stadium shows. The Fleetwood Mac / Eagles 2010 Summer Tour fell through. A great pairing in STS's opinion, but one that caters mainly to certain target audience of over 40-somethings. With the Chicks and Urban on board, it brings the country fan base on board, and brings in fans of all ages who listen to the two co-openers, but don't necessarily consider themselves country music fans. It will definitely be a great set of shows for those out there that like a real mix of genres.

But as usual with the good news comes the standard E! skeptic response. Taralea, at Urban Myths, gives us this gem as her response

Tara: Which Dixie chick did Keith used to sleep with?

Wonder if Walsh will perform Life's been good to me? Wonder if Keith ever listened to the words?

the career continues to turn pop

Apparently the corn fields have fried her brain. A stadium tour with The Eagles and Chicks is a turn to pop? Not on your life. It's a sad attack on some more news the skeptics had no idea about. Their gut reactions are too predictable.

A funny wonderful turn of events on the Urban Myths Ted Casablanca blog deserves to be mentioned. An angry skeptic who's turned to a new username, smorgas91, decided to mouth off Inept Team Maclen Style, on something she knows nothing about.

smorgas91: First of all, for someone who'd been in the entertainment business and thrived in it for as long as she'd had (she's old), isn't she beyond be pleased and surprised at free drinks they the way, they do not bring apple martinis or cosmopolitan unless you request them. Perhaps the first step towards her career resurrection is to be more real. Tired of this bimbo's gibberish at such an old age....

Oh smorgas, smorgas, smorgas. If you don't know by now Urban Myths tries but always fails. Don't you know Mary & Co. are trying to put out an image that Nicole Kidman is currently a boozing gambling bitch and unfit mother. Best of all this should teach you to read this blog. That quote was from 8 years ago! You fell right into the trap, making both you and the Myths gang look really dumb.

As a response to your tirade a reader had to school you and the rest of the dummies.

kfroeba: Hmmm, I can't help but wonder of the lifestyles of some these posters. It's one thing to not have money, its another to not have knowledge. I don't gamble or drink much, but I do travel quite a bit.

When I sit with my hub at the Bellagio, they did indeed bring round trays of specialty martinis. I had the chocolate.

I'll go a tad further, I've seen celebs there, the nasty Britany and few TV stars at Ceasars, but never Kidman. They do not bring nice drinks at the middle level hotels.

However, about 5 years ago, my husband did see Kidman, he plays high stakes poker and blackjack, his dealer pointed her out a few table over, all alone, wearing glasses. He said she looked like a young school girl with perfect posture who was studiously playing. She left when she ran out of money, i.e., no tab, she brings cash and leaves, win or lose. Thankfully, my hub does that as well.

I don't beleive your poster stays at teh Bellgio, nor do they play high stakes.

So her husband saw Kidman exactly like she said she plays, without the high stakes cash binge, or drunk outburts we're certain Urban Myths is hoping for.

It's. Just. Too. Easy!!!!

One more thing before we go. When the Negative Thread gets back up and running, and it will, readers please look for a few key things. The skeptics will push Jimmy Wayne. The skeptics will push Dierks Bentley's planned bluegrass album. They will bash Keith Urban along with the Chicks. And they will look to the sad news of actress Kate Winslet and director Sam Mendes' split, as a beacon hope for the future. Just wait....

P.S. Hi nomorefan, going stir crazy yet?


Anonymous said...

Most of those quotes sound just like they came directly from the corn field.

In other word Tara is desperate.

And we already know she lives in the world of 2004.

Anonymous said...

Taralea is desperate. She and Gloworm/flyin/Gloria are the only 2 talking to each other on one private board. Of course that board along with Myths has a private section for only the special haters so they can talk about all the other skeptics behind their backs.

Hi Sue. Don't slap your kids around too much during your week off.

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Anonymous said...

Send a few more shipments to MYTH , SM.
Remember they are really slow learners!

In plain words, DUMB .

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