April 14, 2010

Urban Myths' ABC Is
Dumb As A Box Of Rocks

abc: I then decided to see if Nicole has a Twitter account and guess what: "it has been suspended" !!! I think, firstly, she doesn't have anything to say, and secondly, she must have gotten fed up with all the criticism and has pulled out of just about everything ... and I am sure has banned JJ (like NKU)from posting anything. Again, I have no doubt that her PR people would have been reading this blog and any others (they're all linked) and finally caught the drift!!!

BAHAHAHAHA! Nicole Kidman has no personal affiliation with NKU! Nicole Kidman has never had a Twitter account! Every single one of them claiming to be her is fake. There are plenty to choose from. Here's the top three....

Keith Urban, like many celebrities uses Twitter solely as a promotional tool, not a personal outlet. What you have to look for is a VERIFIED ACCOUNT!

Before verification, idiots with too much time on their hands were succesfully impersonating everyone from Whoopi Goldberg to the Dalai Lama. No "Nicole Kidman" account has ever been verified! Skeptics are you really this desperate? I guess so! You also must have forgotten Nicole Kidman's interview where she says she doesn't blog or use Twitter!

It's. Just. Too. Easy.


Anonymous said...

Hello Box, I am rock. Drop Dead DUMB Rocks.

Verity said...

You can't get any dumber than that!

yawn said...

I would just like to stand up for the fair treatment of rocks every where - rocks are much smarter than ABC the whacko.

SkewerMistress said...

Duly noted yawn :)

Anonymous said...

"rocks are much smarter than ABC the whacko" .. yes, indeed!

More nonsense from abc (All BullCrap):
“NK’s involvement in what is now a ‘teenflic’ is consistent with her always trying to be ‘me-too’. The Indian commercial came right after the success of Slumdog Millionaire. Golden Compass came right after the success and popularity of other trilogies. The Hours coming after Theron winning an Oscar in an uglyfying role. Nine after the resurgence of film musicals.”

Obviously abc does not know her A-B-C and 1-2-3. “The Hours” came out in 2002. “Monster”, for which Charlize won an Oscar, came out a year later. You got that backwards, abc!

As to "resurgence of film musicals", abc conveniently forgot that the film that is widely recognized and credited for the resurgence is "Moulin Rouge!" directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Nicole. So, abc is saying Nicole is doing a ‘me-too’ in “Nine” by copying her own “Moulin Rouge!”? lmao!

The author of the Golden Compass trilogy went on record to say he wrote the Mrs. Coulter character specifically for Nicole, and that he insisted on her taking that role when negotiating the film rights with the producers. As usual, NK-haters such as abc will twist the facts to suit their whacko agenda.

As to the Indian commercial, again abc conveniently forgot to mention “Moulin Rouge!” - check out the part about the Indian courtesan – maharajah – sitar player part. That came out several years before “Slumdog Millionaire”!

SkewerMistress said...

Thank you Anon! If the real letter Pullman wrote to Nicole asking her to play Mrs. Coulter were presented the skeptics would be dismiss it as a concocted story.

What else has Inept Team Maclen and AllBullCrap have missed. We may as well point out her successful Indian-themed Schweppes commercial which the skeptics panned is having another run in Europe as we speak.

Oh yes and fellow A-lister Hugh Jackman who did an overseas commercial for iced tea a few months ago, is also supporting Australia and the World Cup. Funny, that's what Nicole did...what FFA asked of her....host a video presentation supporting their bid for the competition.

Anonymous said...

If one OhsoLooney username doesn't work to rally her dead troops, she switches to another. Jakra777, who thinks she's fooling everybody by posting on every Sandra Bullock thread, is looking for Middlesea.

SkewerMistress, rocks are Einstein compared to the skeptics.

yawn said...

Well God Bless those Skeptics - for keeping us laughing with all their loony-ness! Now a box a rocks can't do that! Thanks Anon 3:30 for pointing out ABC comical inaccuracies.

SkewerMistress said...

It's gotten loonier. nomorefan in her deep dark hour of need has egged on Jakra777. Their antics never end.

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