April 24, 2010

E! Online Skeptic Mimosa Is Off Her Meds

Mimosa: I've seen the Eagles several times, and they are, to me, the greatest band America ever produced. They are incomparable.

Joe is colorful, but he's a brilliant musician, as are all the Eagles, and the Chicks too. This is a very gifted bunch of people and Keith better be on top of his game. He better show up for some rehearsals this time.

This talk is just as brilliant as Mimosa's explanation that everyone in Hollywood but Nicole Kidman is a wonderful creative personality.

Let's skewer Mimosa shall we readers?

So Mimosa tell us why some of the Eagles aren't hopeless addicts no better than street bums? Why aren't they old fogies trying to act younger than they are, having the nerve to tour stadiums? Why aren't they liars and cheaters? You're such a fan surely you've read Don Felder's "Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles", but we wouldn't be shocked if you don't even know who he is.

Why aren't The Dixie Chicks un-American, ungrateful embarrassments? Why isn't Martie another skank who the skeptics say slept with Keith Urban? Or is she an innocent victim of his manipulation? Why aren't they bad mothers for working when they don't have to? Why aren't they only interested in making money off the backs of "real" working Americans since they aren't making a new Chicks record after the tour? Why aren't the Maguire sisters using Natalie Maines to promote their new side project she has no part of?

If the The Eagles are so fantastic in your eyes why aren't you trashing them for coming up with such a ridiculous idea as personally selecting Keith Urban to go on tour with them?

The answer is the same to every single question....you are a lying, hateful, hypocritical, witch!

Mimosa, you've been skewered.

It's. Just. That. Easy.


Anonymous said...

Don Henley is a disgusting pig. Just read "You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again" if you can stomach it. They're also boring as crap to watch live. All they do is stand in one place. There is no show. The Eagles are thanking their lucky stars that Keith Urban is pulling in an audience. The majority of people under 30 don't know who the hell the Eagles are.

Anonymous said...

SM their hate only works for them, IF THEY FORGET ALL OTHER FACTS. LOL

Their spin must make even their heads swim!

Anyone reading anything they write, must come to the same conclusions you point out here.
It just doesn't fit "The Picture" they try to paint.


PRINE EXAMPLES you post show up the GLARING HATE that no normal human would not see!

Which is why they have multi fake screen names to talk to them selves with. No one else would be caught dead talking to crazy people playing phoney games.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha a new poster shows up once in a while, BUT KNOWS EVERYONE , AND ALL THE LIES DOWN PAT!

Do they really think it isn't noticed?

Ha ha. so stupid!

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