April 9, 2010

How Inept Team Maclen:
Party Of One Operates

It's been a while since Skewering The Skeptics has put the spotlight on Idiot Maclen, and the need to do so is always too soon enough. Nevertheless, here we are again exposing the complete insanity and lies of the most inept industry know-nothing.

While the E! Online skeptics are neglecting every single positive news item concerning Keith Urban because they have to to save face, Inept Team Maclen realizes he must do the same. His knowledge of country music and the industry is even less than Hollywood. How's that international ACM honor for Keith feeling right now maclen?

But readers he has to talk about something and so Nicole Kidman and her fans are his target. Urban Myths and their believers are willing to accept anything he dishes out. In fact they are so blind to reality they are questioning sightings where there's video and photographic evidence to back it up, and where Keith has called radio stations from Nashville.

martingano:You mean to tell me they aren't - happy or in Nashville! Does anybody believe these tweets from these twits?

Readers adopting maclen-speak is pathetic. Twitter is derided for the plain and simple reason it proves they are where they say they are or said they were 99.99% of the time. The odd mistaken sighting aside, these posts often casually tell the whereabouts before the major news outlets report them. And isn't it funny the sheepherder maclen can't keep up with the news about Nicole Kidman without the fans he thinks are idiots, and then tosses it aside as if it doesn't exist. Some people are dumb; maclen is delusional. He thinks stalking is smiling from hearing about a family outing or a fan siting. Meanwhile he's making up his next set of lies to tell on Urban Myths.

What Inept Team Maclen thinks he can get away with is astonishing. He must believe no one reads anything but his nonsense.

1)Rabbit Hole Won't Play At Cannes.

maclen:"RAbbit hole? The one that is STILL lanquishing in post pro and not expected to make it to Cannes?"

This isn't any big surprise as a new score had to be written. Add to that recording and editing and a film can easily be pushed back months. Something a child could figure out. Not only that but Johnny Depp's Rum Diary which was also hoped to be a selection, most likely won't make it. Context and knowledge maclen is what you lack. You expect your statements to mean something when the only thing behind them is ignorance and hate.

2) TV Stars For Monte Carlo -

maclen: "...notice that the film is being packed by "tv stars"...that's about what I'd expect from the "low rent" kidman shingle"

This is the bulk of where child actors who mature into full-fledged adult performers come from. Stars like Dakota Fanning and Jodie Foster are the exception to the rule. Of course, maclen knows nothing about Selena Gomez. But take a look at her interviews and you can see she's no Miley Cyrus. She's got her head on her shoulders, making her own music, branching out beyond television. She's a beautiful girl that has great potential. It's no wonder Kidman had her on her radar. Need we remind Idiot Maclen most of the Aussie Oscar winners we know today got their careers going doing television and tv movies, Nicole Kidman included.

We've also noticed maclen has neglected Andie MacDowell. The actress is joining the cast and presumably taking over Kidman's role as Selena's aunt. But all is quiet with maclen on this. Perhaps it's because MacDowell is older than Kidman, and that fact ruins his argument that Kidman is too old for movies? That the studio only wants young 20-somethings in the cast? Well that would be a bad presumption on his part. Remember maclen was the one who thought How To Marry A Millionaire and Monte Carlo were the same Blossom Films project!

3)Danish Girl Revamp -

News has just come out that Gwyneth Paltrow has left Danish Girl. While we at STS thought she would be a good match for Kidman we have no doubt that there will not be a problem getting a replacement. But let's look at maclen here and his reaction...

maclen: "so, now paltrow is OUT...that makes 3 directors...2 costars... I especially got a chuckle out of the "because of a location change" excuse! And obviously, the "her hubby thinks she will be happy over pulling out" is clearly a dig at the whole production! I guess that rumor of kidman "snubbing" a paltrow invite in nashville may be true after all! Yes, BUT... their still is HOPE for the film, right fansies! HA! HA!"

No maclen that's 2 directors but we know you aren't good with numbers, or facts. The snub story as we have told over and over isn't true because it can't be true. Nicole was not in Nashville at the time, she's known her for years, and there's no reason to believe it happened unless you want it to be true. We're so mystified you think you can speak for Chris Martin it's giving us a chuckle. But here's the real scoop....

Charlize Theron dropped out of Danish Girl, but she also dropped out of other projects. It was her decision to take a on a lighter work load. Gwenyth Paltrow, as you don't know maclen, took time out to have children and was seriously considering all but giving up having a career that would keep her in the limelight. While she didn't quit she seriously slowed down. She has children and a husband that tours. Sound familiar silly boy??? Locations are a major consideration in choosing to take on a project. You can't sit at home in your pajamas and send in your work via email when you're an actress.

So knowing now that Paltrow has left, it fills in the blanks as to why we haven't heard anything since director Lasse Hallestrom's interview. It also could be the reason why Nicole's schedule no longer works to accommodate a screen role in Monte Carlo. Logically it all fits with the facts given, and readers know this if they aren't blinded by Skeptic Stupidity. Film casts and schedules are not written in stone never to be tweaked or changed and to put it bluntly "Shit Happens". The skeptics and maclen can sit at their computers all day long and pretend that a train derailment is just around the bend. Fortunately for us, we know this blog has a global reach. So the whole wide world is completely aware of how inept Inept Team Maclen: Party Of One and his faithful simpletons really are.

P.S. maclen I wouldn't worry about the fans. Some of them will be happy that Paltrow is out. BAHAHAHAHA!


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