April 26, 2010

Sunday Rose: Just Like Mom & Dad

When you have children you wonder what will they look like. Will they take after your spouse, you, an older relative? You just never know. And as they grow you start to see more wonderful things about them come to the forefront of who they are. It could be a look, a gesture, a first word. Well in Sunday Rose's case she takes after her parents and it's a wonderful thing to see. This blog today is inspired by that joy family and friends have from the little ones in their lives.

When Sunday was born her face was all Keith. Nicole called her her little Keithette and she couldn't be more right. The eyes nose and and mouth are all Daddy. In these photos you can really see the resemblance.

Of course Sunday always had some of mum Nicole's best features...a little red in her hair, the trademark long legs, and her porcelain fair skin.

Now that Sunday has grown and is almost 2 years old (can you believe it?!) you can see more of her parents coming through.

Here's Nicole in some candid shots taken on set during filming, the most recent just last week in Hawaii. A familiar look for fans, you can often see Nicole standing with her hands on her hips.

Here you can see Little Miss Sunday, last week in Hawaii, examining their beach gear to make sure everything is in its proper place. Too cute!

Little things like that are what make watching children grow so much fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh SM, what a cutie !

And your pictures just made my day!

Hand on Hips, too dang cute!

Verity said...

Sunday gets cuter and cuter. Thank you so much for the sweet pics SM!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how cute! She looks like Keith in the face but the red curls and long legs are definitely Nicole. She's adorable!

Anonymous said...

I like that you remind us it isn't always about The Skeptics here. The fans can and do enjoy seeing the Urban family blossom. Thank you!

yawn said...

Adorable! She is her parents through and through alright! Thanks for the wonderful pictures SM. How can anyone feel anything but joy seeing these snippets of family life.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Miss Sunday is sure a sweetie! yawn is right...she is her parents through and through. Thanks for sharing those wonderful peeks into their family life. Eventhough most of us don't live the lifestyle that they do, they are just folks who enjoy life and love!!

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