May 31, 2010

Beating The Skeptics To The Punch

As most of you know, Nicole Kidman United, a fan board for Nicole Kidman and later Keith Urban as well, has officially closed. We at STS would like to thank the creator, webmaster, and moderator for their time and effort in creating a wonderful place for Nicole and Keith fans. We'd also like to thank the members who made NKU what it was. NKU had over 3,400 registered members and had been one of the leading message boards for Nicole Kidman. The main website of NKU will still be available.

Time marches on and life happens, and with that the owner has decided to permanently close the forum. Having been open for many many years, long before Keith Urban fans came into the group, a site, and particularly a message board like NKU, takes much to maintain. Although this wasn't the first time members were told the NKU forum was closing, this indeed is the real thing. At the end of the day the existence of a site or blog is down to its owner. The owner has decided that it is time for them to move on. We thank them and will miss the community.

So why are we even mentioning this? Well unfortunately the answer is obvious. The skeptics and the haters are going to twist, manipulate, and lie about the facts concerning NKU and its members. Expect to hear that Nicole Kidman is behind the site and because her career is in a shambles she's shutting it down. That's a lie. Expect to hear that fans have been embarrassed by Nicole Kidman and are leaving the site in droves. It was already said on Urban Myths NKU had 5 members left. That's also a lie. The fans know the history and the real reasons behind every decision, because the owner shared them with us and made them public to the readers.

But it's important to take note that the skeptics and haters always made NKU and its fans a part of the conversation for two important reasons. The message board until recently was always open to the public and you could register and stay a member without making a single post. Yes there are skeptics on E! and Urban Myths who were registered members of NKU. Even a few who posted in Keith's section.

So what now? We do nothing. This will be the one and only time NKU and its closing will be addressed here. The skeptics will pretend tragedy has befallen us and we are crying ourselves to sleep at night. Sorry haters it's not happening. New fan groups have already been formed. There's also the sites and message boards for Nicole, Keith, and the two as a couple that have been around for some time. The skeptics will feign ignorance concerning their existence (yes you nomorefan!) but there's no need to advertise them all here. Frankly it will only encourage the skeptics to try and spy on any sites they are unaware of. Will they be brave enough to try and gain membership with positive posts? We doubt it. They'd rather make up stories and lies that no one believes but them. Think back those of you who are members of another large and prominent Kidman fansite, to a poster several years ago whose comments (a ridiculous rumor) were swiftly and repeatedly deleted. Even if you manage successful registration you won't be around for long skeptics. Your hate gets the better of you. It always does.

Remember folks, it doesn't matter if you are a celebrity or public figure.....

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Oh SM! Now you got the haters scrambling to find the new Nicole Kidman boards!

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