May 14, 2010

Erniesmom: Hypocrite Of The Week
Hoosierlady: Hater Of The Week
Nomorefan: Dumbest Comment This Week

erniesmom: What a sweet story.He is such a cool guy.
Thanks Mimosa for bringing him into My life.

erniesmom: Yes-we meet him and I got 2--yes 2 big hugs...I told him I loved the show and he gave me a great big bear hug.I bought a picture and he singed it for me.He joked with my hubby and shook his hand.Then I asked him to do something.....He gave me this strange look....I said-If I buy a tshirt........will you sign my pocket of my jeans..(Back one,of course) So he said-will your hubby be upset.I said-for you,who cares! So I bent over and he proceeded to sign my big butt....and I have a picture...I bet he got out of there and laughed about granny asking him to touch her I am so glad Mimosa that you turned us on to Jimmy.Thanks hon we had a great time. and he touched my Butt!! I am so excited...

erniesmom: I love his music-his values-his outlook on life and most of all I love my

erniesmom: I actually bought a new pair of white jeans..and they are a size smaller.That way Jimmy will not have to write so big! hahaha

erniesmom as "blue sky" on Urban Myths: There are many "fanatics" who will go to Keith events, and they will make little signs to put on their purses or pieces of clothing which reflect their screen names from various fan message boards. This enables other fans to identify them - sort of liking carrying a red rose on a blind date! Can you imagine grown women doing this?



hoosierlady: Keith Richards is likely to snort Keith Urban some fine day.

Just more material for the blog hoosierlady. Thanks for being consistent.


nomorefan: Now IF and I repeat IF, Bella and Connor would go to the Kidmans' home for a visit, do you really think NARS Org@sm Illuminator is the appropriate product to have sitting in your bathroom?

NARS Orgasm blush was so successful the company expanded the line to include items like nail polish, lip gloss, and now their Illuminator. How many mothers bought those products? Who knows but we're glad to mention the line. Top quality, top seller. Go figure!

Don't like the word "orgasm" but bring on the anal beads and phallic vegetable plate?

Hello Kettle,This is Pot. You're Black.



Anonymous said...

Oh my,just the 'visual' of erniesmom extending her big butt for Jimmy to sign is SO GROSS!

Run Jimmy run!

Anonymous said...

It's funny Sue/nomorefan is so concerned Nicole's teenagers might see the word Orgasm but says her own kids know what she writes on the internet.

Remember this quote?

"I see what they post on their sites, and they can see what I post on mine."

I worry more about the haters Sue's kids probably are than Nicole's kids. Child abuse, much?

SkewerMistress said...

All of them in their recent discussions prove they are nuts. They think Ted has the scoop from other gossip sites, some of them thought the Illuminator was a sex toy, erniesmom says Nicole is still in Hawaii, Mimosa thinks Naomi isn't Nicole's friend anymore, nomorefan doesn't see the differences between a piddly faux-LDS cult and the worldwide CoS organization or admit for every cult story there's 5 with severed families. And then there's Jakra777 / Oh " so" Leery who isn't trying in the least to sound like a different poster. They are simply dolts and liars.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget 65 year old Flyin/Gloworm who still believes Keith is having an affair with his once in a lifetime love. Bahahaha! Yeah, Gloria, she's also known as his wife. Dumb as rocks.

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