May 11, 2010

Keith Urban & The Ladies Cover The Stones

Readers here's some pre-show goodies for you!

Karen and Kimberly of Little Big Town and Sarah Buxton
traveling to NYC.

Keith & Nic's charter plane. We goin to NYC baby!

Keith at Jimmy Fallon rehearsal. Looks like he's playing the white Danocaster he got, identical to John Shanks'. Or is he borrowing John's?

We'll have to wait and see!

Full video of Keith's Jimmy Fallon appearance
is now here! A big thanks to Keith for spreading the word about Nashville!

Sarah Buxton: WOW what a musical experience!!! We just got done & this was an unforgettable night. Goin to dinner w keith & the band...


Verity said...

Beautiful. Thanks SM! The myths haters were worried he was going to change the words and look what he did, helped Nashville again, the city he supposedly hates. What a bunch of morons.

LillyMae said...

Great twisting Keith at end of the Rolling Stones song. I'll be watching that a number of times again.

Anonymous said...

I loved it! I could watch it all night!

Thanks for all you bring us SM!

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