May 18, 2010

So Another Goes To The Dark Side

Jamie Fawcett outside of Sydney Children's Hospital

Nic's minder on the other side of the lens

May 19, 2010

IN THE cloak-and-dagger world of the Sydney paparazzi, scalps don't come much bigger than Nicole Kidman's. Now a trusted confidant of the Oscar winner has joined their ranks.

It emerges Kidman's former security guard John Deerfield, an ex-NSW policeman who has worked for the Lowy family and the late Rene Rivkin, is working with Jamie Fawcett, often described as Kidman's bete noire.

Deerfield, who was spotted with Fawcett in Paddington on Monday staking out the troubled actor Matthew Newton after his stint in rehab, agreed his new line of work – a single shot can earn $100,000 or more – was much more lucrative than working as a $50 an hour celebrity security guard.

"I have never regarded the paparazzi as the enemy. I am very professional. I could have made a lot of money as a corrupt cop but that goes against my morals. It was the same when I worked in security," said Deerfield, who is contracted to work for Oceanic Media Group, half-owned by Fawcett Enterprise, which lists the bankrupt Fawcett's son, Blake, and wife, Anne, as shareholders.

Deerfield, who left Kidman's employ late last year, and Fawcett have known each other for more than a decade, well before Fawcett was accused of planting a bug outside Kidman's Darling Point home. He maintained he had found the device. The charges were later dropped.

In 2007 Kidman told the Supreme Court she was "really frightened and I was in tears, and distressed" after Fawcett pursued her car. Soon after, she employed Deerfield to handle security and keep the paparazzi, including Fawcett, under surveillance.

"She knew I knew him. I would tell her whenever he came around," Deerfield said.

Kidman's publicist of 23 years, Wendy Day, said yesterday: "Any suggestion that Nicole knew of any relationship between John Deerfield and Jamie Fawcett is ludicrous and wrong."

After speaking with Kidman in Nashville, Day added wryly: "We had no idea John was so interested in photography."


Mimosa: Here's a little more proof that KUNKY uses the paps when they want to be seen, and can avoid them if they want that too. Nothing like having one on the payroll to coordinate photo ops.

Hey Wendy....we all know Granny Freeze hired this guy because of his paparazzi connections. Nobody in their right mind would believe she didn't know his background. Nice try though.


Hey Mimosa, if you were honest with yourself and actually interested in the truth you'd admit the following....

Many paparazzi, especially successful ones, have backgrounds in the area of security, whether it be employed as personal protection, private investigation, or on a police force. So it's disheartening but no surprise that someone with personal connections to public figures and a working knowledge of security would now be in the photo game. Jamie Fawcett was formerly a PI and left that business for one reason, MONEY. He is the most infamous of all Australian paps so of course Deerfield would know who he was and would be able to alert his employer (Kidman) of when he was around. That was his job. Using shady techniques is Fawcett's signature as has been documented by stars including Kidman and other paparazzi who have openly confirmed it.

Did Deerfield cultivate a personal relationship with Fawcett before or after leaving Kidman? Who knows. But it's a guarantee he would have been fired if she or her staff found out he was canoodling with a stalker in order to secure a bigger paycheck. Yes we say stalker due to Fawcett's willingness to go to any lengths necessary to get photos.

Remember readers Deerfield is now paired up with a man who is willing to stalk a celebrity visiting a children's hospital and get into a fight outside with another pap. Fawcett was also pulled over by Sydney police while following Keith and Nicole who were bringing their infant daughter home. How ironic and pathetic. Now the man needs an ex-cop to make some money. The man will do anything for a buck apparently, and so will Deerfield. We're sure the people of Sydney are so grateful he wasn't a corrupt cop, even though he says he could have been. Anyone that has used Deerfield as security detail is well to be rid of a man like that.


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