May 6, 2010

Urban Myths' Hoosierlady:
An Example Of The Skeptic Sickness

Is Urban Myths reader hoosierlady an old or new skeptic? Doesn't matter. Does she love or did she ever love Keith Urban? She says she doesn't. But again it doesn't matter.

After claiming she has friends who lost family members in the floods this is what is coming from her mouth. This is what slithers out after people in her personal circle have died. Skeptic hate knows no bounds.

hoosierlady: Did they come here to argue? Because I, for one, do not have time.

We were perfectly happy, and hurting NO ONE, (to my knowledge, did anyone phone you?), in our own little world, having our little fun, watching our favorite person "teeing up" (snort) for another implosion, when BOOM! the sudden influx of 'monkeyshines'.

I could care less about Keith Urban, but, when you try to make this PR prostitute into some sort of male Madonna I can't just sit here and drink my coffee, it is a little bitter after people I know personally have lost family members in this flood.

Do not preach to us about these two and our opinions of them. For every fawn you have and have no trouble making us read about, trust me, we have equal ammunition to tear them down. You do not want to go there, and even if you do, we have already been there, done that, and I for one, do not want to do remedial education for anyone at this time.

Actually, you are becoming a bit like those nasty gnat things that you get after a flood, you know, the ones that bite? But, never fear, a little Burts' Lemon Balm and we're good as new.

Urban Myths-poll, please. How many want idol worship, and how many would like to have open conversation regarding the ongoing onslaught of media opportunities, bad films, bad clothing choices, makeup, underclothing, and anything else we damn well choose to speak of without fear of the PMS brigade blowing up our computers?

This used to be such a pleasant place to come home too.

Sorry to have ruined your fun but you are one sick puppy. Get some help for your hate.

This is what it's all about.....

Thanks to Lady Antebellum for spreading the word on Youtube. The flood still has not gotten the coverage it deserves. And please, no whining that Lady A are famewhores putting their hit song "I Run To You" underneath the video. We've heard that crap all before. Oh yeah you skeptics won't say that because it's not a Keith Urban song!

Be sure to tune into Channel 4 Nashville tonight for the Vince Gill & Friends flood relief telethon. If you aren't in the local viewing area you can watch the broadcast online at WSMV.COM


Anonymous said...

So If I read that right, she loves to post mean, hate and thinks it fun?
She looks forward to coming to that hate place as a safe haven to spew the garbage inside her?

Doesn't matter if she likes someone or doesn't, but to look for a place on the internet to pour out garbage is NUTS.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that she's unhappy and she thinks that Nicole is the one to blame. The only person that makes her life miserable is herself! By telling lies and being so mean about someone she haven't even met, she'll never have a happy and real life. She's the one who's sick, not Nicole.
Nic is a human begin and she's not perfect (although she seems to be, sometimes) and she has no obligation to save the world! She's rich, but she has social consciense, but she never tried to become a president or anything. She's just an actress that lives her life in peace and is in love and happy with her husband.
If SHE (the hater) is not happy, that's another differente story.

SkewerMistress said...

When the skeptics don't want to hear a different point of view they come off very mean and bitter. Like someone stole their toy. If they want to read over and over that KUNK is fake and Nicole Kidman is evil incarnate they should know by now to stay on their private hate boards. They don't realize there is a difference between what they say and people who just don't care for her movies or don't think she's attractive. It's the price skeptics have to pay to post their garbage in public.

Anonymous said...

Skeptics-haters, Maclen, abc and company have sunk to an all-time low with the nonsense and hatred they posted in the aftermath of the flooding in Nashville.

They must be fuming that all the photos and reports from the set of "Just Go with It" said that the cast members got along really well, and Nic and Jen seemed to be really enjoying each other's company. Too bad for the skeptics-haters... their "Nic is a diva who can’t get along with co-stars" nonsense is yet again debunked. BAHAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

rambles by: hoosierlady:
I could care less about Keith Urban, but, when you try to make this PR prostitute into some sort of male Madonna I can't just sit here and drink my coffee, it is a little bitter after people I know personally have lost family members in this flood.


And from what I noted, Keith was one of the very first trying to get the message out in the US that Nashville and the surrounding community need our support. NOT FOR HIMSELF, but for the COMMUNITY he is very much a part of.

With so much bad news surrounding us right now, THEIR COMMUNITY was having trouble getting the national attention it deserved.

Thank goodness Keith is a big enough STAR to get the ball rolling in the right direction!
I am sure those people in need appreciated it very much!
It was done from his good heart!

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