June 24, 2010

A Complete Chicago Soldier Field Review

Does it really take the average joe, a paying ticket holder to give a full review these days? Apparently so. Puts the journalists and the skeptics to shame.

Thanks to a reader for sending this our way!

2 Outa 3 Ain't BadSoldier Field @ - Chicago@moment Compelling! Posted 06/22/2010 by CriticalButNoCritic

This Fan's ReviewsLocation: Elmhurst, IL

While I cannot blame the musical entertainment for the horrible $46 parking fee, I suspect the sensitivities of Frey, Henley, Walsh & Schmidt would result in strong language in their future Chicago tours for reasonable parking fees! (Just a gut feelin'.)

Beyond that massive buzz-kill, I was excited to have seen the one group I had placed at the top of my Wish-To-See List since teenage years. Finally experiencing them as a newly married man under a gorgeous night sky at Soldier Field was spectacular! Their talent unwavering, Frey's desire to connect between songs with dialogue added a valuable dynamic as well. More of that would be appreciated. Joe was no stranger to the song list, either, showing how valuable he was to the band's 40 years of success. While the wife couldn't relate as much to his style of music, I had no shortage of fond memories as a guitarist in my own youth. And an accolade MUST go out to the technical team. Fabulous job on the sound boards!

A pleasant surprise was witnessing Keith Urban for the first time... very impressive! Was it me, or did Keith perhaps obtain early inspiration from both Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles in his youth. There were several instances where percussion and guitar licks were providing the "greatest form of flattery." Either way, Urban's background as a sessions guitarist proved invaluable in showing his chops... and he truly seemed to enjoy what he was doing. His choice to go into the audience, walk the field and be amidst the crowd was a great touch. He made a lot of new fans doing that. Overall, he just came across as very genuine and appreciative. And we cannot forget the stellar job his engineers/sound wizard did in bringing out some full sounds and a well-crafted compliment to Keith's seasoned talent! Happy Birthday to Nicole Kidman! Even with his past challenges, he did right by you, no doubt made you proud, and seems to be righting the ship. Stay the course, dude. If fame was easy, it wouldn't be so envied & revered.

Dixie Chicks? Didn't hold a candle to Urban. Just didn't get the impression the ladies cared. Limited dialogue between songs-- just a handful of tunes, and they're out! Their best songs were their cover tunes. Very talented fiddler Dixie Chick; banjo Dixie Chick never cracked a smile.Soldier Field @ - Chicago @ , IL @ - Sat, Jun 19, 2010 @ Favorite moment: Video behind "Dirty Laundry". Compelling! Hope audience was sober enough to get message. Runner Up: Video for Life's Been Good. Perfect for Joe. @ Opening act(s): JD & The Straight Shot. Probably a big opportunity for them. But poor singing skills (or weak Sound mixing) hindered this band's ability to sound thick & full. They didn't impress me


Anonymous said...

Agree SM.
That is great reviewing insight!

Seems like the "PAID" reviewers didn't even attend the concert!

Anonymous said...

The skeptics picked 2 reviews that didnt mention Keith. There's dozens of reviews that do mention Keith and give him the best review. Skeptics are wrong once again. Keith's career isn't dying. In fact, he's gaining more fans everyday.

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